The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 184

Chapter 184

This really is wind and water are always flowing!

A second before, Tang YunQi still confidently thought that she could dictate the life or death of You XiaoMo with one word. Her words and demeanor disgusted everyone on the scene, no matter beast or man. As a result, a second later, the appearance of Sheqiu turned the situation around. The person at a disadvantage is now herself.

Towards Tang YunQi who always thought of herself above the whole world, this blow was too much for her to take. Not a single word comes out of her for some time, turning the surroundings extremely quiet.

You XiaoMo sighs, "Told you to run and yet you refused to run."

The corner of Sheqiu's eye twitches, "Master, these kind of words don't suit you."

You XiaoMo blinks, "Is that so? Then what kind of words suit me?"

Sheqiu says, "There are no words that suit you. It's best that you shut up and watch the show."

You XiaoMo says, "Sheqiu, why are you just like Elder brother Ling, so hateful?"

Sheqiu answers happily, "I'm very honored to be just like Great Leader!"

You XiaoMo, " ....... "

This fellow is beyond saving. What is so good about that guy? So many people to learn from and he has to learn from him!

Sheqiu points at Tang YunQi and asks, "Master, how do you want to handle her?"

You XiaoMo suddenly remembers that this girl is still here. He immediately puts on an expression of careful consideration. As it is, his dimension was not exposed. To kill or not to kill her. It's really a dilemma!

After panicking for a bit, Tang YunQi finally calms down.

Seeing You XiaoMo's pensive expression, Tang YunQi raises her chin and snorts coldly, speaking as if chopping the nail and slicing the iron, "You XiaoMo, I think you don't dare to kill me. If my dad finds out, you will definitely die without a place for burial. My dad won't let you off. I urge you, it's best to let me go."

Young miss, these words are rather too offensive ba?

Right now the advantage is clearly in my hands. And yet this chick is still not terrified. Still acting 'I deign to give you a chance to correct your mistakes', damn who wants your mercy ah!

Hearing these words, even he, such a benign and benevolent person can't help feeling a faint bubbling of anger.

You XiaoMo looks toward Sheqiu, "You say ....... if ....... will people find out?"

Sheqiu really wants to copy Xiao Hei and roll his eyes at him but he is a noble and refined high level magic beast, "Even if someone finds out, I can kill him before he has a chance to tell anyone."

You XiaoMo exclaims 'yi', "You know what I'm saying?"

Sheqiu finally can't help rolling his eyes at him, "What you want to say is written on your face."

You XiaoMo rubs his cheeks, it's that obvious?

Sheqiu asks again, "So, tell me clearly what your decision is."

Although he really wants to kill Tang YunQi, in order to be a respectable magic beast, he still very much values his master's wishes.

You XiaoMo tilts his head and glances at Tang YunQi, "Then ....... act as you see fit ba."

Tang YunQi's expression that was brimming with confidence slips instantly. You XiaoMo, who in her heart had no way of hurting a hair on her head, right now actually tacitly agreed to let his magic beast kill her?

This can't be. Finally terrified, Tang YunQi stumbles back a few steps. She is the young miss of TianXin sect. The one who is above everyone else. Her father is the Grand Master. Her future is limitless. How can she die here?

"You ....... "

Tang YunQi wants to start ranting but she could only say one word. The rest of the words will never be said as if something happened in an instant, and a bright red tongue falls at her feet.

She wipes the bright red blood that is pouring out continuously from her mouth. Only 'wu wu' sounds are coming out of her mouth. She feels a piercing pain coming from her cut off tongue almost making her want to pass out dead on the spot. But not only does she not pass out dead, she also sees very clearly that her tongue is at her feet.

Tang YunQi's eyes pop out and she almost falls apart. Her tongue has been cut off? She can no longer speak again?

You XiaoMo shudders and covers his own mouth reflexively. Sheqiu really does what he says. He had just nodded and he had passed like thunder and moved like wind to cut off Tang YunQi's tongue, and it even seems to be the whole tongue .......

Sheqiu flicks off the blood on his fingernail and glances indifferently at the completely horrified Tang YunQi, "Finally know how to be terrified huh woman? It's a pity it's too late. You will pay for your stupidity and the price is simply death!"

Tang YunQi regrets. She never expected that she would die.

Sheqiu seems to understand her expression, saying in a sweet voice dripping with poison, laughing, "Actually you should thank me, because the person killing you is me, and not the Great Leader Ling Xiao. Because ....... if you let him kill you with his own hands, you would die a more horrible death."

Tang YunQi shakes her head furiously. Impossible. Brother Xiao would never kill her!

Sheqiu laughs while looking at her eyes and says in a low voice, "Do you want to know why? It's actually very simple. Because your most beloved Brother Xiao died a long time ago. The one you're pestering every day and every night is an imposter."

Tang YunQi's pupils shrink and shrink. If she could still talk, she would definitely wail and shriek until the end of time denying Sheqiu's words. But as it is, she can no longer speak. Instead her mind very clearly thinks back to Brother Xiao's recent abnormal behavior. If it is really like what he said, wouldn't all the doubts she has been having these days be resolved just like bamboo meeting the edge of a knife?

But she has no way of believing the fact that her most beloved Brother Xiao is actually dead. Brother Xiao is so formidable. How can he die? Filled with doubt and regret, Tang YunQi's heart is dug out by Sheqiu.

Opposite them, You XiaoMo can't take it anymore and turns away. He is realizing that each and every one at his side are all princes of violence and gore. If it's not intestines and brains, it's hearts and other organs. Can they not leave an intact corpse?

Sheqiu turns his head and sees You XiaoMo who has turned away and is not surprised by his what is unseen is deemed clean behavior.

Rather, he had expected that You XiaoMo would not have dared to watch the whole process. Of course, he doesn't consider himself violent and bloodthirsty.

After finishing off Tang YunQi, Sheqiu then shifts his attention to the seven-tailed demon fox that was silently standing by the whole time watching its master getting killed. From its reaction, he can tell that Tang YunQi was a very selfish woman.

The descendant that possesses the bloodline of the ancient nine-tailed demon fox. An unbelievable fortune and she actually only formed an ordinary bond. And cursing worthless thing every time she opens her mouth. No wonder the seven-tailed demon fox would rather suffer the retribution from the bond and ignore her impending death. Now that the woman is dead, it has regained its freedom.

"Wei, do you have any interest in joining with my family's master and great leader?"

Under the guarded eyes of the seven-tailed demon fox, Sheqiu issues an invitation all of a sudden.

At this time, it's not only the seven-tailed demon fox that is in shock, even You XiaoMo turns around and looks at them in surprise.

After a moment of silence, the seven-tailed demon fox asks, "Why?"

Why are you, a distinguished high level magic beast, willing to follow a very weak mage who isn't even capable of defending himself? It doesn't understand.

Sheqiu is all smiles, "I can't explain it to you now, but I can promise you that you will definitely not regret it."

After saying these words, the corner of his mouth suddenly twitches.

The drooping eyes of the seven-tailed demon fox widen in an instant as it tries to hold back an impulse to speak, before transmitting its voice, "Is what you said true?"

Sheqiu nods, "I swear on my name as a nine-winged magic horn serpent that not one word is false."

"Alright, I agree!"

The seven-tailed demon fox accepts readily.

In You XiaoMo's eyes, they only exchanged three sentences. Two sentences from Sheqiu, one sentence from the seven-tailed demon fox. And then the seven-tailed demon fox suddenly accepts Sheqiu's invitation. Strange, simply bizarre to the extreme!

The most hateful thing is, they simply didn't discuss this with him, the master of the bond, deciding among themselves this matter of following along.

You XiaoMo objected resentfully, "Sheqiu, do you not think you should ask for my approval first?"

Sheqiu looks at him with an apologetic expression that is not apologetic, "Sorry, I almost forgot about you. So master, your opinion ne?"

You XiaoMo grits his teeth, what 'almost forgot about you'? Too hateful!

The seven-tailed demon fox walks up to You XiaoMo and lowers its noble head. It asks humbly, "Please, you must accept me. It doesn't matter even if it's an ordinary bond. I'm willing."

This word willing is not something that can uttered carelessly. Although it looks as if it has been taken in by Sheqiu's words, it really has considered it carefully.

It can see from the nine-winged magic horn serpent that his bonded master is someone who is completely without airs. Completely different from that Tang YunQi woman. Although it is the same ordinary bond, the attitude is as different as Heaven and Earth. This kind of master, and on top of that, the benefits that Sheqiu mentioned, it is willing despite being an ordinary bond.

With someone so sincere, if he is to refuse, wouldn't that be too hard-hearted?

In the end, You XiaoMo nods and agrees, "Since you are preparing to join my Qiu team, I might as well pick a name for you. The fur on your body is very thick, how about we call you Maoqiu ba."

Seven-tailed Demon Fox, " ....... "

After a moment of silence, the seven-tailed demon fox looks back at Sheqiu, can I change my mind?

Sheqiu coughs, sorry, no can do, once master has been put up for sale, absolutely no returns nor exchanges!

Seven-tailed demon fox, " ....... "

In the end, it still accepts it. Compared to Sheqiu, it feels that Maoqiu is already a lot better. Luckily it wasn't called Huqiu. Otherwise, it would have turned into a Huqiu.

After confirming the new member, one man and two beasts simply leave the scene of the crime.

Right now everyone is separated because of the collapse of Demon Peak. But after recovering, sooner or later, the search will reach this place. The discovery of Tang YunQi is only a matter of time.

At first, You XiaoMo wanted to let the seven-tailed demon fox bond with Fifth brother. But, remembering that Lei Ju and rest know that Tang YunQi's bonded magic beast is a seven-tailed demon fox, if they recognize it, it would bring trouble to Fifth brother. Therefore, he dispelled the notion.

Coincidentally, Ling Xiao took in a newborn six-winged divine tiger not long before this. Although it would have to be nurtured while it's still young, the potential of the six-winged divine tiger is tremendous. Furthermore, nurturing from young may help form a closer understanding.

At this same moment, a matter of hard-selling is taking place where Fang ChenLe and Fu ZiLin are located.

Because of the collapse of Demon Peak, the dead soul beast wasn't able to find Fu ZiLin in the quickest time. Luckily Ling Xiao had told him that Fang ChenLe's bonded magic beast is a poisonous flood dragon.

In order to dodge the collapse of the mountain, Fang ChenLe had no choice but to allow the poisonous flood dragon to assume its original form. It's just that, unexpectedly, they were located precisely on the spot where the mountain split open. Although the poisonous flood dragon is a level eight magic beast, right now it is only at level seven. In order to protect Fang ChenLe and Second brother, they were almost flattened. Luckily, its body was big enough to attract attention, and was seen by the dead soul beast that happened to searching in the area. Otherwise, the two men and one beast would have fallen into the crevasse.

But here is where the problem starts. The soul beast wants to bond with Fu ZiLin but Fu ZiLin is cautious by habit. He doesn't believe that he would run over here to bond with him with no rhyme or reason. It simply doesn't make any sense.

Although the dead soul beast is their savior, he won't make light of his future just because of a little indebtedness.

"Just tell me what would it take for you to be willing to bond with this old one?" asks the dead soul beast woefully.

"Why must you bond with me?"

Fu ZiLin asks expressionlessly.

"This old me ....... this old me loathes too much freedom, so I want to find a bonded master, is that not allowed?"

The dead soul beast's face is distorted as he forces out a ridiculous reason. Dammit, who would complain of too much freedom, he really hates that he does not enough freedom ne!

Fu ZiLin is not fooled, "Since it's like that, it doesn't have to be me. Anyone would do."

The dead soul beast was never good-tempered to begin with. He already presented himself to the doorstep and he's actually facing push three, resist four, so he flips out on the spot, "Mother! This old one took a liking to you so what about it? This old one wants to bond with you so what about it? This old one is not that patient, so out with it, are you willing to bond with this old one or not?"

Fu ZiLin, " ....... "

Fang ChenLe, " ....... "

In the end, they form the bond, but only an ordinary bond for now because Fu ZiLin says that he doesn't trust him right now, so he wants to evaluate his performance. If there's really no problem, it would be changed to a life bond in the future.

The dead soul beast gnashes his teeth while forming the bond with him in tears. If there is a ranking for losers in this world, he would definitely rank at the top!

wind and water are always flowing - reversal of the wheel of fortune
chopping the nail and slicing the iron - decisively
what is unseen is deemed clean - out of sight out of mind
Maoqiu - fur ball
Homophones: Huqiu - fox ball and Huqiu - fur coat
push three, resist four - decline with all sorts of excuses