The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 185

Chapter 185
Assembling at the stone platform.

Half an hour later, the crumbling of Demon Peak is finally over.

Each major sect starts to take count of the dead and injured. One glance and it is too horrible to bear.

Although quite a few people were able to escape in time, there were also a few that didn't manage to flee. Some fell into the crevasse. Some were crushed to death by falling debris. The number of men dropped significantly all at once.

The people of TianXin sect also finally discover that Tang YunQi is missing.

Elder Wang looks over the group of people a few times with an unsightly expression but still finds no sign of Tang YunQi in the end. Tang YunQi was entrusted to him personally by the Grand Master. If something happened to her, the Grand Master will definitely hold him responsible when they return, "Who among you saw YunQi?"

Huang Jie stands up and says, "Elder, when Demon Peak collapsed, Junior sister Tang seems to have been the first to flee down the mountain. At that time, that seven-tailed demon fox was with her.

Although everyone knows long ago what kind of person Tang YunQi is, to escape by herself in difficult times, not giving a care to the survival of her fellow disciples ... If this was done in private, even if everyone is clear about it, no one would say anything, at most grumbling a few words in their hearts. But she did this in front of the faces of all her fellow disciples, abandoning everyone to save herself. This is inviting condemnation.

Huang Jie is a person of unremarkable appearance. He is Milefo Du YunCai's disciple, not from the same branch as Tang YunQi. Therefore, he doesn't have to be too careful with his speech. Furthermore, he doesn't have the slightest liking for Tang YunQi.

"There is one day left before the barrier of the Paradise Realm reseals. Let's do it this way ba. I and Huang Jie will lead a few people to find YunQi. The rest of you will head to the stone platform first. We will meet up at the stone platform five hours later."

Elder Wang says after some thought.

Huang Jie can't help saying, "Elder Wang, Junior sister Tang has a seven-tailed demon fox by her side. Even if we don't go look for her, she would go to the stone platform by herself to meet up with us.

Elder Wang gives him a look, "Young Huang, it's not as if you don't know what kind of temper Tang YunQi has. Moreover, there are all sorts of dangers in the Paradise Realm. What if by chance, something happened? It's better to go look."

Since it has been spoken to this extent, Huang Jie doesn't feel he should continue to protest. However, the impression he has of Tang YunQi worsens a few degrees in his heart. This young miss, not giving anyone peace even to the end.

And so, everyone splits up and head in two directions.

The stone platform is not very far away from Demon Peak. Furthermore, there is no longer any need to look for magic herbs and magic beasts along the way so even though it took a few days when they came, it only takes half a day to return.

At this time, scattered disciples from the other forces are already assembled on top of the stone platform.

Elder Shi takes a sweeping look at those people and sees that everyone is feeling run down, as if they had suffered a heavy blow. This is not unexpected. The real treasures of the Paradise Realm are located on top of Demon Peak. No one expected the collapse of Demon Peak. Not only was it a wasted trip, a significant number of disciples were also lost. The price of this trip to the Paradise Realm can be said to be a whole lot costlier than before for all the forces.

At this moment, Luo ShuHe also arrives at the stone platform, leading the disciples from his sect.

Compared to TianXin sect, the loss of QingCheng sect is undoubtedly much worse.

Out of forty to fifty people, nearly half of them are dead. Furthermore, a lot of the disciples sustained heavy injuries. The casualties are more severe than last time. However, there are those who are worse off then them, like XingLuo group. Adding up the disciples and elders altogether, they are only left with six people.

As for XiaoYao group and the other two forces, except for XiaoYao group that lost five disciples and one elder right at the start, killed off by Eleventh Star, the other two did not lose too many disciples. As for the independent martial artists, only three died out of ten.

After taking count of the disciples from his sect, Luo ShuHe's expression darkens considerably.

Until now, there still is no sign of Elder Li. He suspects that Elder Li is already dead but knowing Elder Li's prudent nature, he can't have just died from one trip. Furthermore the circumstances of his death is so irregular.

Luo ShuHe feels that there is something strange about Elder Li's death from beginning to end. He glances at the whole group of TianXin sect disciples diagonally across from him.

"Young master, how are the injuries of the heavenly bird of six thunders?"

Elder Mo walks up to him and asks in a soft voice. It sounds like a very casual question but the implied meaning is only clear to Luo ShuHe.

Luo ShuHe's lashes flutter with faint traces of vicious intent, "Already better by almost fifty percent."

Elder Mo says, "Then is there anything else that Young master is worried about?"

Luo ShuHe says, "There is nothing more to worry about."

On the other side, Elder Shi who was in the middle of checking on the injuries of the disciples suddenly realizes that someone is approaching them. Before he could turn around and look, Qin ShiYu at his side who received minor injuries suddenly speaks up, "Elder Shi, people from QingCheng sect have come over."

Elder Shi turns around and takes a look. Sure enough, Luo ShuHe is leading a group of people over. Each and every one of them is enveloped in a murderous aura. Although some of them are intentionally hiding it, he can still tell.

"Mo Sheng, what is the meaning of this?"

Elder Shi raises his brows at Elder Mo who comes over with Luo ShuHe. So-called friendly ones do not come, the ones that come are not friendly. No matter how you look at it, they don't look as if they are coming over to chat.

Luo ShuHe takes out a magic bag, "Elder Shi, this magic bag is one of TianXin sect's ba?"

Elder Shi narrows his eyes. He can roughly guess their motive so he says, "Earlier, we lost quite a few of disciples from our side. Later, a few of our disciples also had their magic bags snatched from them. How is it that Young master Luo has our TianXin sect magic bag in your hands? It can't be that the one who snatched away the magic bags from those disciples of mine is actually Young master Luo ba?"

"You're speaking nonsense. We Qing Cheng sect wouldn't even bother snatching your magic bags. This magic bag ....... "

When one of the Qing Cheng sect disciples heard him turn around and frame them, he immediately refuted anxiously.

"Enough, don't say anymore."

Luo ShuHe speaks out to stop him from continuing.

That disciple immediately regains his senses. He almost let him succeed in prying the secret from him. His body breaks out in cold sweat as he retreats back into the group in shame.

Luo ShuHe looks at Elder Shi calmly as he says, "This magic bag was picked up by Junior brother Yang at the Green Mountain Stream. If this really belongs to TianXin sect, then we would of course return it to its rightful owner. However, the reason I'm standing here now is not to return things to their rightful owners."

Elder Shi's brow twitches, "Then what is the reason?"

Luo ShuHe throws the magic bag in his hand onto the ground, enunciating each and every word, "At that time, the one holding tightly onto this magic bag is one of my junior disciples. And he, was already dead for a long time."

The expression on Elder Shi's face changes abruptly, "Esteemed master Luo, are you actually saying that we killed your junior disciple?"

Mo Sheng scoffs coldly, saying darkly, "The proof is right here. Don't tell me you're still trying to turn black to white, and say that the murderers are not all of you, TianXin sect. Today, we stand here to demand a piece of justice for those junior disciples who died."

Elder Weng, whose temper is rather irritable exclaimed 'pei' on the spot, "Mo Sheng, don't you stand here and frame us. Who knows if you Qing Cheng sect people didn't kill our disciples, then make off with their magic bags and then planted the stolen goods to frame us. Don't think that it is easy to bully TianXin sect. What dog shit Qing Cheng sect, just a bunch of petty thieves!"

The blunt and brazen words immediately turn all the faces of the men from Qing Cheng sect the darkest shade of black.

Mo Sheng is so furious that his face turns a little green. He knows about the level nine magic pill protocol so he knows what he is implying when he said 'petty thieves'. However, the other disciples don't know this.

Luo ShuHe's face darkens, his eyes glinting coldly, shooting out knives, "What about TianXin sect, cowards that dare to do but don't dare to admit?"

These words elicited a strong reaction from all the disciples of TianXin sect.

The matter has come to this point. Naturally, there is no more hope of reconciliation.

Earlier, when Luo ShuHe brought his people over to TianXin sect, the other forces already took notice, but each and every one of them maintained a wait and see approach.

Right now, the one with the most survivors are TianXin sect and Qing Cheng sect. Even if they want to intervene, they don't have the strength. Furthermore, the two major sects going at each other is only something they would only be too happy to see. They actually can't wait for them to go all out, fighting to mutual destruction.

Just as they were eagerly anticipating the two sides starting to take action, all of a sudden, a delighted voice is heard coming from the stone platform.

"So lively, is this because everyone is welcoming me ba?"

Hearing these words, most of the people couldn't stop their mouths from twitching, whose face is it that is so thick?

Everyone turns towards the voice and sees that another person is arriving at the assembly point. And this person, to everyone's surprise, is Ling Xiao.

With the appearance of Ling Xiao, everyone then seems to remember about his existence. He didn't seem to have appeared at Demon Peak. At that time, the situation was rather tense so very few people noticed, but now they all remember.

Looking at Ling Xiao appearing safe and sound, Elder Shi is momentarily stunned. Elder Weng, at his side, reacts the same way. The two of them even exchange covert looks with each other.

Unexpectedly this action was caught by Luo ShuHe. This reaction doesn't seem to be too happy. Instead, they seem to be very surprised that he is here. Can it be that they thought that Lin Xiao is dead? Looks like the relationship between Lin Xiao and Elder Shi is not quite like what he imagined. The whirling thoughts of Luo ShuHe suddenly turn more pensive.

At this moment, someone steps out from behind Ling Xiao. That person says in a soft voice, "Elder brother Ling, they don't seem to be too welcoming towards you."

This person is none other than You XiaoMo. After Tang YunQi's death, he, Sheqiu, and Maoqiu met up with Ling Xiao as they were heading towards the stone platform. He clearly caused such an earth-shaking incident and yet he looks as if nothing had happened.

Ling Xiao laughs, "Little brother, somethings should not be said too bluntly."

You XiaoMo, " ....... I will remember the next time."

That would be a wonder.