The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 211

Chapter 211

As soon as they stepped out of the transportation zone, a bunch of malicious looking people blocked their way.

Yo, you two dont appear to be too bad looking ah. There must be plenty of money inside of your pockets, right? An evil eyed midget looked at them with ignoble intentions while his hand held a dagger. How about giving some to us to show respect, no objections, ok?

You XiaoMo heard them *tsk tsk* endlessly; this was clearly a midday robbery. Was the situation in Hei Yin Village really that chaotic? He looked around, not a single onlooker had any intention to help them. You XiaoMo realized that this was not something that only occurred in Mo Feng Town where the Lang Ya Gang once tyrannised over. It seemed like robbery was everywhere ah.

But You XiaoMo wasnt interested in dealing with these guys. He leaned his head on Ling Xiaos shoulder because he still felt a little nauseous from the transporting aftereffects.

Seeing him so exhausted, Ling Xiao very obviously held him up as he drifted off to sleep.

The midget gang froze for a moment, and then they roared with ambiguous laughter. So those two were in that kind of relationship, they really had not been able to tell. But they did not find this surprising because there were always people who had that kind of interest.

When they realized that Ling Xiao was walking forward but disregarding them, the midget leaped in front of them again, pointing the dagger and maliciously said, Are you deaf? If you want to leave, give your uncle money.

Ling Xiao inclined his head to one side, he slightly smiled, What if I said no?

The midget swung his dagger through the air, viciously saying, If you want to die, then I shall grant your wish.

Since it had come to this, Ling Xiao was too lazy to say anything, he just ignored them and began to leave.

If the midget let them walk past here without doing anything, then he would become a laughing stock. Seeing Ling Xiao refuse a toast only to be forced to drink as forfeit (t/n: to reject something until something much worse stuff is forced onto you), he immediately commanded his underlings, My brothers-in-arms, come forth and kill them.

A bunch of people with falchion (E/N: this looks like the modern day machete) in their hands crazily moved forward and attacked Ling Xiao. Such blood thirsty murderous intent seeped from them. Apparently they had killed a lot of other people.

Ling Xiao took a deep breath and then his figure vanished from where it had been. People only saw a blurry shadow passing the gang. With not even the slightest pause, Ling Xiao quickly disappeared in front of everyone eyes before he was suddenly in the middle of the crowd.

All the eyes were on Ling Xiaos path, and then suddenly a *sizzle* sound came to their ears. Everyone quickly looked back and they couldnt help but scream as they took a few steps back. A group of a dozen living people were now reduced to piles of ash.

Who is this beautiful man? People asked themselves while they stared, terrified, in Ling Xiaos direction.

Ling Xiao had no interest in other peoples impression, he randomly picked an inn and walked in. Even though it was a normal inn, not low quality or high quality, and yet one room cost ten gold coins. What a ripoff!

But Ling Xiao never had any concept of money, he threw ten gold coins straight at the concierge. The man happily led them to a room. After they arrived inside the room, Ling Xiao shooed away the concierge and laid the sleeping You XiaoMo on the bed.

Such an easygoing attitude, ten gold coins and he didnt even flinch. This immediately caught the eye of all the people in the lounge. Many began to secretly watch them.

However, after they heard how Ling Xiao easily killed a dozen Moon level practitioners, they all took back their greedy intentions. This man would be easily provoked after showing such a brutal method of attack.

You XiaoMo slept blissfully the entire night. Afterwards his mood was much better. He only woke up the next day when the sun had risen, but Ling Xiao had been awake much longer than him.

You XiaoMo put on his boots and walked out of the room at the exact same time Ling Xiao returned with a servant who was holding a basin of warm water behind him. Ling Xiao was not surprised to see You XiaoMo standing there. He pulled You XIaoMo toward him and tenderly whispered, How are you feeling today? Still feeling sick, no?

You XiaoMo shook his head, Im all right now.

Ling Xiao stroked his head, Good. Rinse your face, we will go out later.

You XiaoMo nodded before he washed his face and rinsed out his mouth. He then changed his clothes; all of this took less than fifteen minutes.

The two of them left the inn. You XiaoMo had no memory of yesterdays incident and he also didnt know what Ling Xiao was up to now. Seeing Ling Xiao easily leading him toward a direction, he couldnt help but ask curiously, Where are we going?

Ling Xiao tilted his head, We are finding a way to leave Hei Yin Village to go to Dao Xin Academy.

You XiaoMo turned sullen, We have to use a transport circle again?

Before, when they used the transport circle at the Paradise Realm, the transport time was short, the loss of the five senses only occurred for a short moment, that was why he had not felt very much. But this time was different. Two days of transport equaled two days of numbness, which was a very difficult sensation to swallow. This left him traumatized and he now felt a little rejection toward the idea of using transport circles.

Ling Xiao also didnt want him to feel uncomfortable, thats why last night, while You XiaoMo was sleeping, he had gone out to acquire some information.

Between Hei Yin Village and the city where Dao Xin Academy was located, there were no transport circles. The only one in the area was in the next town over, but since the northern area was several times bigger than the south, even if they used the transport circle available, it would take half a day.

He had no problem with it, but considering You XiaoMo, he gave up on this method, luckily there were also other choices.

Ling Xiao comforted him, Dont worry, I found another way. Besides the transport circle within the Hei Yin Village, there is also another means of transportation. Even though it is not as quick as a transport circle, it only takes a month to reach our destination.

To You XiaoMo, a month was long enough, after all he can not be considered a real practitioner, he didnt have the endless boring years to spend. But over using the transport circle, he would rather waste a month. Since the registration time was still a few months away, he quickly asked, What is it?

The Gigantic Firebird. Its a type of bird whose speed is way faster than any level 7 beast. It is a common mean of transportation in the North. An adult Firebird can be up to 100 meters long. (328ft) Ling Xiao answered, We should go there and check it out.

You XiaoMo also stopped asking from West to South. He thought it might be the same as the Winged Bird back in the Tian Xin. However, by the time he saw the real thing, he realized how much of a gap there was between imagination and reality.

The location was in the Northeast; right next to the second transportation zone.

By the time they reached the square where the Gigantic Firebirds were at, the square was flooded with a surge of humans. This crowd was even larger than the one at the transportation zone in Naye City by several folds. Within the square, everyone was head to head, shoulder to shoulder with not a single spot to step in.

You XiaoMo looked over the crowd, thinking about how he could manage to squeeze inside.

Right before he was about to come up with something, Ling Xiao grabbed him and moved inside the crowd.

A path for two was easily opened because with Ling Xiaos pace, all those blocking their path were pushed away to the side by an invisible force. Those who were pushed to the side became angry, but when they turned around and saw the situation, their anger died.

And soon the two reached the front.

There was a reason why there were so many people at the Gigantic Firebird square.

Because there werent a lot of the birds, combined with their rest time, the birds were only dispatched every three days. On every third day, five birds were dispatched, able to carry approximately a hundred people each.

But then, there were nearly a thousand people who wanted to go in and out of Hei Yin Village. Half of them were trying to leave, even though the transport circle was much faster, but the cost was too high so not many could afford it. That was why many people would choose to use the Gigantic Firebird, it was much cheaper.

In the end, there were many people waiting for a ride. People would bash others or get beaten up for the five hundred seats available. Some practitioners would join in the fight just for one seat.

You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao came right on time because today was the third day.

However, the booking time had already opened up three days ago, so most of the seats had already been sold.

There is nothing absolute in these numbers. The people behind this Gigantic Flamebird square were downright profiteers who knew how to make money. Usually theyd leave fifteen seats available for sale on the last day. According to the different positions and comfort level, the price was different for these last fifteen seats.

This was all that Ling Xiao had learned while You XiaoMo was sleeping yesterday.

There were three types of seats, graded from high, mid to low class. The high class was a box room type, costing 30,000 gold coins. The mid class was only seat, requiring 10,000 gold coins, and the low class seat only required 5,000 gold coins.

Even though the high class room was a price that didnt even compare to the transport circle fee, the price was still ridiculously high. Even so, every day there were still a lot of people competing for it.

At this point, there were five high class box rooms left waiting to be bid on.

Since the two had arrived a little late, ten of the fifteen seats had been taken. This meant that only five spots remained and there were still a lot of people. Ridiculously, the price had risen to 45,000 for just one room.

T/n : asking from West to South: Asking a lot of questions