The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 218

Chapter 218
Chapter 218 Deception

You XiaoMo, who was blown away, quickly recovered.

Anyway, it was just like what Ling Xiao said. Nobody knew that the Heavenly Soul Scripture was in their hands, so he could just train with ease. If people found out about it in the future, he would just keep on insisting that the Heavenly Soul Scripture was his. That way, nobody would ever think of taking it from his hand.

After he decided on the ownership of the Heavenly Soul Scripture, You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao started looking for the information that they wanted.

Xian Ji Lou wouldnt put up all the information that they sell on the board. They would first explain what kind of information it was with the price enclosed. If you think you could afford it, and it was the type of information that you wanted, you could just go to the window selling information inside the building.

You XiaoMo looked at the news that was on top of the small screen, and found information that he had never even heard of. Such as, a certain two forces were in conflict, or the progress and results of the great war from some famous powerhouses, and other information. But of course, the most eye-catching one was the information about Dao Xin Academy.

You XiaoMo found the section about Dao Xin Academy data and the inside information for student enrollment on the top five list. But when he saw the additional charge right beside the news, his jaw dropped. Even though it was just forthcoming information, they charged one thousand crystal coins, it really is expensive beyond limits. Moreover, he found that the prices for many items at Yan City mainly used crystal coins.

One thousand coins, that means he had to spend about of his total savings.Ling Xiao touched his chin and pondered for a moment, This price still makes sense, if theres no better price, you can buy it.

You XiaoMo leered at him, From what point of view does this make you think that this price is good?

Ling Xiao knew he was struggling with the price, and laughed, Look carefully at the description above, the information that Xian Ji Lou gives is not only about student admission, they also have information about Dao Xin Academy, and we happen to need to ask about that one too. For the people who already know the information about Dao Xin Academy, this price is indeed really expensive, but for us, this information is exactly what we need the most. Well, although for this kind of information, we can just ask around a little bit, and well know about it.

You XiaoMo rolled his eyes. If Ling Xiao didnt say it, he might feel a little bit comforted, but because he added that last sentence, it just made him feel worse. He might as well have not said anything from the beginning.

That being said, You XiaoMo still reluctantly bought a jade drive.

This so-called jade drive is an item that records various information and pictures, it is extremely convenient. The amount of information that can be stored inside a jade drive is very large. But this kind of thing is not particularly common in the South, because in the South, people usually use paper books or scrolls that are made from special materials, so they dont have to worry that it would be damaged.

But the jade drives are more commonly used in the North, and Xian Ji Lou stored all of their information inside jade drives.

After You XiaoMo looked at it roughly, he handed over the jade drive to Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao was faster than him; he already absorbed all the information in the jade drive by the time he glanced upon it. Unexpectedly, the information inside is quite complete.

The information about Dao Xin Academy for the last eighteen generations was all inside.
You XiaoMo was sorting out the information that he just absorbed, and the data really is complete.

The Dao Xin Academy will hold the student enrollment at Yan City, Lei Tian Tai district. It will begin at 9:00 a.m. 7:00 p.m. Since there is a huge public square that can hold hundreds of thousands of people, a registration is needed in order to go to that place. One can already imagine how spectacular the scenery would be when they arrived.

Then again, this was not important. All it said was how the Dao Xin Academy is the most famous institution in this Long Xiang Continent, thus the enrollment requirement is very high.

The data in the jade drive showed, for example, for a mage the first requirement is: to reach level four within twenty-five years of age. If their level is below level four, or they are over twenty five year old, then one couldnt pass.

However, the most surprising one was that this actually was only the first requirement. Passing the first requirement doesnt mean one is qualified to enroll into the Dao Xin Academy. There were still two other exams, and they were alchemy and refining magic pills. Only after passing these two tests could one truly become a Dao Xin Academy student.

But aside from these things, You XiaoMo found more surprising news.

The Dao Xin Academy student enrollment is not only for mages, but also practitioners. The student enrollment for practitioners is also very high, but easier than a mage. They only have one requirement, that is to reach Sun level before twenty five years of age.

You Xiaomo asked Ling Xiao at once, Have you reached twenty five, and Sun level?

Ling Xiao gave a faint smile while glancing at him, and jokingly said, Even before I was born, I had already passed Sun level.

You XiaoMo didnt believe him, and looked into his eyes as if wanting to say, you bragger!

Ling Xiao just laughed and didnt explain anything to him.

When You XiaoMo saw his reaction that looked like bragging, he believed that Ling Xiao was bragging at him, and said this to him anyway, The Dao Xin Academy also has open student enrollment for practitioners, do you want to try and sign up?

Ling Xiao rubbed his chin, This is a good idea.

His original plan was to hide at Dao Xin Academy after You XiaoMo had enrolled, but it was a troublesome idea. Besides, Dao Xin Academy has many experts, so it was difficult to ensure that he wouldnt be found. Although he has the confidence that he wouldnt be found out, he still couldnt rule out the possibility of when an accident happens.

If he enrolls as a student at Dao Xin Academy, he could be with You XiaoMo openly. But there is one more troublesome thing, and that is the Soul Stone test.

A Soul Stone is designed specially to detect spiritual traces from practitioners and mages, and it could determine a persons age by reading the fluctuation in ones soul. But only a few people use it, unless there was a large-scale enrollment, like the Dao Xin Academy, since they had age requirement.

Even though Ling Xiaos skill is high, its impossible for him to change his own soul fluctuations, so hed be rejected because of the first requirement, unless

You XiaoMo obviously thought about it, too. Ling Xiao is very skillful, theres no way that he is only twenty-five years old

You XiaoMo looked at Ling Xiao, who was deep in thought, and asked, Have you found a way?

After pondering for a moment, Ling Xiao nodded his head, Theres a way.

You XiaoMo became happy, and asked him quickly, What would you do?

Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes, and talked with a slightly bloody tone, Find a body that has similar build as I do, let him register in my stead, and then kill him to prevent him letting the cat out of the bag.

You XiaoMo, Couldnt you just use gold coins to bribe him?

Ling Xiao laughed lightly, Only a dead person can keep a secret.

You XiaoMo wrinkled up his facial expression, Is there no other method? Even though he really wanted Ling Xiao to go to Dao Xin Academy with him but to kill a person just for this small matter is just too cruel. He wanted to protest against an injustice in that persons stead. If it were him, he too, would feel extremely vexed.

Ling Xiao let out a pffttt laughing sound.

You XiaoMo instantly made all kinds of facial expression and leered at him. He had a feeling that he was being played again.

Ling Xiaos shoulder was trembling from laughing, and could only stop after a long time. In fact, theres another way. You just have to erase his memories after that.

HE could absorb other peoples memories, so of course he could also erase them too. But theres one little problem, when he erased a persons memories, it would be extremely painful, and it would be unbearable to ordinary people.

You XiaoMo didnt know about this, so his expression lit up again, Im fine with this method.

Ling Xiao laughed, If you think this one is good, then lets use this method.

You XiaoMo nodded immediately, but when he had just barely nodded, he suddenly remembered the biggest problem, But where could we find a practitioner of Sun level, with the age under twenty-five? If that person meets the requirements, dont you think he also wants to enter Dao Xin Academy, ba? What if after you erased his memories, he knew about this information, and also wanted to sign up? What would you do if that happens?

He thought about the series of problem waiting ahead.

Ling Xiao said, You dont have to worry, I already thought of these problems, if we cant find a suitable one, I still can make one, as for whether he will register after that, as long as we erase his memories after he registers for us, then therell be no problems.

You XiaoMos brain capacity had reached its limit, What do you mean by make one?

Ling Xiao explained, Arent you a level four mage? You usually refine a magic pill without a problem, are you still afraid that you couldnt make a pill to turn a Sky level practitioner into a Sun level one using it?

Thats right, You XiaoMo just realized, he is already a level four mage, if they couldnt find a practitioner that matched the condition, they just have to put up with it and look for a Sky level practitioner. By that time, he could just refine three magic pills and give it to that person to raise his level.

After that, both of them left Xian Ji Lou.

After discussing with each other, they decided to not look for a person that meet the requirement, because that person was certainly is going to register. Even if they found him, that person may not be willing to do it. So, rather than wasting time, might as well look for people below twenty-five years old, with Sky level five star or more.

But even though they lowered their requirements, it was also difficult to find this kind of person, because they still had to look for the one with a similar figure to Ling Xiao.

As a result, they spent seven to eight days already searching for one.


Literally a paper pamphlet thingy made of jade. Its like a scroll (default shape) that can make information flow inside your head as you open it/take it. Jade tablet is used more often in Wuxia, but because of the certain properties (i.e. its ability to act like a magical thumb drive) we decided to name it a Jade Drive.