The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 221

Chapter 221
Chap 221 Get In Through The Back Door

The one who let out a laughing sound came out from the crowd, than person was a man who carried a huge blade on his back. He has a bright and cheerful face with a strongly defined facial contour, a very handsome man. He emitted a bright, elegant and unconventional aura, you can tell just from a glance that he is a firm and manly man.

If Im not mistaken, isnt that Gao Yang-gexia? Why does he come here?

You fool, why shouldnt Gao Yang-gexia comes here? Dont forget that he is the disciple of Dao Xin Academys vice-chairman.

I heard that Dao Xin Academy sent outstanding students to maintain the order and safety of this student enrollment. I never imagine they would send out Gao Yang-gexia. He really is very incredible, ah!

When they saw him, the people were all pleasantly surprised. Not only surprised, they also couldnt help but make a gasping sound. All of them have heard about Gao Yang-gexias popularity, but have not been able to see his graceful bearing. Many people found it rather regrettable because they never expected that they would be able to look at him this close so they missed him already, while some hardcore fans immediately began fawning over him in happiness.

The youth who dared to mock You XiaoMo earlier face already turned pale.

He never imagined that Gao Yang-gexia would unexpectedly hear their conversation, and help You XiaoMo.

If he were to be reported to the teachers at Dao Xin Academy, he probably wouldnt be able to enter Dao Xin Academy for the rest of his life. He is now twenty five years old, three years later, his age would exceed the admission limit.

You XiaoMo was looking at the man who spoke up for him with surprise, this person was called lamb?

Judging from his imposing manner, and how others treat him respectfully, this Lamb must be not an ordinary person. The disciple of vice chairman, the rumored second generation ah, this identity alone was imposing enough. (t/n: second generation in china means that youre a child from someone powerful, like official/tycoon, thus enables you to easily achieve any position without much effort)

Just right when he was being entranced, suddenly a hand was waving in front of his face.

Coming back to his senses, You XiaoMo saw Ling Xiao leering at him, and obviously, his expression was absolutely irritated. This time, he was too embarrassed to say anything because they were in public, so he had to pull back Ling Xiaos hand instead.

Gao Yang actually didnt expect to see him making this kind of scene. At first, he just came to do a normal routine inspection, but then he overheard the teenager and youths conversation. Theres no denying that the teenagers words were really full of confidence, but being confident about ones self is a good thing, so he felt that the teenager was right.

He thought the teenager was a very gentle person, Gao Yang felt poorly for him and wanted to speak up for him. But he didnt expect the teenager to be so quick-witted, and even refused the duel invitation like it was the most natural thing to do. He looked like he didnt really understand the significance of dueling at Lei Tian platform.

Little brother, you really are an eloquent speaker, I really admire you! Gao Yang was laughing while cupping both of his hand in front of his chest towards You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo laughed awkwardly, this level of speech couldnt regard him as an eloquent speaker. He felt that it was just at a tolerable level, Not at all, you are too polite.

But somehow he felt that this Gao Yang was kinda similar to Zhou Peng, at least, their characters seemed to be the same: a very generous person.

Gao Yang said, My name is Gao Yang, I wonder how should I call little brother?

You XiaoMo said: Im called You XiaoMo.

At first, he was going to introduce Ling Xiao, but then Ling Xiao would enter the school using a different face, so he dismissed the idea. Since Gao Yang was the vice chairmans disciple, they might meet again later.

Gao Yang was interested in him, so he said: Little brother You, I think your queue is still very long. I know a teacher, she currently doesnt have anything to do, if you dont mind, I can ask her to test you.

You XiaoMo became delighted, and nodded in an instant: I dont mind, I dont mind. Ill be troubling you to show me the way.

This is the so-called getting in through the back door, ah, he unexpectedly had the fortune to do it in this lifetime.

And then, the-not-so-polite You XiaoMo pulled Ling Xiao to follow Gao Yang and went through the back door.

The onlookers were all shocked and gaping their mouths, Gao Yang-gexia would unexpectedly open a backdoor for a person that he just met less than half an hour ago, that was rather scary. When will they be able to walk through the back door ah, some people immediately got jealous at You XiaoMo.

As for the incident between You xiaomo and the youth, many people had already forgotten about that.

Led by Gao Yang, they smoothly entered Dao Xin Academys hall. The hall was a place for teachers to rest for a while, except for the ones who have special statuses, outsiders were not allowed to enter.

The hall where the teachers could rest looked very simple from the outside, there was only a simple board on the door, but the inside didnt look simple at all. The decorations and furniture was all from the finest materials, they all looked so luxurious and valuable.

Apart from the teachers, there was a group that looked like students in the hall, followed by some attendants or bodyguards behind them. To be followed by bodyguards, looked like they were someone from the influential families.

As soon as they entered, the people looked at them, some people greeted Gao Yang naturally, but You XiaoMo could feel it, there were many pairs of eyes that were lurking on him.

Ning Jing-daoshi, I brought you someone.

After he greeted the others, Gao Yang brought them to a beautiful woman who looked to be in her thirties, but still maintained her graceful bearing. This woman was the one he called Ning Jing-daoshi, and just like her name, she made you feel comfortable and peaceful just by looking at her. (t/n: her name means peaceful, tranquility)

The woman wore aqua blue clothes, and pasted a gentle smile on her beautiful face. Her sparkling beautiful eyes were looking at them just like a quite, clear spring.

When she heard Gao Yangs words, the womans line of sight naturally fell onto You XiaoMo who was behind him, and warmly asked, Are you the one who brought this little friend? Gao Yang, since when did you start to help people go through the back door?

This remark has a hint of teasing in it, but it wasnt meant to criticize him.

Everytime Dao Xin Academy held a student enrollment, there were many people who got in through the back door. But what surprised Ning Jing the most was that Gao Yang would actually bring people to go through the back door. From her impression, Gao Yang would never do such thing, so she really got curious. What kind of person could make Gao Yang make an exception like this?

Upon hearing it, Gao Yang called You XiaoMo to go to her: Ning Jing-daoshi, this person is You XiaoMo,I feel like weve been friends for a long time even though it was our first meeting. When I saw him sunbathing outside with the glaring sun, and knowing that you have nothing to do, I helped him to look for you.

You XiaoMo talked as formal as possible, Nice to meet you, Teacher.

Ning Jing looked at him for a moment, then smiled and nodded: Since Gao Yang has brought you all the way here, then please come with me.

Please wait a minute.

Just when theyre about to turned around, the students who also went through the back door suddenly shouted at them.

Ning Jings beautiful eyebrow made a little frown.

The one who called out to them was a man in his twenties. When they looked at him, he was already walking towards them, and happily said: Ning Jiang-daoshi, since you will help him to take the test, you shouldnt have any problems helping us take the test too.

The young man stared at Ning Jing-daoshi with a hint of passion in his eyes, filled with obvious adoration towards her. You XiaoMo was surprised by this fact, so he glanced at Ning Jing secretly. This Ning Jing-daoshi should be over thirty years old, while the young man was only in his twenties. The age gap between them should at least around ten years old.

But Ning Jing-daoshi was indeed a really beautiful woman. This kind of gentle and beautiful woman really fit his image of a gentle sister, only that she was a little bit older

Ning Jing actually didnt want to pay attention to them, but since he already said it, she couldnt refuse them. She lazily said, Then you all can come with me. And she turned around after she said that.

The mans smiling face turned cold all of sudden, his venomous, cold stare fell on You XiaoMo. Not only did Ning Jing-daoshi not smile at him, she didnt even bother to say more than one word to him; but towards this person, she was soft and gentle, just like dripping water.

You XiaoMo felt like he was being stared at by a venomous snake, he suddenly shuddered from head to toe.

He noticed the man was looking at him, but he didnt understand, he didnt seem to have said anything or did something, why did it look like he had offended him?

You XiaoMo didnt realize it, but for Ling Xiao who always took notice of his surroundings, it was crystal clear.

Ling Xiao slowly narrowed his deep eyes, his ordinary face suddenly became unfathomable. Compared to the man whose gaze was cold like a venomous snake, his was more like a sleeping lion.

Although they could be tested personally by Ning Jing-daoshi, for people who had statuses like them, they actually had to rely on an unimportant person whose name they didnt even know to get this opportunity. The atmosphere suddenly became very delicate, apparently everyone already became a little hostile towards You XiaoMo.

Ning Jing-daoshi walked toward the seat that was specially put on the hall and sat down. A male staff immediately brought a scroll and a brush, and put it in front of her.

This Ning Jings destructive power, indeed is really powerful! You XiaoMo couldnt help but sigh.

After she paused a little, Ning Jing-daoshi talked to them with a warm voice: Well then, lets start the test. Come here one by one, dont cut in line. First tell me your name, age, and lastly, your rank. Who wants to go first?

The young man practically stood up immediately: I will go first.


Gexia () = Your Excellency, The Honourable, Your Lordship. A honorable title, kinda similar to -sama in Japanese. It was commonly used during ancient times, on modern times, people use it for letters (esp. business-related letters) and during diplomatic occasions.

Naming problem: Gao Yang is written with (a common chara to write someones name),but Momo, with his low IQ (as boss always said), mistook it for , which mean lamb. Well, you cant really blame him since its spelled the same, Gao Yang XDD

Daoshi () = teacher/tutor/academic advisor. The means to lead, guide, conduct. While the is the normal character for a teacher/master.