The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 235

Chapter 235
Chapter 235 Black Card

Translated by Rui

Although Block One and Block Two were in the same area, they were in different locations.

So as soon as they arrived at DaoXin Academy, You XiaoMo had to separate from Ling Xiao, Ling Xiao had to follow Block Ones teacher and left.

Not long after, the Gigantic Firebird that carried Liu Yue also arrived, because people saw that they were together, Ling Xiao and Liu Yue left together.

Seeing that Ling Xiao didnt have any rebellious sentiment, You XiaoMo let out a sigh of relief.

He was actually really worried that Ling Xiao would persist on going together with him.

After a while, Ning Jing Daoshi finished counting the number of people and took her pupils into DaoXin Academy.

DaoXin Academy had their students form a bodyguard troop to patrol every day, one couldnt say its not strict. After validating each and every inspection doors, they had spent almost half an hour to walk to the front gates of the academy. After entering the front gate, there is an extremely long passageway, the passageway slates are all constructed out of precious crystals, the surface gives off a thin layer of spiritual energy.

You XiaoMo looked up and couldnt help but become speechless, this passageway is at least more than a thousand metres long, its width is also close to a hundred metres and the entire thing is actually made out of crystals containing spiritual energy. One can tell DaoXin Academy spends money very extravagantly.

Passing through the crystal passageway, they start to part ways with the Block One students and turn to the left.

With much curiosity, You XiaoMo follows the crowd and enters the area that everyone will be living in the future.

This place is almost like its a huge sunken region thats entrapped in the mountain, very much like an enormous bowl shape. Standing at the end of the passageway, You XiaoMo can easily see the buildings standing in great numbers inside the bowl. Hes clearly standing at a high altitude yet he cant see the end of the buildings.

Ning Jing DaoShi turns her head around, looks at them and says, All the new students pay attention, from today onwards you guys are a member of DaoXin Academy. This place shall be where you live in the future. Be sure to remember that the academy has its own rules, since you have become a member of the academy, then you have to follow the academys rules. I dont care whether you have some kind of prominent identity outside. Everyone is equal here, if you dare to challenge the academys authority or ignore the academys rules, then a small consequence will be punishment, a heavy consequence will be eviction from the academy. If you understand then come with me!

No one dares to have an objection, You XiaoMo also silently follows behind everyone.

He got a glimpse of a bit of DaoXin Academys thousand years of history through the jade drive. In these thousands of years, the academy has produced many strong people and is also overseen by many strong people, as a result its a peak that even the four big families of Yan City wont dare to easily lay a finger on.

Young genius ladies like Teng ZiXin whom, although has quite a famous master and the entire Teng Family to back her up, even she wont dare to be unbridled inside DaoXin Academy.

After half an hour, Ning Jing DaoShi takes them to their dormitory.

Because they are new students, so the first stop is the ward B, at this point in time the place they are at is the dormitory area of the ward B.

You XiaoMo had thought that the dorm conditions wouldnt be too bad, to his surprise the situation was very much out of his expectations. It looks like a dangerous premises from the outside, its even four people per room.

If its really going to be four people per room, hell have to be cautious whenever he does anything in the future.

You XiaoMo furrows his eyebrows, not knowing if theres anything else with better conditions.

Just as hes thinking along this line of thought, its as if Ning Jing DaoShi guessed everyones doubts and starts to explain the residence situation to everyone.

I believe there are a few people who dont like the rooms here. Ning Jing DaoShi especially looks at Teng ZiXins group of people when she says this sentence, as expected theyre also furrowing their brows, she then continues, But as you have seen, the dorm conditions for any new student who has just entered DaoXin Academy is the same.

A new student asks, DaoShi, other than rooms that are four people per room, are there any single rooms?

Ning Jing DaoShis pair of beautiful eyes scans over each and every person, but when she sees You XiaoMo, she pauses very subtly and a smile flashes in her eyes at the same time. Looking at him with his brows tightly knit together, she knows that he also doesnt like this kind of residence condition.

Of course there is, in front of you is the dormitory with the poorest conditions in ward B. If you want something better, you have to go earn some points, then use those points you earn and make a purchase. In a moment I will give every one of you a black card, the black card stores the point you earn. I will explain the specifics to you later, now we will start to allocate rooms, says Ning Jing DaoShi.

Although DaoXin Academys academic atmosphere is not one of restriction, men and women still dont mix together.

This kind of situation will usually generate the problem of a room that doesnt have four people, such as Teng ZiXin.

Teng ZiXin is actually a very arrogant women, and it just so happens that theres not many female mages, when the total number is divided by four theres still two left. She takes the initiative and asks Ning Jing DaoShi, thus she ends up sharing a room together with one other female mage.

You XiaoMo had wanted to follow suit, but his luck wasnt good, the number of people was perfectly divisible.

Ning Jing DaoShi says, BaiLi XiaoYu, Tong YueXu, You XiaoMo, ChaiJun, you four will live in one room.

Ning Jing DaoShi pushes open a wooden door, sunlight follows the open door and shines inside, lighting up the room making the inside situation clear as day. Four stone beds and a few essential living items, very simple and crude.

As soon as You XiaoMo hears Chai Juns name, he looks towards ChaiJun like hes seen a ghost, the latter also has an unhappy expression, as if he detected the others gaze, Chai Jun angrily stares back.

What are you looking at, do you think I, a young master, appreciates living in the same room as you?

You XiaoMo screws his brows together, hes gonna die, they actually want him to room with this annoying thing, this ChaiJun fellows heart is as small as his asshole, he doesnt appreciate it at all.

DaoShi, can I not room with him? You XiaoMo looks towards Ning Jing DaoShi.

Ning Jing DaoShi furrows her brows, she didnt think that the first person to demand such a thing would be You XiaoMo. Putting the outstanding new students together in one room is actually the academys tradition, mainly to make it convenient for observation. But its not like they cant be separated, for some outstanding students, the academy can consider their demands.

But before Ning Jing DaoShi speaks, Chai Jun is like someone who just stepped on an echidna and viciously glares at You XiaoMo before saying, Ning Jing DaoShi, I also dont want to room with You XiaoMo, I demand that he is transferred and replaced with someone else.

Ning Jing DaoShi has a bit of a headache, she just knew that this sort of situation would occur.

Just then, BaiLi XiaoYu also steps out and entreatingly says, DaoShi, you can approve of their demands but I want to be in the same room as XiaoMo.

Tong YueXu says, Ning Jing DaoShi, since theyre all putting forward demands, why dont you move Chai Jun somewhere else and replace him with another person. This way you can have the best of two worlds.

Ning Jing DaoShi has no choice but to nod her head, Okay then.

Hearing this, Chai Juns eyes become wide open instantly, his complexion goes from green to pale white and is unusually troubled.

His original intention was to shoo You XiaoMo away, as for BaiLi XiaoYu and Tong YueXu, he actually earnestly wished to room with them. This way he could use this chance and deepen their relationship, if its possible to work together with the BaiLi Family and the Tong Family, then it would only benefit the Chai Family.

But these two actually lean towards You XiaoMos side and took the initiative to suggest that he be sent away, this result isnt what he wants.

DaoShi, Chai Jun wants to save himself but hes too late.

Then lets do that, Chai Jun, you can switch with Jiang XiaoFeng, Ning Jing DaoShi instantly makes a decision.

Upon hearing this, its already impossible for ChaiJun to go back on his words, because he had already laid a dead end for himself, if he wants to go back on his words this time, other people will think that he goes looking for trouble for fun, deliberately creating a disturbance.

After allocating rooms, the person who Ning Jing DaoShi sent to retrieve the black cards came back and gave everyone a black card.

You XiaoMo holds the black card and looks at it curiously, the black card is naturally black in colour, a red number 10 appears before his eyes, hes taken back for a second but can faintly guess what this number represents.

As expected, a short while later he hears Ning Jing DaoShi explain, The black card that you guys are holding in your hands now is the item that I just told you guys before. The number on the black card is your point, every new student who just entered DaoXin Academy can get ten points. In the future, you can get thirty points every month. This black card is equal to your pass here in DaoXin Academy, you have to use it to enter and exit many places so be sure to put it somewhere safe.

Theres also another thing, DaoXin Academys has three types all together, these are the black card, the purple card and the red card respectively. The black card is the one you now have in your hands, it is the one with the lowest level and its level of authority is quite low. If you guys want to change to a purple card or a red card then please go ahead and work hard to earn some points to exchange for one. If you can get a purple card then you can get 40p from the academy every month, the red card is 50p.

DaoShi, how do you earn points? a new student asks.

Ward B has all sorts of ways to earn points, if I explain in detail here itll be a bit troublesome. I will explain it to you guys once tomorrow, but everyone can use the time now to go ask around yourselves. The people who want to change to a single room should take action immediately, Ning Jing DaoShi smiles.

Its rare to see DaoShi use this kind of tone to speak, the new students nervous mood instantly eases quite a bit.

After solving another bunch of questions from everyone, Ning Jing DaoShi finally leaves.

Looking at the back figure of NingJing DaoShi leaving, You XiaoMo is thinking about the practicability of her last sentence.

BaiLi XiaoYu is already too impatient to wait any longer, he hurriedly walks over, grabs his arm and drags him inside the room, XiaoMo XiaoMo, lets go inside and look at the new room.

You XiaoMo smiles, its clearly just an old room.