The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 254

Chapter 254
Chapter 254: Lets Make Love Right Away

Translated by Rara of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

You XiaoMo felt that, Ling Xiao was nothing more than a sex maniac.

Just a mere appearance of him and that member of Ling Xiao had stood up without a single touch. Seeing someones desire proudly rise up like that, You XiaoMo had the kind of urge to die, he should have been able to guess that Ling Xiao was taking a bath as soon as he heard the sound of water, yet, he didnt even spend a second to think, even came to the door on his own accord.
(ra: dumbass (_)).

The moment You XiaoMo raised his head up, he saw Ling Xiao was brightly smiling at him, which gave him a really bad feeling. Then, all of the sudden, a hand stretched over to his direction and directly grabbed his wrist, forcibly pulling him over without giving him time to respond.

Waaah because he was defenseless at the time, his nose bumped into Ling Xiaos chest, so hurtful that tears almost fell down.

You XiaoMo started to struggle under Ling Xiaos hug, therefore Ling Xiao quickly grasped You XiaoMos waist and firmly imprisoned him under his arm. As Ling Xiaos honey colored skin closely touched You XiaoMos, even if there was a layer of clothes blocking between, it couldnt stop him from feeling the burning sensation of skin contact.

The good-for-nothing You XiaoMo went all mushy in his legs, his nose was filled with Ling Xiaos smell, a mature and enticing smell of male hormones, that seduced him unceasingly.

You XiaoMo panicked and put his hand against Ling Xiaos chest, but all that he felt was an unbearable heat that made him want to remove his hands away. He then blushed, Dont need to stick this close, I cant breathe.

Ling Xiao smiled and said, I didnt cover your nose though, how does that make you unable to breathe?

You XiaoMo was dumbfounded, how can I tell such thing! HOW can I tell! If he really said it, he pretty sure Ling Xiao would get cocky to death, and he refuse to do such stupid thing.

Say something ah! Ling Xiao urged him, except, his hand didnt stay idle and started groping every part of his body, You XiaoMo could see those hands were reaching inside his clothes.

You XiaoMo quickly captured those hands, stammeringly said, Stop, there are people outside waiting for you, moreover.daytime sex is not good

ButIt already stood up. Ling Xiao bent his head down and buried it into You XiaoMos neck while he slightly let out a lustful laugh, the warm breath exhaled on his neck was so hot that You XiaoMo couldnt help but curl up and tremble a little bit.

You XiaoMo was stifled as the color red had taken his complexion, Or, how about, you try to endure it?

Ling Xiao then directly pulled You XiaoMos arms apart and snuck his hand under You XiaoMos clothes. He then grabbed that half-soft half-hard thing of You XiaoMos in his hand and gave it a squeeze, making You XiaoMo suddenly gasp a sound into his ear. He couldnt help but laugh, Now that I see you have gone hard, I suggest, lets make love right away.

You XiaoMo wrapped his arm around Ling Xiao neck, his body had turned into jelly under Ling Xiaos arm, he whimpered, Butsomeones outside

You dont have to worry about them, if they want to wait, let them wait long and nice.

Ling Xiao spoke with a smile, he let You XiaoMo lean on the screen while on the other side, skillfully took off You XiaoMos pants.

This situation that was just like committing a secret love affair made You XiaoMo heart pound *thump thump* faster as it gave him a feeling of faint excitement, he couldnt help but pull down Ling Xiaos neck and lay a kiss on his lips.

Ling Xiao smirked, he received that kiss without reserve and even deepened the kiss further, straightforwardly kissing You XiaoMo and not until he was out of breath did Ling Xiao finally release his lips. The sight of those lips that had been sucked until they turned red made the greed inside Ling Xiaos eyes sink deeper.

You XiaoMo could feel that Ling Xiaos manhood rubbing against his lower abdomen had become hotter than before, thus it triggered his own desire straight down to his under part. Therefore, he raised his leg and brushed it against Ling Xiaos thigh, his desire was so high he couldnt hold his moan any longer.

Ling Xiao held him up, and after he felt he had loosened You XiaoMo enough, he placed his member at the entrance and ferociously entered, the feeling coming from his member being wrapped around tightly was so comfortable that he sighed.

Being entered so suddenly, You XiaoMo gasped. That feeling of being stretched to the limit nearly took his breath away, luckily Ling Xiao didnt move right away and gave him some time to adapt.

I want to move. Ling Xiao spoke into his ear with a hoarse voice.

Those words didnt seem like he was seeking for his approval but more like making a declaration. Following that was a storm of thrusting in and out, even the thick and heavy screen couldnt bear the load and shifted. You XiaoMo felt like his whole body was submerged under the steamy hot water, each part of his body was scorching and burning. One of his legs hooked around Ling Xiaos waist, the intense movement made him feel like a small boat swaying in the storm. Earlier, he couldnt take that big thing too well, but the situation had reversed when the feeling had now been replaced with gratification as his cheek was flushing velvet.

Mixing with the heat of the room, the two bodies inextricably intertwined while all the the thoughts about people waiting outside had been ignored.

You XiaoMo was barely able to conceal his blissful emotion that came from the pleasure, his body was indulged in ecstasy the man brought to him. This probably was the first time You XiaoMo let Ling Xiao have his way. His moans kept coming out of his mouth and each of those would arouse the man furthermore, leading the man to make his movements more and more intense, crazily asking for more as if it not enough.

As though You XiaoMo wanted to make Ling Xiao come faster, he firmly clenched his legs around Ling Xiaos lean waist while his back door tightened up. Sensing the warmth and pleasure that came from that part where they were connected keep surging in, the passion in Ling Xiaos eyes immersed deeper. He seized You XiaoMos head and mercilessly ravaged those lips, then he kneaded You XiaoMos bottom and speed up his rhythm, accompanied with a low hum, and finally, released the hot fluid inside You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo had came earlier, all of his white and translucent essence had sprayed all over Ling Xiaos abs, seeing that scene made him blush and made his heart pound.

After that, they embraced each other tightly and felt the lingering after climax, this time they finished much faster than the last time. You XiaoMo panted while thinking, that guy could control his own desire, so what happened last time was literally on purpose! What a fortune that he finally managed to come up with a solution against Ling Xiao.

Although they only did it once, this round took them more than half an hour, not long, but also not too short. Despite that, after Ling Xiao had put him down, his legs gave in and he almost couldnt close them as if there were no strength left, and the only thing he could do was to lean on Ling Xiao.

Disregarding the water inside the tub having gone cold, Ling Xiao took off all of You XiaoMos clothes and then hugged him while stepping into the water, helping him take out all the residue inside, and then once again helped him change into a new set of clothes.
(ra: what a responsible hubby).

Due to the embarrassment and dizziness, You XiaoMo had to be carried out by Ling Xiao. However, he didnt want people to find anything strange coming from them, You XiaoMo insisted on not going out immediately. Since Ling Xiao had been satiated, so of course he would listen to every word of You XiaoMo, and that was why they stayed in the pavilion for a while before they actually went out.

The people standing outside were getting impatient, some had even left, but there were still some who refused to leave, and one of them was Xu Yun. After seeing You XiaoMo walk inside the pavilion and didnt come out for nearly an hour, Xu Yun became more anxious and almost couldnt hold himself back, if it was not for the barrier, he would had soon rush his way in. Those bystanders standing next to him, they were afraid that Xu Yun would act on impulse and clash with You XiaoMo, so they kept on persuading him to be patient, because even the Chai clan was powerless against You XiaoMo, then how could Xu clan be able to do anything. However, they didnt know that the more they persuaded him not to go against You XiaoMo, the stronger the rage inside Xu Yun became.

Yet, the moment You XiaoMo came out, the fury inside Xu Yun suddenly died out by half, because walking beside You XiaoMo was Ling Xiao, and just by the sight of Ling Xiao, Xu Yun immediately threw his intention toward You XiaoMo up above cloud nine.

Without hesitation, Ling Xiao walked toward the pile of demon beasts as the people who came for fun quickly cleared the way for him. Even if they were helpers to help him around at the time, but the fact he managed to hunt this many in just one-time definitely made him the one and only person in the history of the academy.

Schoolmate Ling, how are you going to deal with those beasts? The teammates who went to the deep mountain with Ling Xiao talked to him with fear and respect in their tone, if it wasnt for the trap Ling Xiao set, no way could they have caught this many demon beasts.

Ling Xiao casually instructed, Just take care of it like how it should be, also, send the notice out to people saying that we are selling a large number of demon beasts, if anyone is interested, just come here to name the price.

Soon after, those teammates started moving things away, and with the help of the magic bag, the process was quite fast and the smell of blood was immediately lessened. However, it was not necessary for them to deliberately send out notices, because many people already knew by now.

Since You XiaoMo didnt understand why Ling Xiao would need to hunt so many demon beasts, so he voiced out his doubt.

Ling Xiao smirked, Of course to earn more points, or else why would I do it?

You XiaoMo was speechless, Are you that short on points?

Ling Xiao nodded while gave a smile, Yeah, a bunch of points to boot.

You XiaoMo expressed, Isnt there an arena right there? Why dont you use it to earn points? Judging from how Ling Xiao managed to earn the total of two hundred points at his first time fighting on the arena, one could see how easy it was to earn points on the arena.

Too slow. Ling Xiao shook his head, then spoke with a disappointing tone, Moreover, even if I challenge someone, they wont have the guts to fight me.

Why? His intuition told him that there must be a problem in it

Ling Xiao touched his nose, laughed, There is nothing really, they just dislike that I bet too many points.

How much have you bet on?

Not much, no less than three hundred points per fight.

Serves you right.

He totally deserved it, two hundred points was already too much, let alone three hundred.

You XiaoMo deeply felt that Ling Xiao must really gone crazy for earning points.