The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 265

Chapter 265
Chapter 265 Who are you, ah?

Translated by Rara of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Ling Xiao was never the type to follow the book, he had always been the one who played by his own rules. That was why, a month ago, his rank dropped from ninth to eleventh, because he had rejected too many individual challenges.

For those who were in the top ten of Block One, every month, they needed to accept at least three challenge from others, unless no one dared to, then there would be no need to comply to the rule, which, obviously only applied to when there was nobody.

After Ling Xiao had obtained the Purple card, since then, he hadnt taken a step outside for a month. Thus, his impression on people gradually faded away, some even forgot about his existence. This was because there were tons of ongoing events that happened in Block One: like someone had leveled up, someone defeated someone, etc, News like that bred like flies, so once one stopped making an appearance in public for a period of time, people would, very practically, began to forget about them.

However, the top ten of Block One was still everyones greatest concern.

Each month, a bunch of people would try to squeeze into the top ten list, so naturally, the top ten practitioners would often receive many challenges from others.

Ling Xiao was ranked ninth, and his disappearance for nearly a month had caused his prestige to keep getting smaller and smaller. Plus, since his rank was near the bottom, a ton of challenges were sent to him, but they all ended up being rejected without delay, regardless of whether the persons strength was higher or lower than his own.

You XiaoMo knew there were two reasons behind Ling Xiaos rejection, and one of them really deserved a nice slap.

The first reason was that he was lazy, like that old saying, No motivation, no enthusiasm, Ling Xiao was also like that.
(ra: you lazy-bones, making your wifey the bread winner of the fam)

The second reason was that this type of formal challenge didnt earn many points. Ling Xiaos goal was to make at least two hundred points per fight, only a fool would bet that much money, not everyone was like Sun Zhe.

As a result, after he refused every challenge, last month, his rank automatically dropped out of the top ten.

But right now, Ling Xiao had said he would find a way, of course. Genuinely, You XiaoMo knew Ling Xiao was a man of his word, so he no longer made a fuss about this matter.

You XiaoMo directly transferred every point he had to Ling Xiaos card, then he stood in front of the third cell, stuck the card into the slot, and immediately, the points on the card was reduced steadily until only nine points remained. This whole scene distressed him unceasingly.

You XiaoMo looked at the scroll inside the cell, and felt that his fortune wasnt all wasted. There might be ten skill training manuals available, but there was only one high-grade high level skill training manual, and the rest were much lower in both quality and rank, six low-grade manuals and three mid-grade manuals.

Even though You XiaoMo didnt know whether the academy had another in stock, but the thought that the only high-grade high level skill training manual had luckily fallen into his hands made him overjoyed so much that he couldnt part with it, since he had spent a total of four thousand points on it.

After that, You XiaoMo retrieved the two cards, and not long after, the barrier started to manifest again.

You XiaoMo took the scroll and walked toward Ling Xiao, when he was about to talk with Ling Xiao, he heard subtle footsteps coming from the outside, and within a few seconds, he saw a woman with a stunning appearance turn around the corner to where they were.

Apparently, the woman also didnt expect someone would be here, so she stopped her pace for a moment, but when she finally saw the person inside, her surprised expression was swiftly replaced with coldness.

This woman was none other than Teng ZiXin, the one You XiaoMo hadnt seen for a long time. Her arrival here, eight out of ten it was for the same purpose as You XiaoMo.

The quiet atmosphere became even more quiet, You XiaoMo didnt expect he would meet Teng ZiXin here, however, even if he was taken by surprise, that didnt mean he would greet her. Until now, they were still no more than mere strangers.

This time, another set of footstep approached, accompanied with a bright voice. Another woman came out from behind Ten ZiXins back, ZiXin, why are you standing here without moving?

This was the first time You XiaoMo ever saw such a beauty wearing revealing clothes inside the academy. This beautiful lady was tall and slender, with long, straight jet-black hair that dropped down to her waist. A little bit down further was her pair of white, slender and sexy legs, covered by a very thin layer of fabric. No one could deny those long and smooth, beautiful and seductive legs with a defined curve. Moreover, her looks were nowhere less than Teng ZiXins, as her height and pair of plump breasts were very well portrayed.

Seeing them, the beautiful lady was stunned for a moment, her eyes swept over You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao once, and then completely fell on Teng ZiXin whose body had been emitting a cold aura, Zi Xin, they are?

Dont know. Teng ZiXin casually said with almost no trace of hesitation, as if she really didnt know You XiaoMo.

The beautiful lady didnt notice anything wrong, so her only choice was to believe in Teng ZiXins word. Then, she no longer paid attention to them, and asked Teng ZiXin, Dont you want to exchange the high level skill training manual? Lets go fast.

Seeing her good friend didnt ask any further, Teng ZiXins cold expression finally cooled down a bit and gave her friend a nod, then took out a card.

You XiaoMo carelessly stole a glance at it and discovered, it was a purple card, but then when he thought about her status and identity, he didnt feel it was too unexpected.

He once heard, the Five great powers of Ward B, there was this one called the Teng Yun group. This group probably was established by the Teng clan and was passed down for many years, as it had a big history attached to its back. By having the Teng Yun groups support, Teng ZiXins purple card must have been already prepared by the time she enrolled.

Despite all that, You XiaoMo didnt have any envious feelings toward Teng ZiXin.

Every point he had inside his card was saved up bit by bit after more than a month from his own effort. That was why he had the confidence to say that if he and Teng ZiXin were to switch their standpoint, Teng ZiXin definitely wouldnt be able to earn enough points for a high-grade high level skill training manual in just more than a month.

The most important thing was that Ling Xiaos purple card was his purple card, which meant he didnt need to waste another five hundred points for a card exchange.
(ra: hubby stuff equal wifey stuff )

Thinking this, You XiaoMo then pulled Ling Xiaos hand and turned, ready to leave. Perhaps in the past would want to have a girl like this and try to stay back on purpose, but now that he already had his other half, even if someone threw that girl into his face, he wouldnt bother, let alone staying here to see Teng ZiXins face.

Since Ling Xiao was wearing that ugly mask, You XiaoMo couldnt see what Ling Xiao was thinking. Well, not like he could even if Ling Xiao didnt wear one.

However, when Ling Xiao was pulled away by You XiaoMo, he turned back his head to look at those two.


At this moment, Teng ZiXins icy voice suddenly shouted out. As the pavilion was quiet, her shout was like thunder soaring through the second floor.

You XiaoMo stopped his feet, turned around with a big frown on his face, and saw Teng ZiXin was approaching them with a gloomy face, as her body was surrounded by a heavy pressure, and soon, she was in front of them.

Did you take that high-grade high level skill training manual? Teng Zixin ruthlessly said.

Although she didnt want to have a conversation with You XiaoMo, but this matter, she really had to, because the reason she came here was only for that high-grade high level skill training manual. Yet, right now, she just found out that that skill training manual was gone, ten cells in total, and the only thing missing from it was the skill training manual she wanted, and there was only You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao here before them.

The big chested woman, hearing Teng ZiXin say that, suddenly exposed a surprised expression. That fella right there didnt seem like a mage with fame, and yet he had enough to exchange for that super rare one. Was he one of those Five Great Powers?

She then carefully thought, but in the end she couldnt figure out which group You XiaoMo belonged to.

You XiaoMo was flustered as he furrowed his eyebrows. He questioned with a serious face, Who are you, ah?

The subtext of this sentence was that he didnt know her.

Teng ZiXin choked a bit as her face became unsightly, because she remembered she just said to her friend those three words, if now she said that she knew him, then it would be equal to slapping her own face.

I will pay five thousand points for that manual. Teng ZiXin suppressed her anger while offering the condition, she must have that manual at all costs.

The beautiful lady couldnt help but voice out, Zi Xin, five thousand points is not a small number.

As a good friend of Teng ZiXin, she knew Teng ZiXin had the exact five thousand points on her purple card. Which, except for the one thousand five hundred points she earned on her own, the remaining three thousand five hundred was borrowed from the Teng Yun group.

The Teng Yun group, though it was one of the Five Great Powers of Ward B with a very strong and solid capability, the more students that wanted to join them, the more expenses they had to spend. Plus, some time ago, the sale of magic pills was split, hence, the three thousand five hundred points was not a small amount for them anymore.

The reason Teng XiZin could receive such an abundance of points was thanks to her cousin giving pressure to the others inside the group. If the other people knew Teng ZiXin wanted to buy back a high-grade high level skill training manual from someone else, and was prepared to pay a thousand points more than the original price, they definitely would try to grasp this chance and use it against her.

Of course, this was the thought of the good friend, it didnt mean that Teng ZiXin would have the same idea. She was the most outstanding mage of this generation of the Teng clan and she always got what she wanted. Even the whole three thousand five hundred points didnt come across her eyes. The entire reason she offered such a deal, was because she couldnt swallow the way You XiaoMo spoke to her.