The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 280

Chapter 280
Chapter 280: Wipeout

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebel Scanlations

Fifth Elder, what do you think? Mentor Ye, who was sitting next to Dong Lin, asked.

As one of block ones mentors, he knew quite a bit about Ling Xiao, but though Ling Xiao had quite a reputation, many people didnt have an in-depth understanding of him.

Since he always disappeared from the limelight after doing anything big, no one was sure of how to judge his abilities.

Now the Teng and Chai families were preparing to gang up on Ling Xiao. Though this was a very dirty move to make, it was common in a free-for-all. Too bad for this talent.

Dong Lin let his eyelids droop, but his gaze was on Ling Xiao who stood at the edge of the ring. There was the glimpse of a smile on his face, and his eyes flashed as he said peacefully, This student, Ling Xiao, is probably hiding his true power.

The mentors and elders were stunned, looking towards Ling Xiao with suspicion.

Even if he hid his true ability, it wasnt possible that he could simultaneously deal with more than ten people from the Teng and Chai families, right?

Seeing their expressions, an uncharacteristic smile appeared on Dong Lins face. If you dont believe me, just watch, I bet hell surprise you all.

In the ring, the tension was palpable, and the situation could erupt at any time.

As the Teng and Chai families closed in, Ling Xiao was finally locked into a corner on the edge. They formed a triangle, seeming like an impenetrable wall, because the Teng family had Teng Jiao, a rank six powerhouse, who placed above Ling Xiao.

As for the Chai family, they had Chai Tian, Chai Zhengs older cousin and the person standing at rank three.

With these two powerhouses, it seemed to most that Ling Xiao had no hope of winning.

Teng Jiao gave a triumphant smile, saying, I dont know if you considered that you would fall to a situation like this, Ling Xiao!

Having taken a blow from You XiaoMo in the marketplace last time, Teng Jiao had been seething for a long time. Since he couldnt get his revenge on You XiaoMo directly, he would go after the guy who was always with him.

The corner of Ling Xiaos lips curled up slightly, pulling his mouth into a gentle smile, I really hadnt considered

That you would come looking for death!

Off stage, You XiaoMo sweatdropped a little, filling in the blank at the end of Ling Xiaos words for him.
Teng Jiao, lets not waste our breath on him and take him down together!

Chai Tian unsheathed the blade at his waist, pointing the tip at the white-clad Ling Xiao. Being experienced in battle, he knew that the more you dragged the battle on, the larger the uncertainty. And even as they closed in on him, Ling Xiaos expression hadnt wavered at all. That bright smile made him uneasy.

As the word alright, left Teng Jiaos lips, the two of them shot forwards towards Ling Xiao like arrows. Their speed was immense. The spectators could more or less see only two blurred afterimages.

Ling Xiao dodged Chai Tians longsword and raised his leg, lightly kicking him. It seemed to lack strength, but actually had immense force behind it. Chai Tians entire body went flying back by four or five meters, almost smashing into his own people.

Teng Jiaos expression shifted just slightly, swinging his fist at the left side of Ling Xiaos face. The movement was simple and direct with little technique, but it was a powerful strike that even the arena floor below them might not be able to take.

After kicking Chai Tian to the side, he met Teng Jiao with a fake smile. His smiling eyes seemed like swirling vortexes, drawing you in, the blackness inside revealing a deadly darkness.

Teng Jiaos heart skipped a beat. A voice inside his head told him that this wasnt good, but it was too late to stop his strike now.

Really now, and I had planned to have mercy on you.

Ling Xiao caught Teng Jiaos fist easily, and whispered into his ear with a smile.

Under Teng Jiaos fearful gaze, he raised one long leg and kicked out at Teng Jiaos abdomen. The power behind that kick definitely wasnt small.

Taking a blow to his fragile abdomen, Teng Jiao felt bile coming up his throat. His body was launched away, but Ling Xiao pulled him back, throwing another kick. The repeated process took less than three seconds.

Under everyones startled gazes, Teng Jiao fell from the stage like a piece of limp cloth.
Everyone was shocked into silence.

Block ones number six Teng Jiao, was defeated in a single exchange. What terrifying speed!

On the other side, Chai Tian, having just steadied himself, paled. He knew that they had severely miscalculated. Ling Xiao had hid his strength and possibly even waited for them to come to him.

Ling Xiao glanced over at him, his smile telling him that there would be no mercy.

Chai Tian immediately yelled at the others, Go get him!

The horde of people pulled out their weapons and charged at Ling Xiao. Among the thunderous yells, the Teng family members were the loudest. Enraged at seeing their head get beaten like so, they wouldnt hold back.

Ling Xiao raised one hand and blew away a person with the force of a single palm. A simple technique, but with plenty of power behind it. Those who charged at the front only just entered the fight, but were even more useless than Teng Jiao, getting blown out the ring one after the other. In a flash, all the members of the Teng family and half of the Chai family had been eliminated.

This fierce offense and the one-sidedness of the battle shocked everyone to the core.

In the audience, the scene before him was making You XiaoMo excited.

Every time he saw Ling Xiao fight, he would feel elation, though it might have something to do with his own current strength. This was especially true for the thwack of Ling Xiaos palm, just listening to the sound made his blood roar, like it was him doing the deed.

Among these people, Chai Tian was the most cunning.

He could already tell that Ling Xiaos strength far outstripped his, so after the order he gave, he didnt make many major moves himself. That meant he purposefully baited the Teng family into attacking.

But to avoid the Teng familys anger, he sacrificed half of the Chai family members, too.

Now, the Teng family had been wiped out, but the Chai family had four still standing.

Holy crap hes strong!

With his ability, he could take first place easily.

He just kicked eleven people off the arena, that means hes obtained two points. Thats the highest score so far, right?

No, he kicked a couple of people off before as well, so its not just eleven.

After a period of silence, whispering and discussions broke out among the crowd. To them, Ling Xiao was definitely a black horse in this times competition.

Ling Xiao looked at Chai Tian and the other three, his lips curling into a slight smile. I still need two more, just two more. Are you going to choose between yourselves or should I choose for you?

In addition to the two idiots who tried to attack him, but were kicked out the ring instead, he had kicked off a total of thirteen people. Two more and he would have three points. There was no need for him to expend any extra effort to reach that, not when they were oh so kind to give themselves up for him.

Chai Tians expression twisted. Dont push my limits.

Could he back down? Of course not!

If he did, then the entire school would know that he was so afraid of Ling Xiao that he cowered.

So he had no choice. The blame lay on his mistake in judgement. Out of everyone, he just had to go after Ling Xiao with Teng Jiao. He didnt even think, after angering so many people, could the person who remained at You XiaoMos side be so simple?

The result of his words, was that Chai Tian was the first to get kicked off the stage by Ling Xiao.
Ling Xiao did exactly as he said he would, choosing just two to punt off the stage.

But, the two remaining people werent very strong. Not long after, they attracted the attention of others. The Chai family followed in the footsteps of the Teng family and were completely wiped out from the competition.

One hour later, the results of the battle royale were out.

The name list made people unsure about how to react.

Since the Teng and Chai families were wiped out, the spaces left by them were filled in by others, even some who didnt rank in the top fifty.

Next, the fifth elder announced the points gained in the battle royale.

Ling Xiao obtained three points and was currently in the lead. The one ranked first in strength obtained two points, and was currently second. And then it was Rong Xuan, Qing Zhang and the others with one point each. In total, eight people had gained points.

Then the fifth elder announced that the competition had come to a close, with the second round beginning tomorrow, and dismissed everyone.

You XiaoMo leaped at Ling Xiao in excitement.

Ling Xiao hugged him to his chest.

The two had yet to speak when someone harrumphed coldly nearby. Turning his head to see, it was a furious Teng ZiXin. Seeing them look over, her anger became even more evident.

No matter who it was, they would probably be unable to remain calm after seeing their family member get their ass kicked by the person they hated.

You XiaoMo smirked in triumph.

Teng ZiXin whirled around and left with her huge following of people.

The results of this battle were unexpected, but the news of the Chai and Teng families being humiliated spread throughout the school within half a day. Now, everyone was guessing that Ling Xiao had to be first place in this times competition. He suddenly gained massive popularity, being stared at no matter where he went.