The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 281

Chapter 281
Chapter 281: The Beast Cage

Translated by Rara of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Ahhhhh, PiQiu and CatQiu are missing!

After all the trouble battling through the crowd, You XiaoMo couldnt help but scream when he suddenly discovered that PiQiu and CatQiu that were supposed to be on his shoulder were now gone.

Ling Xiao said, Maybe they just wandered around somewhere to play?

You XiaoMo was about to shake his head, but within a second, he hesitated. Judging by their personality, it might be the case.

He remembered, after the battle royale had ended, both PiQiu and CatQiu were still lying on his shoulder woofing and meowing, they were clearly more hyped about the battle than he was. However after they left the place, he wasnt so sure anymore.

It shouldnt be, I cant say much about CatQiu, but PiQiu has followed me for so long, he couldnt just leave without saying a word. You say, nothing has happened, right?

You XiaoMo walked in circle, the more he thought about it, the more likely it was.

Ling Xiao pressed down his shoulder, You should calm down first, and then we will go back there again to look for them.

You XiaoMo immediately pulled his hand and ran, Then quick, move!

Ling Xiao wanted to laugh, Why are you so concerned about them?

You XiaoMo didnt turn his head around to look at Ling Xiao, Who cares about them? But those two are so frolicsome, once they gang up, they are definitely one hell of troublemakers. If they met an ill-intentioned person, maybe they will end up being captured.

Wait! Ling Xiao suddenly called him over.

You XiaoMo turned back, Whats happened?

Ling Xiao flicked his forehead, Dont you have a contract with them, try using the contract binding to find them.

You XiaoMo confused, How to do it?

Ling Xiao explained, Close your eyes, use your perception to feel the bond between you and them.

You XiaoMo followed his instruction and closed his eyes. Two minutes later, he suddenly opened his eyes, pointed to their right and said, This way.

Lets go!

Following the direction, the two finally found the place the demon beast trading area.

The popularity of the demon beast trading area was almost comparable to the magic pill marketplace, as they could hear the bustling sound of excitement loud and clear from afar.

Although they rarely came here, but this whole scene was way too lively. Did everyone came here right after the battle royale which had just ended not a while ago? Which means, PiQiu and CatQiu also came here to join in the fun?

You XiaoMo quivered and pointed at the crowd in front of him, I feel that PiQiu and CatQiu are inside there!

Ling Xiao looked toward that direction and smirked, Seems like it

As what happened inside there

You XiaoMo barged his way in, and his eyes almost fell out.

Though the contract, PiQiu and CatQiu could also feel their masters existence was coming closer, thus one big, one small, both gazed toward You XiaoMos direction with a pair of watery eyes while their four paws clung to the cages steel bars. They innocently blinked at him, extremely pathetic.

And immediately, coming from the crowd was screaming and shrieking from a bunch of women about how cute they were.

You XiaoMo twitched his mouth, the hell was this?

He just turned his eyes away for a moment, and now these two rascal were captured inside the beast cage.

Seeing this situation, the owner of the beast cage nodded in satisfaction and raised his hand to signal everyone to quiet down. The noise lessened quite a bit, however there was still some whispering.

I hereby announce the starting bid. The bid for these two beasts is five hundred points and each raise will not less than twenty points

Five hundred and fifty!

As soon as he ended his announcement, a woman immediately shouted.

This pace was way too fast, You XiaoMo couldnt prevent the auction in time. One came after another, the number quickly rose to a thousand and since there were some money bags flocking here, so the bid just jumped up by the hundreds.

The beast cage owner was so excited, his face turned red, This lady here has bid a thousand, is there anyone offer a higher bid than her? If not then

Wait a minute! When the man about to close the bid, You XiaoMo hurriedly shouted out to stop them.

The surrounding immediately went silent.

The beast cage owner glanced at You XiaoMos direction with thrill, Hello there, do you want to place a bid?

You XiaoMo shook his head, Fellow, are you sure these two beasts are yours?

The smile on his face instantly vanished as his eyes fluttered, What are you saying, of course these two beasts are mine, or else how can I able to take them out here

They are my contract demon beasts, I remember I havent canceled my contract with them yet, so how can they become your possessions? And not long ago, they were still with me. So, can I say that you stole them from me? You XiaoMo squinted his eyes at him.

The beast cage owner startled, he quickly waved his hand, No no, you have misunderstood, I didnt steal them, I met them on the road and they wanted to come with me. I didnt know they already had a master. Forcibly stealing someone elses contract beast was an accusation he didnt have the heart to carry.

You XiaoMo asked with a twisted expression on his face, You said they followed you?

The best cage owner feared that You XiaoMo might not believe him, so he nodded with all his might, Of course, I absolutely didnt lie.

You XiaoMo twitched his mouth as he look toward PiQiu and CatQiu who were still acting innocent, Can I ask, what really happened?

The beast cage owner immediately retold him the situation at that time.

Simply put, the beast cage owner earned points through selling demon beasts, so he always carried on his body some Monster Fruits, the fruit that most demon beasts love, and it was the smell of it that attracted PiQiu and CatQiu. As the result, both of them were lured away and, stupid to the extreme, walked into the cage on their own. Since this beast cage was especially made based on the beasts level, very few demon beasts could escape by themselves. And only after they eaten to their hearts content would they tragically realize they couldnt get out.

Since demon beasts often came to him through the smell of the fruit, the beast cage owner thought both of them were ownerless and decided to sell them for points, hence, led to this scene.

After listening to his story, You XiaoMo ruthlessly stared at them.

The two troublemakers PiQiu and CatQiu didnt dare to look at him in the eyes, as they lowered their heads out of guilty conscience.

Noticing their action, the owner finally believed You XiaoMo was their master, so he eagerly said, Im so sorry, I really didnt know these two were yours, can you not report this to the academy?

Seeing the beast cage owner filled with anxiety, You XiaoMo awkwardly smiled, Its ok, since this was a misunderstanding, however, I will pay you back the points for those Monster Fruits they have eaten.

No need, they only ate one. The beast cage owner gave him the reply while waving his hand, anything as long as he didnt look into it any further.

Hearing that, You XiaoMo also didnt insist any further. He then looked PiQiu and CatQiu inside the cage, even though their normal forms were a tiny bit larger than their mini forms, there were still very small so they were both being kept in the same cage.

You XiaoMo suddenly directed at the cage, Excuse me, how much is this beast cage?

The beast cage owner stunned, You want to buy the cage?

You XiaoMo smiled and gave him a nod.

The owner said, This is a level six beast cage, in contrast to what you may think, its actually not very expensive, you only need twenty points.

You XiaoMo straightforwardly paid the points, then he picked up the cage with PiQiu and CatQiu still inside, as he laugh heh heh while walking away. He finally found a cage to shut them in.

PiQiu and CatQiu scraped the steel bars, pitifully looked at their master.

Hello schoolmate, are these your demon beasts? Can you sell them to me? All of a sudden, a female practitioner came over as she clasped her hands together while giving You XiaoMo a begging look.

PiQiu: Woof~ Master,I was wrong, dont sell me.

CatQiu: Meow~ I dont want to be sold either.

You XiaoMo twitched his mouth, Sorry, they are my contracted beasts, not for sell!

He knew right away those moe type beasts would definitely attract females attention, nevertheless, his rejection stayed firm. Although these two rascals were too energetic, but there was no way he was going to give his contracted beasts away. Even if he didnt contract with them, he wouldnt just give them to others that casually.

That female practitioners face quickly fell in disappointment. Some other females also eyed the cage with unwillingness and wanted to persuade him to change his mind, but what broke their intention was Ling Xiaos voice coming from outside with a somewhat impatient tone.

Have you finished yet, can we leave now?

You XiaoMo smiled at them apologetically, then carried the beast cage and escaped.

Looking as their backs slowly disappeared, some females suddenly exclaimed, Ah, isnt that the one who beat Teng Jiao and Chai Tian this morning, Ling Xiao?

The ugly mask of Ling Xiaos was as famous as his reputation, people could recognize him in just one glance.

People carefully observed them and found out it really was Ling Xiao, then didnt that mean that youth beside him was You XiaoMo?
t/n: lolol the infamous inseparable duo.

By the time people remembered, the two had left the demon beast trading area.

After they headed back to the pavilion, You XiaoMo constantly smiled sinisterly while putting down the beast cage onto the table. This scene immediately attracted SheQiu and the others from their cultivation, as their face were full of surprise.

Ling Xiao leaned against the pillar, he lifted his lips, From now on, let them cultivate inside the cage.

You XiaoMo laughed and said, What a great idea!

SheQiu and the three other beasts looked at the two rascals inside the cage with sympathy.

PiQiu and CatQiu: boohoo~