The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 315

Chapter 315
Chapter 315: Task

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

An XinRui didnt seem to be a very good mood at all, and there was a heaviness to the set of her brows. The mage following her was talking to her, head bowed, but she never responded to him, walking past the two of them.

You XiaoMo only heard one sentence from the mage.

He said, XinRui, temporary contracts can be cancelled. If Yin Ge really backs out, Ill cancel the contract between us.

You XiaoMo asked Ling Xiao, who was beside him, Can temporary contracts really be cancelled?

Ling Xiao replied, If both sides agree, and then pay five hundred points, then yes.

You XiaoMo mumbled to himself, No wonder He had a feeling that An XinRui wasnt the type to give up so easily. Now it seemed that, as expected, she had ulterior motives.

But five hundred points to cancel a contract? That was daylight robbery! After registering, the mentors made pairs make contracts there to prevent people from fishing in troubled waters*. Soon enough it came to An XinRui and the mage she was with. She looked very much unwilling and after the contract was complete, the male mage was smiling brightly.

You XiaoMo was suspicious; if Yin Ge really did speak up, would this mage truly be willing to cancel the contract?

This was a small bet. You XiaoMo felt that he wouldnt.

Leaving the registration, the two returned to their room.

Now all they had to do was wait for the coming of the Trials.

Before sleeping that night, You XiaoMo asked for the demon beast egg from Ling Xiao. When it was released, the demon beast egg didnt even get a chance to react before it was stuffed into the demon beast cage by You XiaoMo.

Dont think you can run! You XiaoMo said triumphantly.

The demon beast egg shifted a little, as if taking a look around at his current situation. Then, it fell still for a while before suddenly jumping and smashing itself against the bars of the cage.

You XiaoMo jumped, but quickly calmed down again. He reached inside and picked up the egg, looking it over, only releasing a sigh of breath when he found no cracks, before putting it down and saying, Theres no need to struggle anymore. This cage was made for level six demon beasts, you wont be able to break it with your current strength.

The demon beast egg ignored him, continuing to smash itself against the cage.

You XiaoMo watched on anxiously, hurriedly saying, Dont slam it anymore. If you crack your shell, your shit and piss will flow out too.

The demon beast eggs movements suddenly paused.

Though it quickly recovered, You XiaoMo still caught it.

You XiaoMo said, It doesnt matter if you keep slamming yourself against the bars. Ill just buy a higher level one and see if its your shell thatll break first or the cage.

Maybe it was because the egg really was listening to him that it suddenly stopped its slamming. The round egg swayed inside the cage. Who knows what it was thinking?

No matter, at least it had finally settled down.

You XiaoMo sighed, saying, For the next few days, behave yourself and stay inside. Ill keep you in the pocket dimension. When Ill let you out depends on your behavior. If you agree, sway.

The swaying movement of the egg immediately ceased.

You XiaoMo:

You brat, do you really wait to go against me like that?

You XiaoMo lightly stroked the top of the egg, quietly saying, Its ok if you dont agree. Later on, Ill have Ling Xiao cook you. By the way, I think I mightve forgotten to tell you, but I actually enjoy eating egg a lot. In the past, I would have one each day. After coming here, Ive become rather busy and havent had time Before he finished speaking, the egg began to sway, accepting its fate.

You XiaoMo nodded in satisfaction before sending it into his pocket dimension with a wave of the hand, while ordering SheQiu and the others to keep an eye on that egg and make sure it reflected upon its actions.

A few days later, You XiaoMo received a letter from the old man.

The letter said that itll be a while before he could come back, and told You XiaoMo to go and self-study in Ward As Magic Herb Garden. When he comes back, hell teach him a new method of cultivation.

You XiaoMo was excited as he read this.

The old man was finally going to pass the Heavenly Soul Scripture down to him; he had been waiting for this moment for a long time.

The following day, You XiaoMo headed to the old mans Magic Herb Garden with Ling Xiao.

The old man had a place in both Wards. The difference was in that the value of the two were different.

The Magic Herb Garden was the soul and blood of the academy, with many highly valued magic herbs. And at the heart of it, stood the old mans other pill room. That was a place not even the elders and mentors of the academy were allowed into.

The old mans pill room was massive, a combination of a study and a room for refining pills.

You XiaoMo wandered around for a bit, finding several level seven magic pill recipes. Apart from that, there was even a drawer full of freshly refined mid-high grade pills, emitting a herbal scent.

Ling Xiao held his chin as he said, What do you think of taking this drawer of magic pills for ourselves?

You XiaoMo sweatdropped. He knew Ling Xiao would say something like that.

In the end, Ling Xiao didnt get to do as he wanted.

Not just anyone could enter the old mans pill room. If anything went missing, they would be the biggest suspects for certain. Plus, the old man mightve said he could enter, but he never said he could take anything, so You XiaoMo didnt dare take a single thing.

However, the pill room really was a good place to be. From now on he had another place to go.

From that day on, Ling Xiao didnt return to the Cultivation Center. Sometimes he would go with You XiaoMo to sell magic pills, but most of the time he would accompany You XiaoMo as he went to cultivate. The place they went to most was the pill room, with Gravity Mountain a close second.

You XiaoMo noticed that after bumping into Teng ZiYe on the way to the Cultivation Center, he hadnt seen him again, until the start of the deep mountain Trials.

Since the registration was over, the requirements for different placements in the Trials had been declared. The first five were, as expected, very demanding. Just the third place had to capture a demon beast called Divine Snow Wasps. What was even more absurd was that it had to be female too.

Divine Snow Wasps were a high grade demon beast. They only appeared in snowy, icy places. There were definitely ones that were under level nine, but it wasnt possible that there would be no level nine and above. In addition, Divine Snow Wasps liked to live in groups, so the mission was even more dangerous.

At the list of missions, many others were also looking at the top few missions. He could hear the sighs coming from around him. It seemed like each years missions would get harder than the previous.

You XiaoMo pulled on Ling Xiaos sleeve, quietly saying, Which mission do you think we should take?

Ling Xiaos gaze fell on the first five. Any one is fine.

You XiaoMo suddenly thought of an idea and excitedly asked, Hey, do you think theyll give us the rewards for two placings if we complete two or more missions?

Ling Xiao looked at him in disdain. Do you think thats possible?

You XiaoMo smiled awkwardly. Ok then, just pretend Im dreaming.

Ling Xiao said, Memorize the first five. Well just complete whichever we find first.

Before he left, You XiaoMo saw An XinRui. In the end, she didnt get what she wanted. However, Yin Ge didnt contract with any female mage. What was rather surprising was that his partner was Feng ChiYun.

Upon hearing of this, You XiaoMo couldnt believe his ears. Since when had Feng ChiYun gotten involved with Yin Ge? It had only been a month since they last saw each other.

On the day of the competition, all the participants gathered in the plaza.

You XiaoMo had wanted to find Feng ChiYun to ask him about Yin Ge, but the other had already left.

When he arrived at the plaza, it took him awhile to find the other.

Feng ChiYun only noticed You XiaoMo waving when he turned his head. He looked at Yin Ge, whos cold aura seemed to be warning everyone to not come within a thousand miles of him, and hesitated before saying quietly, Sorry, my friend wants to speak to me. Im gonna leave for a moment.

Yin Ge glanced at him, responding noncommittally.

Feng ChiYun was used to it, turning and walking away.

You XiaoMo could barely wait, immediately asking when he saw the other approaching, Feng ChiYun, what relationship do you have with Yin Ge?

Feng ChiYun felt that what he asked seemed a little weird and replied, I dont have any sort of relationship with him.

You XiaoMo said, Liar, if you guys didnt have any sort of relationship, why would he choose you?

Feng ChiYun placed a hand to his forehead. Thats a long story. Two days ago, I went to the testing area, but when I left, I bumped into Yin Ge and a female mage was bothering him. When I passed by them, Yin Ge suddenly grabbed me and said he wanted to contract with me.

You XiaoMo wondered aloud, And then you really contracted with him?

Feng ChiYun was a little embarrassed. Actually, theres a little more to it. Yin Ge had rejected that female mage multiple times, but she was unwilling to give up, so Yin Ge had me cooperate with him. At the time, I thought I was just gonna put on an act to help him out of a pickle, so I followed him to the registration point and contracted him in front of that female mage.

And then he refused to cancel the contract, right? You XiaoMo asked, lips twitching.

Feng ChiYun replied helplessly, Thats right. No matter what I said, he refused to cancel our contract after that, saying that if he did, then the female mage would come and bother him again.

You XiaoMo said sympathetically, You have my condolences.

The corner of Feng ChiYuns lips twitched.