The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 325

Chapter 325
Chapter 325: Fulfilling a Promise

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Then okay. As You XiaoMo stuttered out this sentence, Ling Xiao carried him under a large, thick tree, having him lean his back against the trunk. The two pressed their foreheads together, their breaths unusually heated. The heat made You XiaoMos face redden.

Ling Xiao pushed a leg between his two, the heat of his body seeping through their clothes. His low voice spoke up once more, Are you really certain?

You XiaoMo lowered his head, his embarrassment turning to irritation as he yelled, Shut up! If youre going to do it, then do it. Ling Xiao actually asked if he was certain for this sort of thing. Didnt Ling Xiao remember who it was that forced him to this point?

Ling Xiao chuckled lightly, I was afraid you only agreed out of sympathy.

This was the so called giving an inch, taking a mile!

It was a shame that You XiaoMo hadnt realized that he was being manipulated by Ling Xiao. SheQiu knew, but he didnt have the chance to say anything. Even if he did, he probably wouldnt.

Usually, his laughter sounded heartless, but it was different today.

You XiaoMos heart had been swayed, so he thought Ling Xiao was giving a strained laugh.

You XiaoMo gritted out, Who would feel sympathy for you? Do you think your backstory could be more tragic than mine? Your parents are still alive, but mine are dead He was talking about this life. This was what Jiang Liu had told him in the beginning.

If they continued down this road, they might go off topic

The atmosphere he had managed to create would be ruined, too.

Ling Xiao hurriedly turned things back on track. He lifted You XiaoMos chin and kissed the words from his mouth. This soft and tempting taste was something he hadnt had in five days.

Ling Xiaos other hand roamed over You XiaoMos body. After training in the Gravity Mountains, the young mans body had become far more flexible, his skin soft but with an inner strength; he couldnt get enough.

You XiaoMos lips were parted, submissively accepting Ling Xiaos rather rough kiss. It mightve been because it was their first time outside and any man or beast could easily walk in on them, that he was more excited than usual, his body trembling. He didnt even notice it when his sash was loosened to reveal his under clothing.

Ling Xiao impatiently tore off his clothes, gaining contact with an expanse of smooth, tender skin, familiar enough to make him sigh in pleasure. You XiaoMos body startled slightly and soon, a tent formed below.

Ling Xiao felt it, his smile widening and causing You XiaoMos heart to skip a beat. He suddenly reached out and took off Ling Xiaos mask, revealing his uniquely handsome face, enchanting under the light.

You XiaoMo couldnt help but grind against the leg between his, bold and open enough that Ling Xiao began to react as well, his breaths coming out rapidly. He tore off his outer robe and casually threw it to one side before leading down to bite at those lips again.

You XiaoMo felt a sting, but didnt retreat, instead biting back. This caused Ling Xiaos delight and desire to rise as one.

It was only until You XiaoMo could barely draw breath fast enough that Ling Xiao released his lips, gently kissing them. One hand grabbed his waist, hiking him up against Ling Xiaos own body, while the other ripped open his inner robe. The delicate pale flesh was exposed, including the two buds on his chest, tempting Ling Xiao into lowering his head and taking one into his mouth.

Ah You XiaoMo couldnt help but cry out, his hands tightly hugging Ling Xiaos head. It felt so intense, making him want to flee and take more at the same time.

Ling Xiao pressed him heavily against the tree, not forgetting the other nub. His fingers twisted and pinched at it restlessly, the two points of stimulation causing You XiaoMos legs to weaken. It was much more intense than before

An hour later, Ling Xiao lay on top of You XiaoMo, panting, the two hugging each other tightly and basking in the aftermath.

Ling Xiao gently let his legs down and then held You XiaoMos limp body up, his voice a little raspy and desire still present in his eyes. How do you feel?

You XiaoMo let Ling Xiao take all of his weight, his legs still trembling. He said, Im never battling in the wild again.

Since his back had been up against a tree, his entire back was burning, as well as below, soaked. This was too intense; no wonder Ling Xiao would bet with him. He couldnt take it. One time was enough for this sort of lovemaking.

Then thats a shame. Ling Xiao rubbed his head.

You XiaoMo slapped his hand a way. Not really, no.

Ling Xiao said with a smile, But didnt you enjoy it greatly as well? You were more excited than usual.

The flush on You XiaoMos face had yet to die down, and now it had deepened, with Ling Xiaos words. He stuttered, What are y-you going on about? I-I wasnt.

Ling Xiao picked up the clothes and mask they had discarded. Go into your pocket dimension and come out after washing yourself.

You XiaoMo didnt have the courage to appear in this condition in front of anyone, pulling Ling Xiao into the dimension with him.

By the time they got back out, no traces of their passions were visible.