The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 33

Chapter 33
Key moment.

He just planted the magic herbs yesterday, and surprisingly, today they have all sprouted. Not only that, the level one magic herbs are growing faster than the level two and level three magic herbs. The lush green is interspersed with clusters of bright colors. Some of them have even bore fruit, namely the fragrant fruit herb. Although they look like they are not yet ripe, it probably won't take much longer.

As for the level two and level three magic herbs, the level two herbs are at the seedling stage while the level three magic herbs are a little slower, but they have all sprouted. You XiaoMo is stupefied. Even though he has never grown crops, he still knows that they usually don't sprout so quickly. Sprouting in just one day, this is simply too unbelievable.

Not stopping to pick up the bottles from the ground, You XiaoMo runs right over. He is not imagining things, they have indeed all sprouted. But because they are not yet mature, he can't tell if they are top grade magic herbs.

You XiaoMo thinks back to the whole process he did when planting the seeds. Besides scattering the seeds, he also sprinkled them with the lake water. Thinking of the effects of the lake water, You XiaoMo is sure that that must be the reason. Since the lake water can replenish his soul force, it is not surprising that it would have this effect. Thinking of this, You XiaoMo gets very excited. If the lake water is able to accelerate the growth of magic herbs, that means that the magic herbs he grows will definitely grow faster than those planted by others outside. No matter what grade they are, he wouldn't have to worry if he would have sufficient magic herbs from now on.

You XiaoMo's face is bright red from all this excitement. He paces back and forth before forcing himself to calm down. He goes back to pick up the five bottles and fill them to the brim. Although not a lot, he normally only needs one sip.

Before leaving, You XiaoMo decides that he has to find the time to clear out the rest of the weeds. But right until he leaves, he doesn't notice that the air has begun to show signs of movement.

After that, You XiaoMo spends the whole morning and afternoon refining magic pills over and over. With everything going smoothly, he forgets to have lunch.

When he refines magic pills, he will usually refine the ones that he is going to hand over first. But in order to not appear as if he hasn't made any progress, he also mixes a few of the higher quality ones inside. He then places them in his magic bag, ready to hand them over to Uncle Zhao the next day.

In the afternoon, You XiaoMo does some tests and discovers that his soul force has not increased one bit from the previous days. This could be what mages call the bottleneck stage. In this short period of time, he has diligently refined magic pills. Now, he can refine over one hundred and fifty magic pills in a day. More than he expected. But because he isn't able to compare this with that of the other disciples, he can only judge this based on his own magic pill quantity during this short time. Although the quantity he can refine each day has increased significantly, this is due to the increased speed in which he refines magic pills. So, even though there is a change in his soul force, it is definitely not significant.

Just like what Ling Xiao said, increasing the soul force through continuous practice is a very slow process. Furthermore, after two days, he can see that there is no change in his soul force.

The books state that every mage will have different concentrations of soul force at each level. With each increase in level, the concentration of soul force will increase by up to two times, almost like a qualitative change. So, it requires a key moment.

For example, for a mage that continues to practice refining level one magic pills, after days and days of practice, there will be a huge amount, but that doesn't mean there will be a breakthrough. There is a chance, but only a small chance. But if one has a book of alchemical techniques, then it would be different.

Alchemical techniques directed at training the soul force is similar to the meditation techniques performed by martial artists. With each day of training, adding up to months and years, their skills get stronger and stronger. Training the soul force through alchemical techniques also abides by this principle.

But You XiaoMo knows that these things cannot be rushed. So he tidies up the table and gets ready to go eat. Just at this moment, the door is suddenly pushed open. A familiar figure strides in obnoxiously.

You XiaoMo sighs helplessly. In the whole TianXin sect, there is only one that is so arrogant.