The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 338

Chapter 338
Chapter 338: The Captured Young Master

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

A few hours later Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo reached the TianXin Sects territory. A little further was the grand plaza, but that was when Ling Xiao slowed down his flying speed.

You XiaoMo realized this abnormality and surprised, looked up and asked, Whats wrong?

Ling Xiao slightly squinted his eyes, Dont you see that the atmosphere around the TianXin Sect changed?

Hearing that, You XiaoMo took a deep breath and just as he was about to speak, bam a hand gently hit his head

That hurts You XiaoMo said as tears flowed down his face like noodles and covered his head.

Stupid, you think you can smell atmosphere? Ling Xiao laughingly yelled.

You XiaoMo looked at him piteously, he was being creative okay!

Just in the two days they had left, someone had come to make trouble for the TianXin Sect and the place of the incident was that grand plaza. Even from far away they could tell there were two sides facing off and one, obviously, was Zhou Peng and the others.

Once You XiaoMo could see clearly who those picking a fight was, his jaw nearly dropped to the floor.

Youre kidding, why would those people be here? You XiaoMo exclaimed as he realized that those who should have been at Yan City were, in fact, here at TianXin Sect. He couldnt have been seeing ghosts in the middle of the day, right?

Ling Xiao quirked his eyebrows and said, Look like they followed us here.

You XiaoMo replied in disbelief, If they were following us, how could you not know?

Hearing this Ling Xiao explained, Transport circles have different timings, no matter how far-reaching I am, I wouldnt be able to find out that they were on a different transport circle.

Once they had arrived at the South they didnt find anyone stalking them so that was the only explanation.

The middle-aged man was about as strong as Dong Shen, there was no way he would miss them.

You XiaoMo reluctantly accepted this explanation, but if that was the case then they could be fairly certain the one who came to pick on the TianXin Sect last time was them too.

They arrived not too early and not too late. The fight at the plaza was reaching its climax. Even though the TianXin Sect had the help of the Bird of Pride, they were still at a disadvantage. This was only because the young man had a life-bound contract level nine demon beast and there was an Imperial level practitioner too. The set-up was very strong.

Although LanQiu was level ten, he was still lower than the middle-aged man. It was only because he was a demon beast that he could even compete with the man, however as time went on, the difference was becoming more apparent.

Seeing this, the young man smiled triumphantly, By opposing this young master, your fate has already been decided. Even if you get on your knees and beg now, it would be of no use.

Really? Suddenly, a light laugh could be heard beside his ear.

The young mans face changed. As he was about to dodge, a sharp blade pressed against the skin on his slender neck. The cold yet sharp reflection felt as if it would slice through his flesh.

That laughter sounded again, Eh? Young Master, why arent you running?

The young mans face turned livid.

You XiaoMo walked over to the young man and showed a brilliant smile, By opposing this young master, your fate has already been decided. Even if you get on your knees and beg now, I wouldnt let you go easily.

In return the young man stared at him ruthlessly.

You XiaoMo smiled. He loved using their words against them, you cant not be pissed.

As he finished, he shouted towards the others who were still fighting ferociously, That uncle over there, stop fighting or else Ill make a mistake and leave a wound on your young masters neck.

Seeing the young master in the enemys hand, the middle-aged man showed a slight mishap and LanQiu took the opportunity to attack, making him throw up blood. When LanQiu wanted to continue, the middle-aged man did not want to fight anymore.

Leave young master alone! a teenager shouted towards You XiaoMo who was holding the young man hostage.

You XiaoMo looked at him with contempt, only an idiot would let go.

Suddenly Ling Xiao spoke, Ah, sorry, my hand shook a little.

As the teen saw the young masters neck being slashed by the blade and hot red blood dripping, he immediately stopped talking. He didnt dare make anymore rash movements.

Laughingly You XiaoMo said, Thats how it should be, if we must talk, it should be done seated. Why all the yelling, dont you know we are easily afraid?

The teen felt blood in his mouth. You are easily scared but kept the young master hostage?

What do you guys want? The middle-aged man had an ugly expression. Of course, anyone who had the absolute advantage before suddenly losing it to the enemy probably wouldnt have a good expression.

You XiaoMo replied, Simple, just surrender.

Before the middle-aged man could speak, the young man angrily replied, In your dreams.

You XiaoMo looked at Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao moved the blade threatening the young man away, and his surprised expression showed as one of his hands was cut off. Fresh, red blood shot out, a little chilling.

The young man let out a sound of horror.

Even You XiaoMo trembled a little, he just wanted Ling Xiao to show the young man a little something, but he didnt think Ling Xiao would shred off his right hand.

A shrilling and cruel voice sounded out by the young man, Uncle Cheng, kill them for me, I want them dead!

After he finished, his other hand was also cut of by Ling Xiao. This time slower as he first cut off each finger one by one before slicing off the whole hand. That way, the pain was intensified a hundred fold.

The middle-aged man was assigned to protect the young man, so he couldnt watch him get hurt. In the end, he still surrendered, not before LanQiu gave him a slap.

The young man was still screaming, so You XiaoMo raised his hand to give him a knock on the head. All was silent again.

Ling Xiao sealed the spiritual power of the middle-aged man and two other Imperial practitioners then threw them into an underground cell.

So, like this, the grand battle seceded.

Originally Zhou Peng thought that it was going to be a tough fight, not expecting Da ShiXiong to arrive on time. If it wasnt for them, the TianXin Sect could have suffered severely. And those who threatened the TianXin Sect were finally eradicated, so the tension from over the past few days was removed. Zhou Peng and Ye Hans hearts could finally be at peace again.

After You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao consolidated with each other, they decided to take the young mans group with them. They didnt plan on staying for long anyways. They had only a month of break.

The next day, before You XiaoMo left, he shoved a bottle of magic pills to Zhao DaZhou. Those pills could help him train, to level up, as well as the cute little tiger.

So, after bidding farewell, they left the TianXin Sect, but they werent in a hurry to return.

On the road to Nan Ye City, Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo went into the dimension together. In there were the four prisoners who had their spiritual power sealed.

They still hadnt recovered from the shock yet.

The middle-aged man looked at Ling Xiao with fear. He actually misjudged, this masked man was actually a practitioner above him. He could tell from the dimension.

That day on Lei Tian Platform, the one who ruined our plans was you? as he remembered their relationship with Zhao DaZhou, the middle-aged man finally remembered this incident.

Youre correct, it was me. Ling Xiao generously admitted.

The young man regretted his decision. If he had known the TianXin Sect had someone this strong, he wouldnt have followed so ruthlessly. He had always thought that Uncle Chens strength was the pinnacle at this realm.

Knowing that they had no advantage, the middle-aged man asked, What do you guys really want?

Ling Xiao let out a laugh.

You XiaoMo said with a little smile, I almost forgot, my name is You XiaoMo.

The group of four,

As if he had saw nothing, You XiaoMo went on, I heard you guys were looking for me, what is it that you want?

The middle-aged mans expression shifted a little, as if he remembered something.

You XiaoMo knew they werent going to talk so easily but, he was in no hurry, they had plenty of time.

Ling Xiao went straight to the point, Ill ask, and you answer. If you dont or you lie, one question is one hand. If we run out, itll be your feet next.

Remembering how this man, with an unchanging expression cut off his hand, the young man shivered and bought himself closer to himself. Although he could grow it back with Bone Growth Pill, it would still extremely painful. Growing up without a worry, he wouldnt be able to tolerate that kind of pain.

Before Ling Xiao spoke again, You XiaoMo had a lightbulb moment and stopped him, I have a good idea that can prevent them from lying!

In return, Ling Xiao rose an eyebrow, What idea?

You XiaoMo answered, We each interrogate one, if their answers are different then theyre lying. Only the young man and the middle-aged man seemed to know something, so they just had to focus on them.

With a little laugh and a smirk Ling Xiao said, Not a bad idea.

Then Ling Xiao took the middle-aged man to another room for interrogation.

With this, You XiaoMo walked over to the young man who was pale from blood loss and said, Where did you guys come from?

The young man closed his eyes, he thought You XiaoMo was going to ask why they captured him and answered, A higher realm.

The answer might as well be blank, both useless.

So, You XiaoMo asked again, Why do you want to capture me?

The young man,

Not knowing what the young man was thinking, You XiaoMo assumed that he didnt want to answer and continued, I have never cut of someones toes before, I might be a little clumsy, so bear with me okay?

Immediately the young man replied, Because you have a treasure on you.