The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 339

Chapter 339
Chapter 339: Forced Confession

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

You XiaoMo was inwardly shocked, but didnt let it show on his face. He acted calm and asked, What do you mean? What sort of treasure could I have that would lead you to come down from the Higher Realm just for it?

The young man bluntly replied, I dont know.

You XiaoMo was surprised. You guys came just to capture me and yet you dont know anything? Is there some mastermind behind this, and they didnt tell you anything?

The young man immediately said, I guess theres nothing I can do if youve found out.

You XiaoMo looked at him with contempt. Do you take me for an idiot?

The young man,

You XiaoMo then continued, face serious, My patience is limited. If you dare to keep beating around the bush and not giving me a straight answer, Ill cut off one of your toes.

Of course, he wasnt actually so cruel, but threats and execution were different. The young mans eye twitched. Wasnt it you who had been talking in circles all this time? You XiaoMo then said, Ok, now Ill officially start asking questions Before he could continue, someone tapped his shoulder.

You XiaoMo turned and startled at seeing Ling Xiao. Huh, how come youre here?

Ling Xiao looked at him as if he were stupid. Ive finished my interrogation.

You XiaoMo smiled, strained, So quickly?

He had only just begun to ask Ling Xiao said, Dont compare me to you. One idiot is enough.

You XiaoMo,

Ling Xiao then said, Move, let me do this.

You XiaoMo pursed his lips. You dont need to, I can manage fine

Ling Xiao glanced at him and said, unsympathetic, With your IQ, youll probably just get played by him. Plus, I have a plan in mind already.

How annoying! How could he attack You XiaoMos IQ? You XiaoMo ended up moving to the side dejectedly. However, he knew that Ling Xiao was right. Disregarding the comment about IQ, Ling Xiao was also from the Higher Realm, so he would be better able to extract information.

Ling Xiao looked at the reluctant You XiaoMo for a moment before turning a meaningful gaze onto the young man. Ok, you can say it now.

The young man seemed apprehensive of him. Say what?

Ling Xiao looked down at him from above and suddenly said with a smile. Say everything you know. I dont want to have to ask you all those questions. Do you want to know why?

The young man was immediately afraid. As expected, this man wasnt just anyone. He was much more powerful than You XiaoMo, who would go off on a tangent as he spoke.

Facing this man, he didnt dare tell a single lie. Even if he knew that Uncle Cheng would lie, they hadnt come up with a cover story together. If any of their lies were different, this man would probably strike at them.

Like what I just said, I truly dont know what kind of treasure You XiaoMo has on him. He overheard this, thats why we came to find him The young man was from the same power as Dong Shen, which was the Vermillion Blood Clan behind Yinyang Valley. In the Vermillion Blood Clan, the core members went by the same surname, and that surname was You XiaoMos You. Only students of the core members and those who made great contributions to the family could gain this surname.

The Vermillion Blood Clan was an immense power in the Higher Realm. Their family and influence were massive, so naturally there was a lot of competition within. Twenty years ago, the family head suddenly announced that he was going to choose a successor to the family. Considering the position the Vermillion Blood Clan had in the Higher Realm, anyone who became the family head would become someone with immense power, reigning over hundreds of thousands of people. So when this news came out, the entire family was in uproar.

The Vermillion Blood Clan was a huge, tangled system and there were many ambitious members hiding within, eyes set on the position of family head and all very powerful in their own right. So, that was why the family head had gave a requirement.

Whoever could find the lost family treasure would be named the family head of the Vermillion Blood Clan. However, since those in the Vermillion Blood Clan were good at keeping this secretive, very few people knew what the lost family treasure was, only knowing that it was something that looked like a blue gemstone.

For the position of family head, these people frantically searched for information. Twenty years later, they finally managed to catch a trail. The family treasure had been taken by a core student to the Middle Realm and left the family treasure there, passing it down to his child. The young man was the son of the head of the YinYang Valley, accidentally overhearing his father speak of this to some other people and offered to take on the job, bringing the middle aged man and two bodyguards to the Middle Realm with him.

Since this wasnt something that had to be done secretively, the young mans father was afraid of other people finding out and only gave him vague information. That was why the young man didnt know much. He was planning on capturing You XiaoMo and forcing him to give up whatever treasure he had. He had never expected that he was fail and end up in an even worse situation.

You XiaoMos surprise was visible. If the young man was telling the truth, then that meant that man had a reason for leaving his wife and child behind, because twenty years ago was exactly when he had left Jiang TaoEr and her child.

So, it seemed his background was much more complicated than he first believed.

So? You XiaoMo looked to Ling Xiao.

They gave more or less the same information, Ling Xiao said with a nod.

Neither of the two could be certain if the other would lie, so they could only tell the truth. Hearing this, the young man sighed in relief. Ive told you everything I know already. Now, you can let us go, right?

Ling Xiao said, No, if we let you go, youll tell other people when you get back.

The young mans face darkened. You cant be thinking of silencing us. Dont forget, were members of the Vermillion Blood Clan. If my father finds out, you had better be prepared to be hunted down for the rest of your lives. The reason why had had told them about the Vermillion Blood Clan before was to intimidate them and make them let the two go.

However, this guy didnt seem prepared to let them go. Ling Xiao smiled, eyes curving. I know about the Vermillion Blood Clan youre talking about. Its not like Ive never heard of them. We can let you go, so long as your reply satisfies me and you make an unbreakable oath to not tell anyone about us.

The young man was conflicted. This was the first time anyone had tried to force him into an oath, but Alright, so long as you dont take back your words either.

Ling Xiao smiled. Dont worry, the words I say will be like spilled water.

No! You XiaoMo felt like in this unscientific world, there was definitely a way to take back spilled water. He didnt know if Ling Xiao was messing with people again or not.

The young man clearly wasnt someone you could easily mess with. He said, Make an oath.

You XiaoMo: My friend, oaths arent reliable.

Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes at the young man, his smile mocking. Dont try to take more than what Im giving. Your life is still in my hands right now. The young mans face paled. Ling Xiao then continued, asking, That guy called Dong Shen, what is his position in the Vermillion Blood Clan?

The young mans expression twisted into shock. Youve already fought him?

Dong Shens strength was definitely in the top ten of the Vermillion Blood Clan, and he even had an Emperor Beast. If they had already fought, that meant Dong Shen mightve already lost to him.

Ling Xiao said in disappointment, Its a shame he managed to run.

The young man was taken aback, completely thunderstruck by this information. He calmed himself the best he could, too afraid to continue negotiating the terms of their release with this man and said, The Vermillion Blood Clan has four gods(Shen), North(Bei) East(Dong) South(Nan) West(Xi). Among them, the North God(Bei Shen) is the strongest, while the East God(Dong Shen) is the weakest. However, Dong Shen is infamous in the Vermillion Blood Clan. He answers directly to the fourth son of the family head and the fourth son is very much in the running for the position of family head. He was the one who made it known that you were in the Middle Realm.

You XiaoMo didnt want to just stand to the side and listen to the two talk and cut in before Ling Xiao could speak. Apart from you and Dong Shen, who else is coming from the Vermillion Blood Clan?

The young man shook his head. That, I dont know. The Vermillion Blood Clan is very complicated, and you often cant trust what people portray on the surface. They each have their own sources.

They asked a few more questions. The young man didnt have much valuable information, but they knew their enemys identity now. In the future, if they went to the Higher Realm, the Vermillion Blood Clan had a 99.9 percent of being their enemy.

After that, Ling Xiao had the young man and his three followers swear oaths before telling them to immediately leave the LongXiang Continent.

The failure of their mission was disappointing for the young man. Before coming, he had been full of confidence. Though it was disappointing, he extinguished any further thought of it, knowing that even Dong Shen had lost to this man.

The family treasure could put the lord that his father supported on the seat of the family head, but it wasnt worth his life.

You XiaoMo looked in the direction the two had gone in and then turned to look at Ling Xiao. Is it really ok to just let them go like that?

Ling Xiao smiled. If you want to silence them, I can go and kill them now.

You XiaoMo could practically feel black lines on his face. Thats not necessary. As a person, we shouldnt go back on our word.

Oh? Ling Xiao looked down at him from the corner of his laughing eyes, What a shame. My original form is a Demon Beast.

You XiaoMo: He had always thought of Ling Xiao as a person and had gotten used to thinking that way. It was hard to react quickly, suddenly knowing that Ling Xiaos original form was a demon beast