The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 36

Chapter 36

You XiaoMo had originally planned to go to the library the next day. But because of what happened today, he decided to go while it is getting dark. Once it gets dark, usually there will be very few disciples wandering outside except for a few guards on patrol. So You XiaoMo doesn't run into anyone on his way to the library.

It's a pity but You XiaoMo doesn't find what he is looking for. A hundred billion years ago is really too long ago. Since people no longer remember it, what more of records in books. In the end, he borrows a few illustrated magic herb handbooks and goes back.

At night, You XiaoMo again takes out that [Heavenly Soul Scroll] and looks it over. It's too bad he still can't make any sense of it. A hundred billion years ago, who knows how much the characters have evolved. There simply isn't a shred of resemblance. So he can only put the book back into his dimension.

This time, You XiaoMo doesn't start to refine magic pills. Instead, he has a good night's sleep. Only when sunshine pours in from outside the window does he wake up in a daze. Who would expect that he would jump in fright from a magnified face in front of his eyes.

With a *dong*, You XiaoMo's forehead crashes into the other face .......

It may be that Ling Xiao's face is made out steel. A hard smack and immediately a bun emerges from You XiaoMo's forehead, steaming and fragrant, as if fresh from the oven.

"*wu wu* ....... " You XiaoMo's whimpering cries can be heard after hitting his head.

The chief culprit on the other hand, is standing to one side laughing madly. The early morning sunshine on his body adds to his bright looks. Such a dazzling man. If only his character isn't so hateful.

"Little brother, does it hurt?" Ling Xiao sits beside him on the bed asking laughingly.

You XiaoMo is unable to say anything. Once again he experiences this loathsome nature of Ling Xiao. Look at the state he's in. How can it not hurt? Even tears are threatening to spill out.

But he is puzzled. He clearly hit Ling Xiao's face full on. But the other party is completely unaffected when he is in so much pain with bumps sprouting on his head.

"Your face, why is it so hard?" When the fierce pain starts to subside, he can't help from asking.

Ling Xiao leans over him, a gentle smile like a warm spring breeze on his face, "You're only a mere mortal. How can you possibly compare to me? Even though this body is only an illusion, whichever piece of my body is still tougher than your forehead."

"Whichever piece?" Isn't that really too boastful?

You XiaoMo -_-||. But he doesn't doubt his words. The more he finds out about him, the more he feels that Ling Xiao is not someone anyone can understand. He always feels that this cheeky grin is only Ling Xiao's mask. What is behind the mask, he has no idea.

"Elder brother Lin, why are you so early today?"

You XiaoMo quickly changes the topic. He no longer wishes to continue with this strange topic, else he will be the only one to suffer.

"Didn't I tell you yesterday that I would find time to come see you?" Ling Xiao says as he walks over to sit at the table. His demeanor is one that is very pleased with himself. He appears relaxed with a tinge of forced elegance.

But in You XiaoMo's eyes, he's just being a pompous ass.

"This is still too early ba!" You XiaoMo grumbles in a small voice. He never expected that Ling Xiao is such a man of action.

In order not to let Ling Xiao wait too long, lest he leaves from impatience, You XiaoMo only takes the time it takes to brew half a cup of tea to wash up. When he returns to the room, there is a tea set on his table from who knows where, and Ling Xiao is calmly sipping tea.

You XiaoMo almost sputters. The beast in human clothing can actually enjoy tea. Wildly exceeding his expectations.

Seeming him return, a book suddenly appears in Ling Xiao's empty hand. On the book is written the three words You XiaoMo is familiar with, translation of [Heavenly Soul Scroll]. One look and You XiaoMo immediately pounces only to come up empty handed.

Ling Xiao looks at the You XiaoMo who almost fell flat on his face, his lips curving up into a smile, "No need to be so impatient ah. Let us first discuss the terms. A translated manuscript from the great me, there is only one such book in the whole Long Xiao continent. Do you think you can send me away with a few measly magic pills?"

You XiaoMo turns into stone!