The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 363

Chapter 363
Chapter 363: Different Opinions

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

When You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao found Yan Fa, they were still on the island that had borne the brunt of the battle. Apart from them, there were also a few people You XiaoMo recognized.

There was the shixiong and shijie pair that would be able to win an Oscar, wait no, that were forced to hide their relationship because of their xiao shimei, as well as the said shimei.

What was strange was that this xiao shimei looked immaculate. Compared to her, the others looked worn, obviously having experienced some sort of huge battle not long ago.

Seeing them come back, everyone was shocked.

Being able to return in one piece from getting hunted down by a level ten demon beast was nothing to scoff at.

Just as everyone was feeling shocked, an astonished voice spoke up unexpectedly.

You two, humph, you dare appear in front of me again? The xiao shimei first expressed her surprise and then gave a strange laugh, as if spotting prey that had come to her of its own volition. Her behavior was as discomforting as ever.

Xiao Yu, please stop, The observant Lan YiLan spoke up to stop her.

If it was Hai Le, she might listen.

Why should I? These two dared to insult me in the tavern. Now that Ive managed to bump into them again, I wont let them go so easily. The young martial sister watched them with malice, ignoring Lan YiLans words completely.

Eh? You XiaoMo seemed to only just notice her presence, saying in surprise, Arent you that woman who had something wrong with her head and eyes?

Who are you saying has something wrong with their head and eyes, ugly? The corner of the others lips curled up, smiling softly as she retorted.

You XiaoMo was about to reply when he stopped himself abruptly. This sentence really gave him dj vu. He hadnt thought this dumb-looking woman was quite smart. He didnt know if it was a coincidence.

Ling Xiao suddenly leaned down to his ear and said with a smile, This woman seems to be even smarter than you.

When she was angry, her tone seemed laughing and warm. She didnt seem to be the kind of reckless person the citizens of Boundless City said she was. This could be seen from her status. She was immaculate. Either she hadnt fought, or she was rather powerful.

How could you boost the enemys morale and put out your own? You XiaoMo objected.

Then keep going, Ling Xiao said, uncaring.

You XiaoMo gazed at the woman who showed no anger whatsoever on her face, yet her words could easily enrage another. No matter how he looked at her, she seemed to give off a strange feeling. Whatever, a gentleman doesnt fight petty women.

Ling Xiao looked at him with a smile.

You XiaoMo looked away guiltily.

It was then that Yan Fa walked in front of them. Werent you two being hunted down by the Monster Fox? How come youre here? Did something happen?

Ling Xiao explained without a hint of unease, We were being pursued by the Monster Fox, but as we ran we met a guy in black. We dont know where he came from, but he was powerful, and he killed Monster Fox with one move and then ran off, ignoring us completely.

You XiaoMo stood beside him nodding in agreement

Before getting here, they had gone over their alibis together. All he had to do was turn all the questions to the flashy Ling Xiao, and let the Grand Elder confirm their statements.

Yan Fa didnt continue to interrogate them. These were strange times. Suddenly having another powerhouse appear out of thin air wasnt anything strange.

However, Yin Ge, who was leaning against a rock and resting from his injuries, suddenly opened his eyes to glance at them when Ling Xiao said this, before turning away without care.

DaoXin Academy didnt have any casualties, but some were injured rather seriously, such as Yin Ge and two of the elders who had been injured in their fight to defeat Frost Lion.

After around two hours, Hei Tian and Duan QiTian came to regroup with them.

The BaiLi and Tong Family heads had left with their people after getting their promises.

As for Qiu Ran, he still managed to escape in the end. He had come prepared this time, sacrificing his arm to escape the Mirage Sand Seas with a heavily injured Hong Yun. It was a little disappointing that they didnt manage to kill him here.

When Hei Tian said that Old HeiYun was Qiu Rans Life Bound Contract beast, everyones gaze fell onto Hai Le and the other two simultaneously.

Duan QiTian, seeing everyones strange behavior, looked over as well. What? Whats up with those three?

You XiaoMo scuttled over to him. Master, theyre the disciples of Old HeiYun. Especially that woman in red. I hear shes Old HeiYuns most treasured pupil. If we use her, we might be able to lure Qiu Ran-shixiong out.

Duan QiTian looked at them in surprise. He would, naturally, scrutinize this person that his youngest disciple pointed out. This young lady gave him a strange feeling, a bit like Qiu Ran when he was younger.

Duan QiTian suddenly shook his head.

You XiaoMo was about to ask why, when there was a suddenly movement from the other side.

When they looked over, two figures, one white and one blue, flew out at them, but their positions were a little strange. And that Xiao Yu had disappeared.

That was when Hei Tian made a noise of derision and sent a palm of energy out at the ocean surface. The seawater erupted, and a terrible scream rang out from down below. That part of the ocean was tainted red with blood.

What a cruel woman. No wonder Hong Yun treasured her, Duan QiTian sighed out. She had thrown her shixiong and shijie out to provide cover to give herself time to escape. Her methods were cruel and sly, like Qiu Ran and Hong Yun. However, she was very brave to run right in front of all of them.

You XiaoMo could only feel cold. It seemed like no matter how much she liked her shixiong, he wasnt nearly as important as her own life.

You see? Even the person closest to you could betray you. So, you shouldnt trust so easily in the future. For example You and DaoXin Academy, if you let your master choose between the two, which do you think hed choose? Ling Xiaos voice suddenly rang softly in his ears.

This was a razor-sharp question!

Its like asking, if your lover and mother both fell into the water, who would you choose?

You XiaoMo felt that his situation was more complicated than this, because he was one of the choices. The more he thought about it, the more he believed that his master would choose DaoXin Academy and that feeling it was a devil that tempted him to darkness.

This problem wont even exist. Its impossible that Ill ever have any sort of clash with DaoXin Academy, You XiaoMo hurriedly answered before his mind twisted into knots.

How is it impossible? The future isnt certain. You just dont want to admit that Duan QiTian would definitely choose DaoXin Academy, no? Ling Xiao slowly began to smile a strange smile.

You XiaoMo was silent for a while. Do you think that I shouldnt give the Elemental Essence to the old man?

Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes, saying in a vague manner, More or less.

You XiaoMo then said, Do you think Im a bit of a goody-two-shoes?

Ling Xiao said, Yes.

You XiaoMo replied, You should at least hesitate for moment.

Ok, Ill hesitate. Er You are!

It took a while for them to return to the topic at hand. In reality, You XiaoMo understood Ling Xiaos opinion. After being together for such a long time, he knew Ling Xiao was the kind of person who only did good on a whim, so he wouldnt easily give other people things he wanted.

However, he was different. He didnt like owing other people and he had the mindset of someone from the twenty first century. He wasnt like people here who wouldnt easily trust anyone. So, when he met someone who was good to him, he would subconsciously try to return it. This was a deeply ingrained mindset of his!

Then what do you propose? You XiaoMo threw the question back to him.

If I say anything, would you change your mind? Ling Xiao was doubtful.

You XiaoMo flushed, turning his head and refusing to look at Ling Xiao, stuttering, It-its important to keep peace in the family. When husband husband and husband disagree, ahem, we can discuss it.

In his past life thats how his mother and father did it. If they disagreed, then theyd have a family meeting. The entire family would sit together and discuss a certain problem, and they had to solve it on the day to avoid it affecting their life. This was a rule in the You family and he had attended several times in the past, but usually was on the losing side.

Ling Xiao was stunned for a moment, before suddenly smiling.

You XiaoMo felt deeply uncomfortable with this smile.

All he was doing was giving some advice from his past life, was there a need to smile so alluringly? His heartbeat had sped up.

By the time they returned to DaoXin Academy, it had been five days. These days really were quite chaotic. During the time they were absent, DaoXin Academy had been attacked. It came from the Demon Beast Gathering in the deep mountains. They had probably gotten wind of Hei Tian and Duan QiTians absence.