The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 37

Chapter 37
Face to face.

So, after agreeing to conditions akin to forfeiting sovereignty and humiliating the country, You XiaoMo finally gets the book he has been wishing for. Brimming with excitement, You XiaoMo flips open the book. One look at the contents and a deep fissure immediately appears on his face.

On the first page is written tadpole-like characters in a complete mess. The awesome looking characters make him want to roar at Ling Xiao with rage.

This ... this ... this ... what kind of joke is this? You XiaoMo is roaring with anger inside. How wrong he was. It's really like he said. Someone capable of writing the manuscript this way, it's probably only him alone in the whole Long Xiao continent.

The exuberant Ling Xiao sees You XiaoMo gets all stiff, so he asks kindheartedly: "Little brother, how is it?"

You XiaoMo lifts up his head, trying his best to appear calm and composed, "Elder brother Lin, this ....... I still don't understand."

Ling Xiao narrows his eyes, looking back and forth between the expression on his face and the manuscript in his hands, finally settling on his face. He suddenly takes back the manuscript and scoffs, "I haven't written in a long time, and also, the characters I use don't seem to be the same as what you know, and you still want me to show consideration for your feelings? Since you don't understand, then you don't need it. I'll personally translate it verbally to you word for word."

You XiaoMo shudders, he feels that he has made a mistake. If Ling Xiao is going to translate it verbally for him, doesn't that mean that for a short while they would have to be together day and night? But after one morning, You XiaoMo finally gets a taste of sweetness.

Ling Xiao personally translating it verbally for him is indeed better than him learning on his own by reading. At the least, he will explain things to him when he encounters the occasional things that he doesn't understand. Although there are occasional unkind words, in the end, the benefit he derives is still significant.

[Heavenly Soul Scroll] is a high level alchemical technique, one of the best among other alchemical techniques. Otherwise, the only top level mage Qiu Ran would not have issued such a high reward. This underlines the prized nature of the [Heavenly Soul Scroll].

The [Heavenly Soul Scroll] is divided into six core levels. The first three levels are comparatively easy to practice. The last three are extremely hard to practice. Although there are only six levels, less than that of other alchemical techniques, but with the breakthrough of each level, the benefit cannot be conveyed in just a few words.

The success that the top level mage Qiu Ran has today can't be separated from his innate talent, but if he didn't have that [Heavenly Soul Scroll], he would need several hundred years to achieve the same level of success. So much so that it would be a thousand years later before he succeeds.

The contents of [Heavenly Soul Scroll] is definitely not much. It's called a book but it actually only has some ten pages. But after translating these ten pages, the content is still obscure and hard to understand. You XiaoMo, as a modern age man of the 21st century is used to the straightforward meaning portrayed by simplified characters. If Ling Xiao doesn't explain it to him, he simply won't be able to understand. This type of 'inborn' defect was mocked by Ling Xiao many times.

Just like this, the whole morning passes with them in teacher and student mode. You XiaoMo thought that Ling Xiao would again go to the Earth peak canteen for lunch, completely aware of his doomed fate. But instead Ling Xiao just suddenly disappears after saying he will be back tomorrow.

You XiaoMo is surprised by his sudden move, but a second later he learns the reason because there is a *kou kou* at the door. Elder brother Fang ChenLe's voice comes in from outside.

"Little brother XiaoMo, are you there?"

You XiaoMo quickly answers him and immediately keeps the book before going over to open the door.

Fang ChenLe stands at door but doesn't enter. Seeing him, he smiles warmly and says: "Little brother, Master sent me to ask you to go over."

"Why ....... does he want to see me?" You XiaoMo is stunned, it is a while before he remembers which Master he is referring to. Elder brother's Master is the one in charge of Earth peak, Kong Wen. But ever since the disciple picking event at the Hall of Mages, he has not seen Kong Wen again. Furthermore, he doesn't even know if he is considered his disciple or not at this time. Wanting to meet him is really unexpected.

"This ah, you'll know when you get there." Fang ChenLe sees that he is hesitant but doesn't give him any explanation, instead leaving him with a mysterious answer.

One of the higher ups wants to see him. Even if it is not Kong Wen, he would still have to go. You XiaoMo doesn't question any further. He nods showing that he understands and returns to the room to straighten out a little before following him on the way.

Although Earth peak is firmly oppressed by Heaven peak and Flying peak, that doesn't have any effect on Kong Wen's status. This is because he is one of the three mages able to refine level nine magic pills. Although the success rate is not high, it is still something that can't be belittled. So even though Heaven peak is always oppressing Earth peak, they don't dare to issue a deadly blow because it will only lead to the ire of the Grand Master and the Elders, the losses clearly outweighing the gains.

Such a powerful man wanting to meet him today really leaves You XiaoMo a little unsettled. All the disciples of Earth peak know that Kong Wen has been refining magic pills in seclusion all along. Now, the minute he comes out of seclusion he calls for him. He must have heard of the matter regarding him and Ling Xiao. If it is something good, then that would a different thing altogether, but You XiaoMo's greatest fear is that it's something bad!

Fang ChenLe quickly leads him to Kong Wen's compound. Because his status is different, he has his own compound. Before they could enter, Kong Wen seems to sense their approach, simply inviting them to come in.

"Come on in!"