The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 375

Chapter 375
Chapter 375: Sealed Jade Drive

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

This was the first time Duan QiTian suffered from this sort of humiliating defeat before, but he could only suppress his displeasure. This was precisely what made him even more displeased.

Dont be angry, Master. Ling Xiaos always like this. Just ignore him. You XiaoMo hurried to appease him, afraid that the old man would take out his anger on him. That would really be terrible.

Duan QiTian was unaffected by his appeasement and threw something at him angrily. Take this, he said in a harsh tone.

You XiaoMo hurried to catch it and found that the old man had thrown him a jade drive and it looked different from the information jade drives he had purchased before at Xian Ji Lou. This one was red. He couldnt help but ask, Master, what is this?

Do you not have eyes to look for yourself? Duan QiTian harrumphed.

The corner of You XiaoMos eye twitched. He knew that he would be the one paying for Ling Xiaos taunting. Of course he knew this was a jade drive; he was asking about what it contained.

You XiaoMo decided to avoid angering the old man further, and respectfully asked, Master, why are you giving me this jade drive?

Its not from me, Duan QiTian said unexpectedly.

Not from you, Master? Then who? You XiaoMo asked in surprise.

It was a decision made after I discussed things with Hei Tian.

You XiaoMo was confused. But why?

Duan QiTian explained, As your man said, the reason DaoXin Academy was able to obtain the Elemental Essence is doubtlessly because of you two. So, to thank you, and repay you for the thirty percent of spirit gems you didnt receive, I discussed things with Hei Tian and we decided to give you this jade drive.

With this reminder, You XiaoMo suddenly remembered.

They hadnt ended up getting back their thirty percent of spirit gems. Though one of Qiu Rans helpers had been killed by the Great Elder, the spirit gems werent on him, but on that guy called MuShen.

He had completely forgotten about this because he had been too busy worrying over Ling Xiao.

Whats inside this jade drive? You XiaoMo looked at the jade drive. If the great elder and Duan QiTian had decided to use this to compensate them, then it wouldnt just be anything.

Duan QiTian said, This jade drive isnt a normal jade drive, its a kind of sealed jade drive. Sealed jade drives arent common, but usually, any jade drive with a seal on it will contain something extremely valuable. Hei Tian and I have already tried, but even with our combined strength, we cant break the seal on the jade drive, so one thing is certain: the person who placed the seal is a level eleven or twelve mage.

You XiaoMo sucked in a breath of air.

The value of something belonging to a Divine or Sacred level powerhouse would probably be comparable to the Elemental Essence.


So, Master, what youre saying is that neither you or the great elder know whats in it, only that its very valuable information?

Discomfort flashed across Duan QiTians face, but he still puffed up his chest and said in a confident manner, Thats right!

The corner of You XiaoMos lips twitched. Cant believe you actually have the face to say that.

But if it was a seal made by a Sacred level powerhouse, not even Ling Xiao would be able to break it. Then wouldnt this jade drive become a mountain of gold that he could only look at but not use?

By the way, Master, why are you certain its a mage? You XiaoMo asked in curiosity. This was something he had wanted to ask before.

Because this jade drive was something I and Hei Tian had found in a cavern storage that had existed for at least a hundred thousand years. There was mostly magic herbs and magic pills in there and some scrolls detailing techniques relating to the soul. The owner of the cavern was rather obviously a mage, Duan QiTian said.

So thats why.

Keep it, Ling Xiao, who had been silent until then, suddenly said.

You XiaoMo immediately put the jade drive away without hesitation. Ling Xiao was always right.

Duan QiTian was even more displeased. It hadnt been easy, taking in this youngest disciple of his and now the said disciple listened to another more than him. It felt like his disciple had been stolen.

Master, whats wrong? You XiaoMo was met with the sight of the old man making an expression that said Im displeased, comfort me at him when he looked up. His heart stuttered, what the old man going crazy for now? But he couldnt say that out loud.

Come out for moment. After that, he didnt even wait for an agreement and left the room.

Ill go out for a moment. Ill be right back, You XiaoMo said to Ling Xiao before following the old man outside.

The old man was waiting for him outside the house and, seeing him, cursed, Too fucking slow.

You XiaoMo automatically filtered this out. Master, is there anything you need?

Duan QiTian contemplated on what to say for a while. Did you complete the dual cultivation book I gave you last time with him?

You XiaoMo flushed. Yes

Duan QiTian then said, Were you on top or was he?

You XiaoMo couldnt answer.

Duan QiTian didnt need a response to know the answer, and his face paled a little more. Useless. Youre a man, dont you know how to top?

Master, do you think I havent thought of trying before? But its too hard, your students combat strength is too low.

You XiaoMo couldnt help but criticize himself internally, remembering how Ling Xiao had given him a chance back then but he had chickened out of topping Ling Xiao. But he wouldnt tell the old man that even on pain of death.

Seeing how he refused to talk, Duan QiTian had a sort of rage that one felt when their children didnt live up to expectations. He took out a bottle and said angrily, Take this.

You XiaoMo took it, shrinking a little. Whats this?

Duan QiTian huffed. This is a pill that I created called the Heart Bewitchment Pill. If you give him this pill, I can promise you that youll be able make your wish come true. You only have one chance, so treasure it. Ill be taking my leave now.

And then he really did leave.

You XiaoMo stared dumbly at the Heart Bewitchment Pill in his hand. In reality, he didnt have any wishes about that. Plus, if he really did give this to Ling Xiao to eat, he had a feeling that hed be the one in trouble in the end. Better not do anything reckless.

You XiaoMo carefully put the Heart Bewitchment Pill away. He decided to hide this pill. Ling Xiao couldnt know about it.

What are you staring at? Ling Xiao suddenly spoke into his ear.

You XiaoMo jumped in fright and turned to see Ling Xiao behind him. Who knew how long he had been there. You you you why did you come out?

Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes. What, can I not come out?

You XiaoMo gave a strained smile. Of course not!

Ling Xiao huffed and turned to go back inside.

You XiaoMo hurriedly followed after him.

That was when Ling Xiao suddenly turned, his expression hinting at amusement as he mocking said, By the way, remember to tell me when youre going to use that Heart Bewitchment Pill. I cant wait.

You XiaoMo:

They were overheard, as expected.

The two returned to their room and Ling Xiao stretched out his palm at him. Let me see that jade drive.

You XiaoMo gave it over without hesitation. He really wanted to know if Ling Xiao could break the seal over it. If he could, they could know the contents immediately.

Ling Xiao rolled the jade drive between his thumb and index finger for a while and then said, under You XiaoMos expectant gaze, Your master wasnt lying. There are several powerful seals on this jade drive.

Several? You XiaoMo asked in shock. He had thought there was only one.

Thats right, several seals. However, individually, these seals arent very strong, but if you place them together, theyll create a very powerful seal. This seal is extremely hard to break because if you go wrong at any point, the jade drive will immediately turn to dust. Im guessing that the owner of the jade drive is quite possibly a level twelve mage, Ling Xiao said.

Thats way too harsh. What if we can never break it? You XiaoMos treasure hunting spirit was shattered in an instant.

I doubt that, Ling Xiao said with a smile.

Seeing how he seemed to have a plan, You XiaoMos eyes lit up. You thought of something?

Ling Xiao said, Before today, itd be impossible, but its different now. Once I digest Chen QingEr and the others cultivation base, Ill be able to break it.

You XiaoMo understood. So it had something to do with cultivation level. How long will that take?

Ling Xiao gave a conservative estimate. Three months.

That long! You XiaoMo exclaimed. Before this, he had thought Ling Xiao was good to go, but suddenly remembered that. What is that Sacrificial Blood Rite, anyways?

Its a secret technique of the Qilin clan. Dont worry. I wouldnt use it if I couldnt do it. Its because Chen QingEr and her companions have very high cultivation levels. The higher the level, the harder to absorb. Its trickier to transduce it, thats all. Nothing unusual, Knowing that he was worried, Ling Xiao comforted him.

You XiaoMo thought for a while and before confirming he wasnt lying.

After that day, they began to prepare to leave for the higher plane. The plane was in a different dimension, so they had a lot to prepare, such as a Trans-Dimensional Tunnel.