The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 380

Chapter 380
Chapter 380: The Thief God of the Ten Divine Gods

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Bei Dong was a well-known wasteland on the Tong Tian Continent, mainly for outcasts and wanderers. By now, they had grown massive enough to become ten different forces; each distinct from one another causing small conflicts.

However, the area of Bei Dong was vast and even if it was controlled by the ten forces, there were still areas that had smaller forces surviving. Even if Bei Dong was just part of the Tong Tian Continent, compared to the Long Xiang Continent, the difference was tenfold.

This was all explained to You XiaoMo by Dao Yun.

Although it was the first time in Tong Tian Continent for Dao Yun too, from the stories of his master Dao Zu, he knew about the place since a young age. It became his aspiration to visit.

Thus, when talking about Bei Dong, Dao Yun could speak with assurance.

Dao Yun told You XiaoMo that he was also from a middle plane, although not the same one as Long Xiao Continent; a different one.

There was only one higher realm, and that was the Tong Tian Continent, however, there were more than just one middle and lower planes. In particular, there were the most lower planes, supposedly in the hundred millionth.

Your master is the Thief God of the higher plane, yet you are from a middle plane. That doesnt seem right, how do you communicate normally? You XiaoMo asked curiously, he felt that Dao Yun really knew a lot of stuff.

Dao Yun replied with a chuckle, Thats because my master purposefully went to the middle plane to recruit apprentices. But Im not the only apprentice my master has, supposedly there are nine more, although I have never seen them.

You XiaoMo became speechless after hearing that.

At first, he thought that Dao Yun was the only apprentice of the Thief God, but actually he was just one of them.

Whats going on, why have you never seen them before?

Dao Yun replied, Because they are from a different plane than me. It just heard of them occasionally from my master. Speaking of that, his eyes dimmed.

Your master wants to find a true successor out of you ten, right? Ling Xiao, who had said nothing before suddenly turned around and gave him a knowing look.

Retracting the downcast feeling from his eyes, Dao Yun asked in astonishment, You are right, but how did you know?

Before Ling Xiao spoke, You XiaoMo explained, That was an easy guess. Your master is the Thief God, with his status, there was no need for him to go to a middle plane much less finding ten apprentices from ten different planes. If he just wanted an apprentice, he didnt need to make it that complicated. Therefore, it must be that he wanted to test the ten of you to see who could really continue his legacy.

With smiling eyes, Ling Xiao nodded, Not bad.

Dao Yun felt a little down, because they guessed it all correctly, but he had only figured it out three years after being told he had nine other Xiong Di.

You guys were right, master did want to find a true disciple among us ten. The Tong Tian Continent was the first test, the Trans-Dimensional Tunnel I went through was left by my master. Half a year ago I came to find him on Tong Tian Continent, I think his other disciples got a similar message.

Your master is really cruel. You XiaoMo said, If you died in the Trans-Dimension Tunnel then youre out of the contest?

Dao Yun nodded solemnly, but even with that he wanted to come and see the Continent. Not only for his masters words, he had wanted to visit for a while, but

He had followed his master from a young age, one can say that he was brought up by him. He had always thought his master as his closest family, but suddenly knowing he had other plans for adopting himit would be a lie to say he was not a little sad.

Seeing that he wasnt in a good mood, You XiaoMo switched the topic, You said earlier that your master was one of the ten Divine gods, what do the ten Divine gods mean?

Immediately Dao Yun became excited, What we call the ten Divine gods is essentially the top ten Divine Level Practitioners of the Tong Tian Continent. Within the ten, except for two who are six and five stars, the rest are all at the peak seven star Divine level. With the Tong Tian Continent being so large, there must be more seven star Divine level practitioners, but these ten are unanimously considered the strongest. Supposedly, below the Sacred level there is no one who is their opponent.

Theyre that strong?! You XiaoMo exclaimed as he subconsciously looked over at Ling Xiao. Although he was also a Divine level practitioner, he didnt know what star he was or if he was stronger than the ten Divine gods.

What are you looking at? Dao Yun questioned and by the time he noticed You XiaoMo getting distracted, he had taken his gaze away from Ling Xiao.

You XiaoMo shook his head and replied, Nothing, but if what you said is true, how do the ten Divine gods get their rankings? It cant be that all of the peak seven star Divine-level practitioners gather around and have a fight, right?

Dao Yun rejected this idea immediately, Of course, thats impossible.

Then how did they do it? You XiaoMo asked again.

This Dao Yun said as he scratched his head for an answer, About this, Im not really sure either. Master didnt tell me in detail, I just know this has something to do with a massive force within the Tong Tian Continent.

Seeing that he was so informative about the Tong Tian Continent, You XiaoMo thought he knew everything, however this force did seem like Xian Ji Lou.

Its the Cang Alliance. Ling Xiao said casually, The Cang Alliance is the only force on Tong Tian Continent that focuses on selling information. This force should be in Southern Continent. The rankings of all of the strongest practitioners in Tong Tian Continent should be done by by estimating their total strength then giving a ranking.

Ten thousand years ago, when Ling Xiao left, the Cang Alliance had already existed.

In his memory, this was the role the Cang Alliance played, although what changed now, he didnt know.

In the span of ten thousand years, a lot would change.

Is Southern Continent the south of TongTian Continent? You XiaoMo asked, unsure since the naming in Tong Tian Continent is a bit odd.

T/n: Nan Lu (): literally means Southern Continent. Also, Bei in Bei Dong means North, which mean they are at the North side.

Ling Xiao nodded in reply, Southern Continent is in the south of Tong Tian Continent. It is the main gathering place of humans, most of the human forces are there too, like the Vermilion Blood Clan.

Hearing the phrase Vermilion Blood Clan, You XiaoMos expression shifted.

However, Dao Yun shouted in excitement, I know this Vermilion Blood Clan, they were supposedly a very big one. The family has a lot of talented people generation after generation! They have a big influence in the Tong Tian Continent, but it seems that they are very mysterious. The two forces representing them are the Yin Yang Valley and Yu Xian City.

Hearing a familiar word for the second time, You XiaoMo realized that the Vermilion Blood Clan was a huge beast that was hard to chew down. If they wanted to save Feng ChiYun from then, it was going to be hard.

Ling Xiao knew that You XiaoMo wanted to hear more so he explained, Yin Yang Valley focus on mages, whereas Yu Xian City focus on practitioners. Every year the Vermilion Blood Clan sends a representative to these two places and chooses those with talent to bring back. Only if they pass the test there, will they be given the clans surname.

Big Bro Ling you really know a lot. Dao Yun exclaimed looking at Ling Xiao. He had thought that they knew nothing, but Ling Xiao knew something that even he didnt know.

You XiaoMo did a fake cough and said, Before we came, we did a little homework, knowing this is not too much of a surprise.

Dao Yun didnt question it.

The three talked and walked towards Tian Xiang City, however, because it was so far, thus even after half a day, there wasnt even a shadow of a city. If it was like before, You XiaoMo would have probably died by now.

It wasnt without reason that Bei Dong was called a wasteland, the climate here was a bit strange, with only summer and winter. During the summer, it was so hot you would be sweating buckets, while the winter was so cold that the ice could freeze up to three feet. However, mostly Practitioners visited there was very few who actually cared about the climate.

How long do we have to walk to get out of the Red Shoal? You XiaoMo couldnt contain it anymore, it was so hot, and he had used up a lot of soul power.

Dao Yun scratched his head, he didnt know either.

It was Ling Xiao who gave the answer, It should be soon, just endure it a bit longer.

Hearing that, You XiaoMo could only continue enduring it.

After a while, they finally saw the edges of the Red Shoal. A little further were clusters of buildings and architecture, all looking very lively.

You XiaoMo exclaimed with a face of surprise, We finally walked out of this Shoal!

Because the sand was so red, now no matter what he saw, it appeared as a field of green.

T/n: this is an eyes false perception of color after seeing a certain color for too long. Eyes respond to three type of lights, red, blue and green. After seeing a certain color of those three for too long, your eyes become fatigued and too tired to respond to that color again, and will see things in the other two colors. That is why a doctor in an operation room must wear either green or blue in order to avoid this false perception because of blood.

Understanding, Ling Xiaos lip curled up.

Right at this moment, in front of them appeared three silhouettes. The three quickly charged in their direction, and of the three, two looked like guards, holding a weapon while protecting a young man of seventeen or eighteen. They frequently looked back with ashen faces and expressions of anxiety.

It didnt take long before the three arrived in front of them. The young man tripped and fell face first in front of You XiaoMo. As if he was holding to a life saving straw, he grabbed You XiaoMos right leg and said with a face of panic, Please save us, Im from the Duan Mu Family, if you help us, my father will not treat you poorly.