The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 382

Chapter 382
Chapter 382: Auction
Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Tian Xiang City was located in an oasis looking like a colossus.

Whenever there were any major events, the powers in Bei Dong had long reached a consensus that they would gather in Tian Xiang City.

Recently, Tian Xiang City had been livelier than usual. Enthusiastic hawking of wares was heard from both sides of the streets and a dazzling line-up was displayed in the stalls, so much so that there were customers frequently hovering in front of the stalls.

DuanMu Qing introduced the affair in Tian Xiang City while he brought them to the DuanMu Clans property.

Although the general headquarters of the forces in Bei Dong were not in Tian Xiang City, each of the forces would more or less have some properties there. The open strife and covert maneuverings of every major force had long ceased to be a secret.

They stopped in front of an inn after an hour.

The inn was the property of the DuanMu Clan. The shopkeeper recognized DuanMu Qing and quickly arranged a private room for them on the second level. He had even prepared a table full of good wine and good food.

Before dismissing the shopkeeper, DuanMu Qing directed him to arrange three rooms for them.

Two rooms are enough. Ling Xiao indifferently interrupted.

DuanMu Qing was stunned and after recovering he said, My benefactors, theres no need to worry. There are still many empty rooms in this inn and theres absolutely no problem with reserving three rooms.

The shopkeeper standing at the side nodded in agreement.

Ling Xiao silently shot a glance at them.

DuanMu Qing shivered and hurriedly corrected, Then two rooms are enough.

Dao Yun looked at You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao. He naturally would not assume that one of them would want to sleep in the same room as him. It was only a little unexpected that their relationship was actually so close for them to sleep in the same room.

DuanMu Qing left for a while and after coming back he revealed, My three benefactors, I have already asked someone to tell my father of the situation. In addition, I have also asked my father to inquire about the Dimensional Teleportation. I believe that it will not take long before we get an answer.

Originally, they did not have to jump through so many hoops if they wanted to use the Dimensional Teleportation. Unfortunately, the powers controlling the Dimensional Teleportation recently temporarily closed the transportation. They had to have some connections if they wanted to immediately leave Bei Dong.

Dao Yun nodded to express his understanding.

Didnt you say that the qualifying tournament was in two months? Then they shouldnt be in such a hurry to prepare right? Why does it look as if there is going to be some lively thing occurring in Tian Xiang City? You XiaoMo asked as he stuffed food into his mouth.

He had seen several people wearing the same attire while walking on the street before, looking similar to guards. Tian Xiang City had so many powers that it was not necessary for guards to patrol, instead this could be said to be useless.

DuanMu Qing replied, What youre talking about should be related to the auction three days later. Speaking of which, Sir Benefactors luck is quite good. Tian Xiang City holds a large-scale auction every few years, and the host of the auction is not any of the powers in Bei Dong, rather they are the Southern Continents Cang Alliance.

You XiaoMos heart thumped, Why would this Cang Alliance run all the way to Bei Dong to host an auction?

DuanMu Qing was not at all surprised by his question and simply explained, Sir Benefactor may not know, but the reach of the Cang Alliance is not only limited to the Southern Continent but they practically cover the entire Tong Tian Continent. This is an exaggeration of course, but you would definitely be able to see Cang Alliances shadow in any place with a lot of talents.

The Cang Alliance seldom holds an auction. Every time they hold one, the goods in the auction are sure to be some type of quality goods. This time, Bei Dong has managed to be the place where the Cang Alliances auction will be. Naturally, there would be many people arriving after hearing the news.

You XiaoMo still look forward to auctions, and immediately looked at Ling Xiao in excitement, Shall we go take a look too?

Seeing his shining eyes, Ling Xiao knew he would say as such and laughed, Then lets go and take a look.

DuanMu Qing quickly interjected, Sir Benefactor, actually not just anyone can attend the auction held by the Cang Alliance. Compared to other auctions, the Cang Alliance has stricter restrictions on who can attend their auction.

You XiaoMo was disappointed right from the start upon hearing this.

Ling Xiao asked, What are the requirements to attend?

DuanMu Qing explained, The Cang Alliance would issue a black invitation card a month before the auction is held. You would be able to attend once you acquire a black invitation card. One card can bring in three people to the auction.

Then how would we be able to get a black invitation card?

Sir Benefactor, please rest assured. Its easy to get the Cang Alliances black invitation cards with the influence of my DuanMu Clan. I will put in an order now, it should be sent over after two days.

After that, DuanMu Qing proceeded to explain some things regarding the auction to them. Only after the sun had set did he leave. You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao returned to their rooms once he left. Dao Yun was embarrassed to follow after them, so he also returned to his own room.

The two finally had some time to themselves.

You XiaoMo immediately threw himself onto the bed. The room that DuanMu Qing arranged for them was the biggest and best in the inn. The bed was also very big and three people would have no problem sleeping on it.

After rolling about two rounds on the bed, You XiaoMo lay stomach-down on the bed as he looked at Ling Xiao.

Why did you let Dao Yun follow us?

Ling Xiao took off his outer robe and hung it on the screen to the side in passing. Then walked to the bed and sat down, and he asked, Other than being good at stealing, do you know what other things thieves are good at?

You XiaoMo touched his chin to create an appearance of him pondering over it, Is it agility?

Ling Xiao shook his head, No, its not agility. Its information. Since Dao Yuns master has a particular love for rare treasured objects, he would definitely gather information about it from all over. In all probability, he should know information that not many know about.

Oh. You XiaoMo half-comprehended as he nodded, then he suddenly reacted, You want to get information from his master?

Contrary to expectations, Ling Xiao denied this, That Thief God is not as dumb as Dao Yun. It would be as difficult as ascending to heaven to get information from him. However, even though we cant ask, Dao Yun will be able to.

You XiaoMo suddenly saw the light. So Ling Xiao planned to make a move through Dao Yun, no wonder

Then what kind of information do you want to inquire about?

Do you still remember that Wood Elemental Essence that we acquired in the Boundless Sea? Ling Xiao said.

Of course I remember. You said that the Elemental Essence has other uses, so you kept it. You XiaoMo immediately replied.

The Elemental Essence can be divided into different types based on the five phases of Chinese philosophy. They are classified into Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. In the inherited memory of the Ancient Demon Phoenix Clan, as long as the five phases of Elemental Essence are gathered, one would be able to breakthrough the shackles of a Sacred Realm cultivation base with the support of the power of the five phases of Elemental Essence, however Ling Xiao hesitated to continue.

However what?

In the inherited memory, none of the former generations of Ancient Demon Phoenixes were able to collect all five phases of Elemental Essence, so this is only a legend. I also do not know if we will be able to find the remaining four phases of Metal, Water, Fire and Earth Elemental Essences. Be that as it may, but Ling Xiao still wanted to take a gamble, so he kept that Elemental Essence.

Then lets take it slowly, since we still have time. When the time comes, I can also help you sound out Dao Yun. You XiaoMo crawled up and hugged Ling Xiaos arm.

Ling Xiao suddenly glanced at him and commented, I think its better if I do it by myself ba.

You XiaoMos mouth twitched. He dared to guarantee that this sentence of Ling Xiaos was definitely a disparaging remark against his IQ, although it was much more restrained now compared to the past. Should he rejoice about this or not?

Oh yes, isnt the Cang Alliance one of the top information brokers? Cant we buy information from them? If the Cang Alliance is really as powerful as what DuanMu Qing said, it may be possible that they have information regarding this. You XiaoMo suddenly thought of this point.

Thats no use. Ling Xiao answered, It is possible that Cang Alliance may know this, but they will not easily sell such important information to others. However, we can find out information about the Vermillion Blood Clan from them.

Moreover theres still Yin Ge. We dont know where he and Zhan YuXuan ended up. Could they have appeared somewhere other than Bei Dong? You XiaoMo worried that they may have missed them.

Ling Xiao said, No, Bei Dong is the area where the veil between the realms is the weakest in the Tong Tian Continent. So most who want to establish a Trans-Dimensional tunnel cant help but choose Bei Dong. Although we were a little off the exit at that time, but they should still be somewhere in Bei Dong. Well meet them sooner or later.

You XiaoMo thought over it for a while before he understood.

Previously, he had always felt it was a little weird.

So it turned out that was why Dao Yun would actually appear in their spatial pathway everyones exit was at Bei Dong.

Okay, lets sleep. Well head out tomorrow for another look. Ling Xiao embraced You XiaoMo and immediately lay down. They had too many things to do, even a short time was also precious now.

This night was a rare case where Ling Xiao did not torment You XiaoMo.

The two slept until dawn. The pounding of footsteps on the stairs never stopped. Not long later, Dao Yuns clear and loud voice drifted in from outside the room.

Fellow You, are you awake?

You XiaoMo was immediately roused. Although he was woken up early by the noises, his quality of sleep last night was quite good and he woke up full of energy.

Dao Yun had already occupied a table on the first floor. He was already below when You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao came down. The table he got was by the window, and one could both clearly see the crowd on the street and the people walking in from the entranceway from the table.

About an hour later, DuanMu Qing finally hurried over with a person.