The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 384

Chapter 384
Chapter 384: The Heavenly Cauldron

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Master Yong He? Who was that?

The question surfaced in You XiaoMos brain, no matter how famous they were, he didnt recognize them.

The man was afraid that he didnt believe him and thus test it out himself. He draped the silk cloak above his head and a second later he disappeared. When he took off the silk, he reappeared.

With a face of wonder You XiaoMo said, This seems pretty fun and interesting, let me see it.

The man immediately handed it over.

As You XiaoMo took it, he pulled hard at it. It was very tough but also light. If one didnt try touching it, they wouldnt know it was actually light as a feather. Although it was good, it was not useful. When the man was testing it out, You XiaoMo purposefully used soul power to try detecting him. The results were that he could find his existence, although faint, but clearly this silk couldnt completely hide someones presence.

As he was about to give it back, he had a casual look over the stand and caught sight of something blocked by a few small items. His pupils shrunk in response.

Averting his eyes, You XiaoMo asked the man, Whats the price of this silk?

The man seeing his interest, perked up and responded, Because this silk was made by master Yong Hebut since its your first time here, Ill give you a discount, just two hundred spirit gems. Originally it would be five hundred.

With a face of disbelief, You XiaoMo looked over and said, Even one hundred and Id still say was too expensive, and you are asking for two? Im telling you, this thing seems good but its not very practical and its easy to discover. I feel like youre just cheating me because Im a new face, right?

No, thats not it. The man quickly added, not thinking his greed would backfire on him.

You XiaoMo replied in a slow and deliberate tone, You here, Im actually interested in buying this silk, however your price is a little high. You know what, lets both give a little, I wont argue with you over the price, if you say two hundred, its two hundred, however, I want another thing from your stand.

As he finished, he conveniently took something from the stand.

How about it I take this item?

The man hadnt process it at first, but when he looked at the item in front of him, his original hesitation disappeared. But he still pretended to be making a tough choice and said, Then, okay, Ill just let you have the better end of the deal.

You XiaoMo gave him the two hundred spirit gems, and took the item, leaving with Ling Xiao.

The man looked at their backs and finally showed a smile of complacency, he was really an idiot who thought he was clever. That silk and that felt combined was not even close to two hundred spirit gems. He didnt really think they would fall for it.

The reason he accepted the deal so quickly was because of what You XiaoMo picked had little value.

Speaking of You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao.

When they were out of the commerce district, You XiaoMo quickly took out the piece of felt.

After a careful inspection, he immediately started laughing like an idiot.

What are you laughing about? Ling Xiao asked speechless. Since the beginning his words and actions started to become weirder and weirder, his guess was that it had much to do with the felt in his hands.

You XiaoMo waved the piece of felt, Do you know what this is?

Ling Xiaos gaze shifted to the felt for a few seconds before saying, This thing, I seemed to have seen it before?

You XiaoMo took out another felt from his dimension and said with triumph, Look here, arent these two felts of the same material and the pattern is also similar?

The felt he took out was a quarter of the sheepskin map they got from Wu Feng Town. At that time he was even scolded by Ling Xiao so he stopped thinking of finding the treasure from the map but still kept it. When he did, he still held a slim hope.

(Reminder note: the incident took place in Wu Feng Town appear from chap 116 to 118).

But now, he found something of a similar material in Tong Tian Continent and the pattern could be linked. What did this mean? It meant that what he thought was a treasure map might actually exist.

When he thought of it like this, You XiaoMo got excited, he didnt misread this, even if it wasnt a treasure map, there must be something else to it.

Even Ling Xiao didnt think they would find the second piece here. Then it may be the case that You XiaoMo was right, no wonder he would buy that piece of impractical cloth, it was for this felt.

Looks like this map may be from the Tong Tian Continent. Ling Xiao said stroking his chin.

You XiaoMo nodded in agreement, Too bad we still need two more.

Ling Xiao said, These kinds of things can only be left to luck. With the Tong Tian Continent being this huge, if we search for it, it would be like finding a needle in the sea. Not only that, it might catch the attention of unwanted people.

Youre right. You XiaoMo said, he didnt plan on forcing it anyways.

Now then, are we still shopping? Ling Xiao asked.

No, lets just get home. You XiaoMo led him outside the market. A normal person would have kept hunting during a lucky day but he felt like a persons luck could not continue forever. What was his, would eventually be his.

When the two arrived at the inn, Dao Yun wasnt back yet.

Hearing them return, Duan MuQing quickly came over and brought over good news.

Savior, this is the list for tomorrows auction, please check to see if there is anything you wish for. If you do, then you can take this time to prepare.

Duan MuQing handed a red booklet to You XiaoMo. Although the auction was held by the Cang Alliance, they would always give a list of items to the major forces so that they could prepare the money.

You XiaoMo opened the booklet, there werent a lot items up for auction, but just like Duan MuQing said, it was all because of the quality.

Other than the familiar magic herbs, pills, soul training manuals, and skill training manuals, there were many priceless and rare items such as weapons and armors. All of which were good items.

You XiaoMos gaze kept moving downwards, but suddenly stopped at a certain point.

What is this?

Duan MuQings sight landed on the last auction item and he explained, This is the Heavenly Cauldron, is the last heavy-weight item and the main event.

You XiaoMo swallowed hard before asking, What is the Heavenly Cauldron?

Ling Xiao suddenly snatched the booklet from his hand and before Duan MuQing could say anything, said, The Tong Tian Continent has a Cauldron ranking. It has a record of every single cauldron, the higher the rank, the better the cauldron and the Heavenly Cauldron is ranked seventh.

Before You XiaoMo always thought that cauldrons were cauldrons, although there were good and bad ones, they werent inherently different. However, he never thought that the Tong Tian Continent would have this ranking, they couldnt rank it on quality, right?

Ling Xiao knew of his bepuzzlement and explained, The cauldrons on the ranking are different to the ones you use. The biggest difference lies in the fact that yours is of good quality, but no added benefits.

What does that mean?

Lets use the Heavenly Cauldron as example, according to the legends, the one who created it was a ancient blacksmith. At that time, many skills were not a lost art and thus when that blacksmith created the cauldron, he added a special array. That array can gather spiritual energy thus increase the chance of a pills success rate and quality. Not only that, when refining high-graded magic pills, these pills can fly out of the cauldron. The higher the level, the stronger they are, for example, a level ten and above pill even has attack power. However, the Heavenly Cauldron can trap them inside.

You XiaoMos mouth slightly gaped open, thats such an amazing cauldron but even so it was just ranked seventh, the six above must be really amazing then.

But just as he was thinking of switching cauldrons, the Heavenly Cauldron appeared before him, he couldnt let this opportunity pass.

Im definitely going to get this cauldron. You XiaoMo said enthusiastically with a fighting spirit.

Thatmay be difficult. Duan MuQing saw his enthusiastic face, although he didnt want to bring him down, he still had to say something. Although his view on Ling Xiao changed in surprise, he had always thought it was their first time on the Tong Tian Continent, thus it wasnt weird of them to have never heard of the Cang Alliance. However, that man was so informative about the Cauldron ranking and of the Heavenly Cauldron, he couldnt help but be confused.

You XiaoMo looked at him and asked, Whats the difficulty?

Ling Xiao said, Probably because a lot of people want the Heavenly Cauldron, right?

Seeing that he guessed it, Duan MuQing stopped hesitating and said, The top ten cauldrons, no matter which one, are what all mages long for. Although I dont know why the Cang Alliance would put the Heavenly Cauldron up for auction at Tian Xiang City, but because the news had spread out already, the ones competing are not just forces of Bei Dong. Other than Bei Dong, there definitely will be others who bid for it as well, the competition would be fierce.

So? You XiaoMo blinked a few times.

Duan MuQing choked on that expression, When those people appear, the price of the Heavenly Cauldron will rise to a very high number, so if saviors want to compete for it, you must quickly raise some spirit gems.

But according to him, wanting to gather a large sum of spirit gems in one day is almost impossible.

The second day, the auction proceeded as hoped.