The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 389

Chapter 389
Chapter 389: Dao Yuns Departure

Translated by Rachel of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Just when You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao were leaving the auction hall through the backstage door, they were surprised to see Dao Yun leaning against the wall.

Dao Yun, didnt we tell you to go back first? Why are you waiting for us?

When Dao Yun saw them, he shrugged and said, It seems like you guys are still unaware of what happened when you went backstage.

Its something to do with that Tang Hao isnt it? Ling Xiao had a look of understanding as he stated plainly.

Thats right. Dao Yun looked at Ling Xiao cheekily.

What happened exactly? You XiaoMo asked.

After that Tang Hao left the auction hall, he got people to spread the word that anybody who sided with us would be going against the Yin Yang Valley. The DuanMu family was afraid of bringing trouble to themselves so they cut all ties with us. Im afraid we cant go back to the inn anymore. Dao Yun explained.

While You XiaoMo understood that the DuanMu family had their own reasons, he was still slightly displeased at their actions. They didnt even let them stay at the inn anymore! At the very least, they saved DuanMu Qings life. They deserved at least that much!

Then what about the Dimensional Teleportation portal? Wont that mean we cant use it anymore? You XiaoMo could understand why the DuanMus did what they did, and honestly, he wasnt surprised. What he was really worried about was the XiaEr family refusing to let them use their Dimensional Teleportation portal because of this. That would be troublesome.

That may not be the case. Actually, before the DuanMus left they passed me an invitation letter from the XiaEr family. They even told me that they have told the XiaErs about the Dimensional Teleportation portal and they agreed. Even if that Tang Hao found out, I doubt he will stop us. In fact, he may even welcome it. Dao Yun walked in front of them and said.

After You XiaoMo digested what he said, he instantly got what he meant.

Tang Hao was from the Yin Yang Valley and the Yin Yang Valley was one of the strongest forces on the Southern Continent. Once they were in his territory, killing them would be much easier.

Presumably, Tang Hao must hate them to the bone, so he wouldnt let them die so easily. Therefore, it was most likely that he would only attack when they reached the Southern Continent.

Ling Xiao scanned the surrounding. There were fewer and fewer people on the street but he could sense that some were watching them. Since theyre so eager to see us go to the Southern Continent, then as they wish, well go to the XiaErs tomorrow. Ling Xiao spoke as if it wasnt a matter of concern.

Since You XiaoMo wanted to leave BeiDong as soon as possible, he agreed.

Dao Yun had no objections.

That night, they found another inn to settle down for the night. Not long after, they heard news of Tang Hao and Hu Feng leaving BeiDong, apparently quite hurriedly too. This utterly disappointed those who wanted to watch some drama unfold but there were also some that had the same speculations as Dao Yun.

Just before he went to sleep, You XiaoMo picked up an almost inaudible sound from the next room, all thanks to his Soul Power. If not for his Soul Power getting more sensitive by the day, he might not even have noticed. That sound was coming from Dao Yuns room.

Its so late already, why is Dao Yun even going out?

Ling Xiao laid on the bed and replied lazily, Dao Yun isnt as simple and harmless as he looks on the surface. Previously when you tried to probe him about some matters, he definitely didnt tell you the truth.

You XiaoMo frowned. From an outsiders point of view, Dao Yun and them seemed really chummy but they had only known each other for a few days. Dao Yun definitely wasnt as simple as he appeared to be if he could be taken in as a disciple by the Thief God, one of the Ten Divine Gods of the Tong Tian Continent. He could even have been guarding against them from the very start.

You XiaoMo couldnt help but feel helpless. He still wasnt used to seeing others in a negative light.

Believe it or not, he could already gotten some information about his master. Maybe he may even suggest splitting up with us tomorrow. Ling Xiao continued. While he wanted to obtain information from Dao Yuns master through Dao Yun, the Thief God route was not the only way for him.

If he really said that, then there is nothing we can do about it. That was all that You XiaoMo could say. They couldnt possibly just tie Dao Yun up, it wasnt their way of doing things and unnecessary to say the least.

Actually that would be good too. Him following us around is somewhat unnecessary. Ling Xiao stated plainly.

What do you mean by unnecessary? You XiaoMo didnt comprehend.

Ling Xiao sat up and glanced at him, then he smiled. Hes unnecessary alright. Ever since he joined us, you never let me kiss you in public anymore. Ive long wanted him gone. YouXiao Mo should be glad he didnt say Dao Yun was an eyesore.

Boss, even if Dao Yun wasnt here, Ive never let you kiss me in public, okay?

The second day, Ling Xiaos words held true.

Dao Yun came to find them even before the two of them left their room. You XiaoMo remembered the conversation he had with Ling Xiao yesterday, but it didnt show on his face. Instead, he spoke to Dao Yun very naturally, Dao Yun youre up early! Were not done yet though. Why not wait for us in the big hall downstairs?

No, I have something to tell you. Dao Yun was slightly uncomfortable as he spoke, his face apologetic.

What is it? Say it. You XiaoMo knew Ling Xiao hit the bulls eye when he saw Dao Yuns expression.

Its like this. Ive already obtained some information on my master, but he doesnt seem to be on the Southern Continent. I guess this is where we separate. Dao Yun had a face full of regret. Previously, it was him who decided to tag along and now he was going back on his words. He didnt know how to face them.

You XiaoMo was stunned for a moment before replying, Oh. Since youve gotten news of your master, then finding him is more important, of course. Dont worry about it.

Im really sorry, I didnt expect things to turn out like this. While he was talking about leaving them, Dao Yun felt really sorry towards the two of them. Talking about leaving now was as if he was cutting all ties with them.

You dont have to apologise. Ling Xiao walked over with a cold demeanor. We arent that close. Wherever you go is none of our business, you dont have to tell us specially.

Dao Yuns face tensed. Thats true He mumbled.

You XiaoMo wanted to facepalm himself. Ling Xiao was too blunt. He immediately tried to salvage the situation by explaining, Dao Yun, dont pay him any mind. Hes just like that.

I know. Then Im off now, you guys take care. Dao Yun nodded. He might not have spent a long time with those two but he more or less figured out Ling Xiaos character.

You take care too! You XiaoMo watched as Dao Yun left, only turning his attention back to Ling Xiao when Dao Yun finally disappeared at the end of the street.

Why did you have to say that? Even though he didnt tell us the truth, he also didnt do anything to harm us. Maybe we could even be friends in the future!

Ling Xiao glanced at him. Didnt you say I was this type of person?

You XiaoMo choked for a moment. He actually used my own words against me!

Tell me honestly, were you planning something? You XiaoMo definitely didnt believe Ling Xiao would say those words for no reason. He already guessed that Dao Yun would come to look for them the day before, so why would he spout such caustic words?

Tsk, Tsk. Since youve already noticed, then it cant be helped. Surprisingly, Ling Xiao laughed with a rather annoying smile on his face. You XiaoMo felt that Ling Xiao had reverted back to his hateful ways.

Then, he remembered. Ever since Dao Yun appeared, Ling Xiao had been hovering around him like a guardian spirit. He didnt talk much too but after Dao Yun left, he immediately showed his true colours.

Then hurry up and say it. You XiaoMo definitely wouldnt admit it, but he missed it a lot.

Actually, even if Dao Yun didnt leave, I would still find an excuse to make him go. Dont forget, we have many secrets that others cant know. The Vermillion Blood Clan must be searching for us now, so if Dao Yun knows about that, even if he doesnt have his eyes on their clan treasure, the same cant be said for his master. Furthermore, once we reach the Southern Continent, we have to change into our disguises. It wont be suitable if hes here. Ling Xiao explained his plans when You XiaoMo was about to bristle.

Luckily, Dao Yun left early. If he had stayed around longer, You XiaoMo reckoned things would get ugly if Ling Xiao had to chase him away. And not just that, while Ling Xiao previously said that they could obtain information about the Thief God through Dao Yun, Dao Yun was not a man that could be easily fooled. Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo could more or less tell that was the case as they had never heard him reveal anything related to his Shifu at all during the past few days they spent together.

Im done talking. Lets go to the XiaEr family. Ling Xiao walked out of the room and You XiaoMo hurriedly caught up with him.

The XiaEr familys forces werent in Tian Xiang City but where the Dimensional Teleportation portal they controlled was. There were many powerhouses from the XiaEr family guarding the portal and many feared them. As long as someone heard of the XiaEr family, no one dared to forcefully go against them.

After they left the inn, You XiaoMo hired a horse carriage nearby. The Dimensional Teleportation portal was too far away from the inn they were staying at. Not only that, Tian Xiang City didnt allow powerhouses to fly in the sky so the only way to get other places was by carriage.