The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 420

Chapter 420
Chapter 420: Level

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

With everyone being in a different state of mind, an Elder with a distinguished air came out, along with him was a young man. That young man was Tan Ze.

The elder had regular features that seemed ordinary, however, sometimes a flash of sternness in his eyes added a dash of solemnity and principledness. The moment he arrived, he brought in a pressing aura.

He was the one responsible for the second stage test, Elder Qing.

Elder Qings gaze casually washed over everyone, and in a pit of silence spoke, Before you had arrived, the advisor should have told you that this was a second test, nothing to do with the exam materials.

Afterwards he continued explaining a bit about rainbow-colored souls.

In the Long Xiang Continent, a high ranked mage was from level seven to ten whereas a level eleven and twelve was a transcendent ranked mage. However, these were actually the names called by the middle realms since it was almost impossible for them to breed a rainbow-colored soul.

A transcendent ranked mage was otherwise known as a rainbow mage and levels eleven to twelve were generalized as rainbow grade. The magic pills from this grade was also classified from one to seven, with seven being the best and most impressive.

Tan Ze took out a testing stone from his magic bag to place beside elder Qing.

The testing stone was no different from the one You XiaoMo saw before, however, if one looked closely one could still tell the difference in structure. This testing stone was the upgraded version of the previous one, it was specially made to test rainbow-colored souls.

Now then, who wants to go first? The elder walked in front of the stone and turned to face everyone.

With the end of his words, the group stared at each other in silence. For a while no one walked out, however, a while later, Wan Ya suddenly walked towards elder Qing. With a simple bow, she said, Then please let Wan Ya go first.

Elder Qing nodded slightly in response, Then you may begin.

Wan Ya walked over in front of the testing stone and everyones gazed moved with her. Any mage with a rainbow-colored soul, given enough time, would definitely stand at the top of the Tong Tian Continent pyramid.

There wasnt much of an expression from Wan Yas pretty face, however, she was very serious. It was possible to tell that she was too excited for the result. Even if she was from the Mage Guild, she had never truly tested the level of her rainbow soul, because the only upgraded testing stone in Tong Tian Continent was the one at Xiao Yao Institution.

Under the nervous gaze of everyone, Wan Ya placed her hand on the testing stones surface and let a sliver of soul force inject into the stone from her palm.

A little while later, the testing stones surface emitted a layer of white glow

You XiaoMo looked on without blinking, however, four five seconds after the glow appeared, nothing changed on the surface of the testing stone. Just as he was feeling puzzled a voice suddenly popped up.

Look, it appeared!

The one who spoke was the girl, she stared above Wan Ya with shining eyes.

You XiaoMo followed her gaze and saw an unforgettable scene, the testing stone was about two meters tall and at the peak, there slowly seeped out a pink colored rainbow strip. As it continued forward, the color suddenly changed to a light yellow, when the yellow extended for eight millimeters, just as it was about to change to green, it slowed and stopped.

Wan Ya took back her hand and with a face that showed no happiness, retreated.

As You XiaoMo watched, absorbed in his thoughts, he realized that this color seemed to match a mages soul color. Could it be that a rainbow-colored souls level was determined by this? Then wouldnt it be true that the more colors the colored strips showed, the higher the level?

If Ling Xiao was here, then he couldve asked him.

Suddenly, You XiaoMo felt a bit lonely.

This colored strip can be trained.

As he was thinking, a voice of indifference sounded beside his ear, scaring You XiaoMo and making him jump a little. As he turned around, he saw a man with a bright smile talking to him, and even more horrifying was his two dimples.

Seeing that he looked over, the mans dimples became even deeper and in a passionate voice said, You are You XiaoHa, right?

You XiaoMo assumed that he probably overheard his conversation with Wan Ya and nodded before speaking, May I ask who you are?

With a laughing tone he answered, Im Qiao WuXing, Qiao WuShuangs older cousin. Three days ago, I received a message from my cousin saying that there will be a guy called You XiaoHa attending the exam of Xiao Yao Institution. He asked me to look over you.

You XiaoMo were slightly surprised before responding, Qiao Xiongs too generous, he didnt really need to bother you.

No problem, Qiao WuXing smiled, actually I wanted to see what kind of a person would make that cousin of mine urge me to take care of him.

You XiaoMo didnt know what role he played in the Beast Transfiguration Guild, so they simply made small talk before asking about that thing he said earlier.

Qiao WuXing explained, A lot of times its not just natural talent and its smooth sailing from there, hard work is just as important. To us, a rainbow-colored soul is like a base, once you have a base, how you strengthen that is up to ones efforts. However, there are also ones who naturally take less detours on their path.

Just as you saw earlier, Young miss Wan Yas colored strip has two colors but at the tip there was a slight green, thats the result of training. However, she can only be considered as rainbow second grade, an upper low aptitude.

Then You XiaoMo came to the realization of why she wasnt happy with her results.

Even with a base, her aptitude was still low, no one would be happy with that, although the ones without a base would be very jealous thats for sure.

Thank you Qiao-dage. You XiaoMo made obeisance as thanks.

Qiao WuXing shook his hand and said, No problem.

As they were chatting, the second persons test also started. He wasnt from the Mage guild or the Beast Transfiguration guild and You XiaoMo only knew of him because of that boring he said.

This man looked very young, appearance wise about twenty-five years old, with a tight expression and by the looks of it, slightly nervous. Then he put his palm onto the testing stone.

A while later, on top appeared the colored-strip.

The colored-strips color was just like Wan Yas during her test. First it was pink, then light yellow, however, by the time it got to three quarters of the way there, it stopped.

A low aptitude, however, the young man didnt think it was bad, rather he was quite pleased. He made obeisance to elder Qing before retreating.

Then it was the third person.

You XiaoMo looked around, seeing that none of them were moving, he couldnt help but rub his nose. Since he was the last to arrive, he thought there was an order of first come first serve, otherwise he would have gone first.

Just as he was thinking about going instead, Qiao WuXing who was beside him, suddenly got up a step quicker.

You XiaoMo quietly took back his foot.

Just what are you guys doing? Couldnt you be a bit more decisive taking the test!

Seeing that Qiao WuXing was all smiles, Elder Qing who rarely talked, said, WuXing, by the looks of it, you are very confident. I heard that youve been practicing for this moment, right?

Qiao WuXing, without of a worry as to why men shouldnt have dimples, smiled in reply, I am the one who the Beast Transfiguration guild decided to place their faith in, after all. The least I could do was give the guild some face.

A hint of a smile appeared on elder Qings face as he said, You may begin.

Qiao WuXing stopped talking and focused his attention on the testing stone in front of him. When the glow emitted from the stone, everyone focused in on the space above the stone.

Over there, the colored-strips colors advanced in a quick and light speed, pink, light yellow, greenand in a shaky manner climbed over the green level. As it advanced into the cyan color, mostly everyone gasped in shock.

Rainbowed Fourth grade!

Even though it was just a medium aptitude but it was streets ahead of Wan Ya and the others. This gap would take a long time of effort and training to catch up to.

In the corner, Jiu Ye had a glint in his eyes as he looked at Qiao WuXing, as expected of his rival, of course he was good.

You XiaoMo watched on with surprise and wide eyes, he didnt think that Qiao WuXing was pretty formidable.

As the room was in complete silence, that girl broke the atmosphere and happily jumped on Qiao WuXing while yelling, WuXing-gege, you are so amazing!

Qiao WuXing was happy too.

Elder Qing said as he stroked his break, The next is the fourth person.

You XiaoMo took a deep breath in.

Ill go then. Jiu Yes voice appeared, clear and cold with a hint of unruliness.

And there went that breath of courage.

Everyones attention turned to him, Jiu Ye and Qiao WuXing had always been compared to as rivals. Both were geniuses of once in a thousand years, however, there was rumors that Jiu Ye was slightly strong than Qiao WuXing. This would be the best time to prove that.

Jiu Ye was the head of the Mage Guilds disciple, truly someone favored by the gods in both appearance and talent. Worthier of his reputation than even An Qiao. Although he has a cold attitude and often ignored others, they still had only respect and reverence towards him.

Seeing as he was about to make his move, even the dimples on Qiao WuXings face lessened. With a frown and intense gaze, he watched Jiu Yes every move.

You XiaoMo felt nervous too, whenever he watched other peoples gossip like this, he felt this way.