The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 44

Chapter 44
Separate ways.

HePing town is just as lively as before, not much different from the last time. Because he is now familiar with HePing town, You XiaoMo doesn't have to go one whole round, like he did the last time, to find what he is looking for.

As for Tang YunQi and Brother Chen, they both actually have a reason to come down the mountain. But it's not something big, just helping to get some tea leaves for Grand Master Tang. Grand Master Tang is a tea lover. But he only likes to drink a type of tea known as immortal herb tea. Because the yield for the immortal herb tea is very limited, even the biggest tea shop in HePing town would get not even one jin of immortal herb tea each month. The tea shop owner knows that TianXin sect would send someone over each month to buy some so he simply sets it aside waiting for them to come pick it up.

And so arises a point of divergence. That tea shop is on East street whereas You XiaoMo wants to go to North street to sell magic pills. Simply not on the same street.

You XiaoMo doesn't want them to know that he wants to go sell magic pills, so he proposes that they split up. They go to East street while he goes to North street.

At first this suggestion is just what Tang YunQi wants. She can't wait to get You XiaoMo out of her sight. But the problem is Ling Xiao. He chooses to go with You XiaoMo to North street leaving Tang YunQi to go with Brother Chen to East street. They would meet up later at the largest restaurant on West street. Tang YunQi is unwilling but she already experienced how Ling Xiao's words can't be denied. Each time he makes up his mind, it can't be changed. Ling Xiao is someone that will do what he says.

Looking on helplessly as You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao walk away one at the front, one following behind, Tang YunQi restrains herself so much that her nails dig into her flesh to stop herself from chasing after them. Chen GaoYang at her side although happy at having the opportunity to be alone with Junior sister is still a little uneasy seeing how upset she is. Moreover, isn't this just the chance to ingratiate himself Junior sister?

"Junior sister, don't be angry. That You XiaoMo, even though he is close to Elder brother, the both of them, one in Earth peak, one in the Warrior division, they simply wouldn't be together normally. Perhaps it won't be much longer before their relationship cools down."

Tang YunQi scoffs *hmph*, saying with a clouded face: "Not in the same division and Elder brother still goes to see him everyday. Yesterday, as soon as Elder brother came back, he immediately rushed over to Earth peak. Do you still think their relationship will cool down? I had already heard that recently, Elder brother is always going over to Earth peak, almost certainly to see You XiaoMo.

"It looks like Elder brother really has his heart set on that You XiaoMo."

Chen GaoYang really has no idea just what is so good about You XiaoMo to warrant such attention from Elder brother.

"Big brother Chen, do you have a way of teaching You XiaoMo a lesson?" Tang YunQi asks hatefully.

"This ....... I'm afraid won't be easy. I heard that four days ago, Master Kong accepted him as his own disciple."

Chen GaoYang looks uncomfortable as Tang YunQi sees his helpless expression. Inwardly calling him a good for nothing, but what he says is not wrong. You XiaoMo is a disciple of Earth peak. And Kong Wen's disciple on top of that. His current status is unique. If he was from Heaven peak or Flying peak, she would have her ways of teaching him a lesson. But he just has to be from Earth peak. Earth peak disciples dislike Heaven peak and it goes both ways.

Unable to find a solution, the two of them decide to leave it for now and first complete the task from the Grand Master before discussing it further. They never expected that this trip to the West street will almost cost them their lives.

On the other side, You XiaoMo doesn't take much time to find that medicine shop. Not sure if he is mistaken, but You XiaoMo feels that the shopfront looks a little newer than before. As if it has been renovated.

Before he even enters the shop, the shop assistant near the door shouts with glee towards the inside of the shop, "Boss, that Master You is here!"

As soon as the words are out, the manager rushes out helter skelter, almost tripping on himself. Seeing You XiaoMo, the manager immediately becomes excited, rushing over saying: "Master You, you're finally here. I have been waiting for you for many days."

You XiaoMo goes . What is going on?

After saying that, the shop manager realizes that he had lost control of himself. He quickly puts on a smile and invites them in, at the same time telling the shop assistant to serve some tea.

"Master You, the magic pills you sold me the last time really exceeded my expectation. In less than two days, they were completely sold out. Furthermore, customers have been coming non-stop to ask about the next batch. But don't worry, I definitely did not say anything about you."

The shop manager uncharacteristically winks at You XiaoMo. Upon saying this, he notices Ling Xiao who came with him, asking: "This distinguished guest is?"

Ling Xiao doesn't pay any attention to him, taking a sip of the tea that the shop assistant had brought over.

You XiaoMo laughs awkwardly, "He is a friend of mine who came along with me. You don't have to bother about him."

The manager immediately understands, and asks: "Master You, are you here to sell magic pills again this time?"


You XiaoMo says while taking out the hundred magic pills he refined in the past few days. Five bottles altogether. Each one containing twenty level one magic pills. These were all refined in those four days. The quality is definitely better than ordinary level one magic pills.

The manager carefully picks up a bottle and opens the stopper. Immediately a strong medicinal fragrance wafts out.

jin - 500g