The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 444

Chapter 444
Chapter 444: Transfiguration Room

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

They got the tallies and although Qiao WuXing and the others did not come along with them, they had already received theirs yesterday, when You XiaoMo was stuck to his bed. Everyone got three points except for one.

That one, of course, refers to An Qiao, at his last match something happened which caused him to lose. Although You XiaoMo didnt watch it, he had heard about it.

An Qiao was a mid grade level seven mage and the sixtieth floor consisted of mostly level six and level seven mages. For his pride, he went out of his way to select an opponent that was the same level as him, but you know, even if the other hadnt fought hundreds of battles, they were still veterans with a decent amount of experience.

However, An Qiao, before meeting You XiaoMo, his life had been a breeze, smooth sailing without ever taking a beating. If we were to talk about actual combat, you could probably count it with two hands.

For someone like him, at most his experience was all on paper only, heavily lacking in the practical side and thus the outcome of the match was obvious.

In a fight, its not all about levels.

For example, someone who had learned soul techniques, that was a level seven mage, versus a level eight mage who knew nothing, with only magic but no attacks, all he could do was gave a little pressure.

Not only that, there was also a rule that forbid summoning of contracted demon beasts since some mages demon beasts were much stronger than its owners, so to be fair, it was completely forbidden.

An Qiao knew of this as well, however, in the last round he miscalculated, or rather, he was too prideful and thought too highly of himself.

In the last few minutes of the match, because he was slowly pressurized by his opponent, he lost reason for a moment and summoned his contracted demon beast. As it was about to land an attack, the referee prevented it and called it foul play.

The penalty for such rule-breaking was very harsh.

Thus, not only did An Qiao lose the match, he also lost the points from the first two. Not only that, he could only stay on the tenth floor now, becoming the most disgraceful one out of all of them. If it wasnt for the fact that his teacher was highly reputable in the Mage Guild, he would have been mocked to death by all of its members.

All of this, You XiaoMo heard from Tian Xin, who said it gloatingly.

You XiaoHa, I just realized something, those who oppose you all ended up terribly. Just look at that young master An Qiao, isnt he a prime example?

You XiaoMo and Cheng XiangRong had just come back and Tian Xin, who was staying in Qiao WuXings room saw them and went over. However, it seemed that she remembered what happened to An Qiao and started talking to herself like a madman.

You XiaoMo agreed with Qiao WuXing, this girl had a little craziness in her personality.

When he first met her, he thought she was a nice, next-door-neighbor kind of girl, but the deeper he knew, he realized it was all a faade. Most of the time she was just pretending but when she was happy, she changed completely. Not only that, she would get physical too, with incredible strength as well.

So, when You XiaoMo saw her hand about to touch his shoulder, he instantly jumped away.

Tian Xins hand missed and thus looked disappointedly at You XiaoMo, What are you doing?

You XiaoMo replied, A women should use their words and not their hands.

Confused Tian Xin looked at him, You said it wrong, its gentleman, right.

You XiaoMo also wanted to say, only women and small-minded men are hard to please, but clearly this didnt fit here. He just nodded and lied through his teeth, Its also appropriate for women.

Tian Xin didnt want to talk to him about stuff like this and immediately changed topic, This afternoon Im going to the Beast Transfiguration room with Brother WuXing, do you want to come along?

Beast Transfiguration room?

A question mark appeared above You XiaoMos head.

Tian Xin explained, Its for Transfiguration techniques, the room on the sixtieth floor has a lot of middle level Transfiguration techniques. However, there isnt a teacher, so you have to comprehend everything by yourself.

You XiaoMo nodded, Okay then, remember to call me when you go.

Im going too. Yan Huis head poked out from the door.

Thus, a team of three became a team of eight because Jiu Ye and the three joined as well. Even though they were from the Mage Guild, low and middle leveled Transfiguration techniques could be learned by all mages. However, they were not going to the room, rather they were going to the Mediation Room next to it.

It was said that training in the Mediation room doubled the training speed.

But, just as Tian Xin said, the teachers in the Xiao Yao Institution would not teach these techniques nor were they written in books for students to learn, rather they were murals.

When You XiaoMo heard what Tian Xin said, the first thing that flashed through his mind was the Time Wall.

That day, when he broke through his dream state, he was absorbed into the Time Wall. It was like a sea of knowledge, filled with a myriad of images and numbers. Wanting to find something fitting from that was truly difficult.

However, he was lucky in that what he saw wasnt symbols but rather an ancient level twelve mage named Dan Qing who was teaching his path of the mage. From this, he gained a lot of inspiration.

With the help of Tian Xin, they finally arrived at their destination.

Outside of the Transfiguration room were two attendants, one man one woman. Seeing them arriving, the female attendant said in a cold voice, Everyone who goes into the Transfiguration Room needs to pay one point, the time of stay is one day.

Except for You XiaoMo, no one else was surprised.

The next challenge matches were three months from now, so right now they only had three points, which means they could only go in three times. This was a strict restriction, no wonder everyone cared so much about points.

Excuse me, how do the points work for the Mediation Room? Wan Ya asked politely.

The male attendant said, One point per stay, however, each stay lasts three days, once its up, it will automatically teleport you out.

After everyone understood, they went to their respective ways.

You XiaoMo thought it was so unfair that you could only stay in the Transfiguration room for a day but three for the Meditation room.

Swiping off one point each, the group went into the Transfiguration room one by one. It was a spacious and well-lit room, with ten to twenty people, none of which looked over at the source of the noise. Instead, their eyes were focused on the mural in front of them, some even had a intoxicated expression.

There is a lot of ultimate Transfiguration techniques within the murals of this stone room, but you would have to feel it for yourself to see it. Tian Xin said this carefully before walking ahead.

You XiaoMo let out a breath of air before following suit.

The Transfiguration Room was just like the Time Wall, however, the content to inherit was different that was all. The Time Wall was something passed down from ancient times, with mass amounts of knowledge, but the Transfiguration room was just for a specific topic, so there wasnt nearly as much stuff.

Once he returned to his senses, everyone else had already found a spot.

You XiaoMo felt speechless, it felt as if they were forced to sit in a corner as a punishment or something. Who thought of this?

With previous experience, it didnt take long for You XiaoMo to be in that state.

Beast transfiguration techniques were divided into low, middle, high, these three tiers of difficulty. The sixtieth floor was considered medium difficulty; thus, one could only learn low and middle level techniques.

Like browsing through the internet, You XiaoMo deleted all of the useless techniques, for these kinds of stuff, quality over quantity. Not only that, it needed the cooperation of the contracted demon beasts, if you didnt have one, learning this would be useless. However, there wasnt just one Transfiguration technique.

Some mages didnt have a contracted demon beast, instead they could learn the path of Transfiguration.

The path of Transfiguration had to be tested by the individual, cultivating their ability to connect with demon beasts. If it succeeded, then even without a contract, normal beasts could become a great asset, such as during the beast tide.

However, these people were few, to the point that it was maybe one in a hundred.

After knowing there was such a special case, You XiaoMo expressed great interest in the matter. However, there was a time and place for everything, if he hadnt touched it till now, then clearly it wasnt time.

Once the brain was in deep concentration then a days time went by quickly.

When You XiaoMo opened his eyes a shadow suddenly fell towards his direction. Scared, he quickly dodged to the side.


Tian Xin laid on the floor as she let out a screech of pain.

You XiaoMo refocused his eyes to realize it was the young miss Tian Xin so he couldnt help but feel a little guilt, Are you alright?

With difficulty Tian Xin got up with her hands supporting her hips and stared menacingly at You XiaoMo, Are you a man or what? This lady here fell, and you didnt even know to catch her, not only that you dodged it. Do you even know the idiom to be kind to women?

Hearing this You XiaoMo was just baffled, Werent you just standing their normally? How did you fall?

A flash of unease appeared on Tian Xins face, to cover it up she yelled angrily, Even if I fell, what about it, huh?

You XiaoMo rubbed his nose, Nothing. But he had no responsibility to catch her either, no? Of course, this he decided not to say after careful consideration.

Tian Xin, stop bothering others. Qiao WuXing walked over and scolded.

Tian Xin stomped her feet and ran away.

Qiao WuXing looked at You XiaoMo and said apologetically, Dont mind her, occasionally shed do something random. Its good that you dodged it, if you played along, she would go overboard. If you experience something like this again, you dont have to save me face.

With that You XiaoMo gave a dry laugh and nodded before walking back with Yan Hui and the others.

When they turned around, Qiao WuXings eyes darkened.