The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 45

Chapter 45
Bearded man.

The magic pill transaction concludes without a hitch. Furthermore, the price for these five bottles is even higher than the last time. Because the effect of the magic pill far exceeds that of ordinary level one magic pills, a few customers have indicated that one after another that they are willing to pay a high price after having tasted the sweetness. Although Long Xiao continent does not lack level one magic pills, in fact, it is more like there is a flood of it bordering on disaster, there is also an unending number of martial artists that have a need for magic pills. As long as there is a better option, they would rather pay a little more.

The manager made use of the magic pills that You XiaoMo sold him the last time to boost his reputation so the shop now looks completely different. But because he didn't know when You XiaoMo would come again, he didn't dare to accept pre-orders. He only agreed to let them be the first to know if more is available. Now, even though there are only one hundred magic pills, it is enough for the shop manager.

Because the selling price for these magic pills has doubled, the manager kindly gives You XiaoMo a higher price. In this way, this young man would most probably sell the magic pills to him ba. The manager is operating based on this assumption. After all, there is money to be earned and on top of that, the shop's reputation can be raised, who wouldn't want to do that ah? The only troublesome thing is that the surrounding shops have started to enquire about the origin of these magic pills.

You XiaoMo leaves the shop perfectly content with the two thousand pieces of gold that the manager had given him. This time the price for the magic pills increased by fifty percent. Fifteen gold pieces for one magic pill. One thousand five hundred gold pieces for one hundred magic pills. Add to that the ten over pieces of gold remaining from the last time, his entire wealth is more than that of a lot of TianXin sect disciples. Even disciples from slightly wealthy backgrounds do not have this much.

Ling Xiao doesn't hinder his selling of magic pills. Seeing that the transaction is over, he leaves the medicine shop together with You XiaoMo.

"Where to next?" Ling Xiao is not least bit impatient. His whole person is unreadable, not giving away any sign of what he is thinking.

"Uh, Elder brother Ling, don't you also have something to take care of? If you keep following me, wouldn't that hold up your business?"

You XiaoMo doesn't immediately answer his question. Instead he looks evasively in all directions, everywhere except at Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao smiles slightly, "There's no hold up. Furthermore, it is still early."

You XiaoMo is crestfallen. After this, he wants to go buy magic herb seeds. But he definitely does not want Ling Xiao to go with him. Because usually only mages with medicine gardens will buy magic herb seeds. As for him, a newly minted level one mage, there is no reason to buy so many magic herb seeds. Obviously something is fishy. Someone as intelligent as Ling Xiao would definitely be able to tell. So when the time comes, he will undoubtedly question him.

He had already predicted that Ling Xiao wouldn't abide by his wishes and leave. But he still maintained a glimmer of hope. In the end, Ling Xiao follows him to South street where they sell magic herbs.

South street is less lively than North street but there a still quite a lot of people. A few of them are martial artists. Most of them are mages.

Orchid pavilion is the magic herb shop that You XiaoMo visited the last time. When You XiaoMo walks over, the attendant that served him the last time seems to remember him. Seeing him come over, he warmly receives him and invites him in, of course not forgetting Ling Xiao that is by his side. In reality, the one that the attendant noticed right away was not You XiaoMo but Ling Xiao.

For someone like him that works on commission, judging people is important. With one glance, one can tell that the luxuriantly dressed Ling Xiao is one of those privileged nobles with ten thousand strings of coins in their money belt.

But because he is a previous customer, the attendant's attention falls mainly on You XiaoMo. Hearing that he is here to buy more magic herb seeds, the attendant swiftly takes out fresh stocks that just arrived a few days ago. Level one to level three. All the seeds are fresh and plump.

You XiaoMo thinks about the speed at which the magic herbs are growing in his dimension. He also thinks about the considerable amount of money in his magic bag. This time he buys a lot of magic herb seeds in one go. He buys a set of one thousand seed packets for level three. Two sets of one thousand seed packets for level two. Altogether over eight hundred gold pieces. And so his money bag shrinks by more than half. The good thing is the beaming attendant gifts him one set of five hundred seed packets of level one magic herb seeds.

Upon leaving Orchid pavilion, You XiaoMo looks painfully at the money left in his magic bag. There's only seven hundred or so left.

But _______ You XiaoMo steals a glance at Ling Xiao. Unexpectedly, he actually didn't ask him why he bought magic herb seeds.

"Elder brother Ling, I have bought all the things I needed to buy. Now are we going to take care of your things or are we going to meet up with Junior sister Tang and company at the rest house?

Ling Xiao narrows his eyes and looks at him. Staring at him until his scalp starts to feel numb before saying leisurely: "Let's go to the rest house first ba. After all, those two were brought here by me. If anything were to happen, it would be difficult for me to explain to the Grand Master."

Even though he puts it like that, You XiaoMo feels that there is no sign of the difficulty he mentioned on his face.

Just as they were about to set out to West street, the crowd behind them suddenly bursts out noisily, accompanied by a chaotic rush of footsteps.

You XiaoMo turns to take a look and sees a group of people rushing towards them. But the look on their faces is not one of alarm but rather a look of curiosity after having heard some juicy news. This type of expression is something You XiaoMo is used to seeing. The look of wanting to witness something exciting.

The group of people rush past them towards East street. You XiaoMo is not interested and is about to leave when he hears two street vendors chatting.

"I hear something is going down on East street."

"I heard it too. It seems there is again some conflict. The last time it was at West street. This time it's at East street."

"Don't tell me it's the same group of people? They don't seem to think much of TianXin sect ba. Although HePing is not inside the limits of TianXin sect, it is still under its influence. Who is behind that group of people, actually daring to stir up trouble here?"

"Who knows. But it must be someone big. No one dares to provoke them. It's only that the girls of HePing are now in a wretched situation."

"Exactly. The girls in my house are not allowed to go out, lest they encounter that group of people."

"Haha, the girls from your house? There is still the question of whether they would be interested."

"What do you mean ne?"

You XiaoMo's eyes pop out when he hears the last bit. If he isn't mistaken, Tang YunQi and that Brother Chen seem to have gone to East street. Thinking of this, he immediately turns to Ling Xiao, "Elder brother Ling, how about we go take a look at East street first?"

If it really is what he is thinking of, things are bound to go to hell. With Tang YunQi's character, the situation can only get worse and worse.

Ling Xiao is not interested in finding out if the protagonist is Tang YunQi. He only feels that she would bring him trouble. But since Tang YunQi is the daughter of the Grand Master, he can't just stand aside. Only this makes him go along with You XiaoMo towards East street. South street is not very far from East street. But even leaving now, it would take the time to brew two cups of tea to get there. Who knows if in this short period of them, something irreversible would happen. Because of this, Ling Xiao simply picks up You XiaoMo by his collar and walks to a corner.

When they reappear, the both of them are already at East street. You XiaoMo is all confused and dizzy, basically having no clue of what just happened. Soon he is shocked back to his senses by a shrill scream.

This familiar voice is something he can't forget even if he wants to. It's what comes out of Tang YunQi's mouth. Turning towards the direction of the voice, You XiaoMo's pair of eyeballs almost pop out of their sockets. His face flushes bright red, glancing left and right, not daring to look towards Junior sister Tang again.

The Tang YunQi now, it is really unimaginable that they had parted ways not more than two hours ago. The pink long robe is missing a huge piece of cloth revealing a pair of beautiful slender and fair legs. The remaining piece of cloth barely covers her ample buttocks. The top part is even more tragic. The material at the chest has been ripped open, vaguely revealing soft white breasts. Most probably because she feels extremely ashamed and furious, the exposed skin is flushed pink. It can't be denied that the Tang YunQi now is even more beautiful than before. Even more alluring.

All the men in the crowd are dumbstruck while the women are looking on in admiration, jealousy and hate. A few of which are also gloating in her misfortune.

If there is anyone not moved by the beauty, there is most probably only Ling Xiao. His face can't be any calmer. His gaze is definitely not like the others looking lecherously at the barely clothed Tang YunQi. Instead, it is directed at the bearded man facing Tang YunQi, calmly narrowing his eyes. That man is the one that attacked Tang YunQi, the lecher that tore her clothes to shreds. But he is definitely not an ordinary lecher.

"Damn lecher. Disgracing me like this. Wait till my father finds out. He will definitely set a thousand knives on you and hack you into ten thousand pieces."

Tang YunQi is so furious that it distorts her pretty face. The intense flames of hate in her eyes burns fiercely. If looks could kill, the man in front of her would probably have died a million times over.

The man is not the least bit afraid of her threats, laughing out loud instead. Licking his lips lewdly and wickedly, he says: "By the time your father finds out, I'm afraid it would already be too late ba. By that time you will already be mine. I advise you to obediently yield to me. Perhaps the great me would be pleased and treat you a little gentler."

"Evil lecher. My Elder brother is close by. If you dare to touch a single hair on my Junior sister, my Elder brother will definitely not let you go."

Chen GaoYang who is lying on the floor says hatefully. Earlier, hearing this man humiliate Junior sister, he had fought this man but was unable to beat him. If not, Junior sister would not be in such a dire condition. On top that, the earlier scuffle severed both his legs leaving him unable to even stand up.

"Elder brother? Hmph!" The man laughs coldly. "Don't worry, if he dares to appear in front of the great me, I will ....... "

"What will you do?"

A flippant voice emerges from the crowd, cutting him off.