The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 455

Chapter 455
Chapter 455: Ripoff

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

For a full day and night, Ling Xiao, who had been forced into abstinence for over a month, made sure You XiaoMo wasnt able to get off the bed. His legs were still shaking the day after, and a certain someone refused to let him use spiritual water to relieve his exhaustion.

After handing over the high leveled magic pills he had refined before, You XiaoMo felt a deep-seated sorrow. He felt like he had been tricked because of his generosity; like a masochist, he had paid the other after being tormented. Was he an idiot!?

However, Ling Xiao was set on sending away XiaoHei, PiQiu and MaoQiu.

As for the Metal Swallowing Beast and CatQiu, the situation concerning the Metal Swallowing Beast was special, so he could only stay by You XiaoMo. CatQiu had to keep You XiaoMos appearance hidden and therefore couldnt leave either.

The following day, You XiaoMo didnt see them. Even SheQiu had been chased off by Ling Xiao after most of his injuries healed.

SheQiu was pretty strong, but with the speed at which You XiaoMo was improving at, he was very likely to get left behind soon, so he didnt have any complaints, because no one was willing to have Ling Xiao point at them and say You have the face to be a demon beast?

Demon Beasts had their pride.

After that, Wu Cheng came to visit him.

This kid seemed to be dead set on making friends with him and the two elders didnt have any objections, though it mightve been because of Ling Xiao, but he spoke as bluntly as ever.

You XiaoMo didnt like people who concealed their intentions when speaking. Like Ling Xiao said, he wasnt all that intelligent, so he couldnt beat others with brains, so he felt more at ease interacting with people who were straight forward and he might even gain a sense of superiority if the other was even more stupid than he was.

He really wanted to say something to that superiority my ass!

There was a month until the next challenges so You XiaoMo didnt need to rush to get back to the XiaoYao Institution. Plus, he still had to wait for Xiong Xiao to contact him. The Cang Alliance definitely mustve gotten wind of the battle with Old Eagle two days ago.

You XiaoMo didnt know that not only had the Cang Alliance gotten wind of it, they had even recorded Ling Xiao and Old Eagles battle into jade drives and were selling them for money. As for his and One-Eyed Scarfaces battle, it had been completely outshone by Ling Xiao and Old Eagle.

Now, many people were all talking about one topic.

You AnTai and Old Eagle had both been kicked out of the Ten Gods by Ling Xiao. Now, one of the open positions had been taken by Ling Xiao, but there was another position. If there was no newcomer to fill in the position, then they could only choose one out of the two.

This was troublesome for the Cang Alliance as well, because the two were approximately equal in strength.

No one wouldve expected that, not long later, there really would be a newcomer who would kick both veterans out of the Ten Gods.

Afterwards, You XiaoMo had spent three more days in the ShuangYu hotel. He wasnt idle. The high level pills he had refined before had all been eaten by Ling Xiao. This guys appetite seemed to have grown from before.

He remembered that Duan QiTian had given him a high-level pill as a gift back when they first met. Back then, when Ling Xiao ate it, he seemed to need some time to digest it. Now, he ate level ten pills like they were candy; just how much had his cultivation level risen?

You XiaoMo found out that Qiao WuXing and company had come looking for him these few days. He had been refining pills then and was extremely focused, so he didnt notice their arrival. They came and sat around for a while before Ling Xiao sent them away.

On a clear, cloudless day, the person Xiong Xiao had sent finally arrived: a young man who seemed around twenty-seven or twenty-eight called Yu Bu.

Yu Bu was Xiong Xiaos shidi, ranked thirty-one. Though he was ranked rather far back and wasnt the most talented, the Cang Alliances alliance head would never take in an ordinary disciple.

That Xiong Xiao had sent his shidi personally as a messenger was enough to prove that he was taking this seriously.

Yu Bu took out a jade drive and handed it over. Brother Xiong wanted me to deliver this jade drive to you two. The information youre looking for is all on here.

It was Ling Xiao who took the jade drive. He glanced at it casually and couldnt help but raise an eyebrow. The jade drive had no seals on it, meaning that anyone could easily see what was inside.

Yu Bu seemed to see through his suspicions and explained, Please, be at ease. The lack of seals is merely a sign of trust between us brothers, but I can promise that after the jade drive came to my hands, no one has seen whats inside, including me.

Seems like you have quite a good relationship with your shixiong, You XiaoMo commented, a little enviously.

Yu Bu smiled. Oh yeah, Brother Xiong also asked me to give you something. He said you might need it. He took out a blue jade talisman as he spoke.

Whats this? You XiaoMo asked curiously.

Yu Bu said, Its a Dimensional talisman.
Reminder note: Dimensional talisman is the one that Yu Wennan, the guy from You Clan, crushed when he kidnapped Feng Chiyun(chap 373).

You XiaoMo looked to Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao said, Only Sacred level practitioners can create Dimensional talismans. Theyre categorized into three levels, and can allow a person to travel across large distances easily. For example, using a The Dimensional teleportation portal to go to the Southern Continent from Central City needs over a month, but it takes less than a day when using the Dimensional talisman.

You XiaoMos eyes lit up at once, and all that was left in his head was the words less than a day.

Ling Xiao didnt lose his cool like him and instead asked, Xiong Xiao isnt giving this to us for free, is he?

Yu Bu smiled. Thats right. Hes not giving you this for free. The Cang Alliance doesnt make unprofitable business, but seeing that you two are regulars, I can give you a discount.

You XiaoMo truly, deeply felt that the Cang Alliance had turned a profiteering into an art. Even when delivering a message, they had to take the chance to make a sale. They really never let a chance to profit go.

However, the Dimensional talismans really were rather valuable and most people wouldnt use spirit gems to measure their value.

Last time he had agreed on giving Xiong Xiao twenty ice statues as payment. Minus the ten he still owed Xiong Xiao, he had nine left. You XiaoMo decided to just give Yu Bu all of it and obtained two low level Dimensional talismans in exchange.

Yu Bu had heard Brother Xiong tell him about this, but he hadnt thought he would have so many. Spiritual water with a purity of almost one hundred percent was rare; it was worth two low level Dimensional talismans.

After their transactions, Yu Bu took out a gold-gilded black card and gave it to them.

You XiaoMo accepted it and found that it was an invite.

Yu Bu explained, Itll be our Xiao shidis birthday celebration in a few days. This is an invite from the Cang Alliance, and we welcome you two to attend.

You XiaoMo, thinking that it was on the way, anyways, agreed to attend.

After sending off Yu Bu, they didnt check the contents of the jade drive immediately, but instead packed up to return to the XiaoYao Institution. It had been five or six days, and You XiaoMos name was even more well known. After all, that battle had occurred not far from XiaoYao Institution, so everyone had gotten wind of the event pretty soon.

There was also Ling Xiao. It was only now that everyone knew that the man that was usually with You XiaoMo was a peak Divine level powerhouse. He was at the peak of existence in the TongTian Continent.

According to Yan Hui, the one with the most intense reaction to this had been An Qiao.

There was bad blood between An Qiao and You XiaoMo, everyone knew that. He had ran back to the Mage Guild the day before they returned to XiaoYao Academy, probably afraid that You XiaoMo would come after him.

After returning to XiaoYao Institution, the first thing that You XiaoMo did was to apply to remove his name from the challenges. He wasnt sure how long theyd be in the Southern Continent, so to avoid any accidents, he decided to be direct. However, they met some obstacles.

What did you say? We have to pay a point?

Yes, the male manager said calmly.

You XiaoMo felt that he had been tricked. Last time when I asked another person she didnt say it cost a point.

The male manager said, Just because it wasnt said doesnt mean it doesnt exist.

You XiaoMo almost coughed out blood. What a ripoff!

Since the challenges only occurred once every three months, points were very valuable to most people, otherwise, youll have to wait three months if you spent it all. That meant three months would be wasted, so unless it was absolutely necessary, no one would be willing to use up points.

You XiaoMo wasnt willing either. He only had two points left, and he still wanted to go to the Beast Transfiguration room again, as well as the Meditation room. If he spent it here, then he wouldnt be able to do anything he wanted after coming back.

If I dont remove my name and someone challenges me but I dont attend or challenge anyone else, what will happen?

It counts as a loss. If you lose, then youll be moved to a lower level.

Just like that?


You XiaoMo smiled. Wasnt it just being moved down three floors? He could just gain that back next time. This was much better than spending one point to remove his name, so he decided to not remove his name. Just as he was preparing to bid the male manager goodbye, the other suddenly threw out a sentence that caused him to freeze.

However, you have to use at least one of your three challenges, otherwise you break the rules, resulting in one point being deducted.

You XiaoMo: Can you tell me earlier next time?

Of course.

Unfortunately, there wasnt a next time.

Five minutes later, You XiaoMo walked out of the registration area with his one point tally in a fury. What a damn ripoff, not giving a single way out. He had thought he was smart enough to find a loophole, yet when he turned, another person was there to rip him off.