The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 456

Chapter 456
Chapter 456: Naturally Talented

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Once You XiaoMo returned to Xiao Yao Institution, he received the condolence and concerns of Qiao WuXing and the others. However, everyone was careful as to not mention the fact that Tian Xin liked him. Especially after knowing of Ling Xiaos strength, Tian Xin, as if a mouse saw a cat, started to avoid You XiaoMo.

If we were to talk about who was the least surprised, it would probably be Qiao WuXing, Jiu Ye and the others since they had already known about the update on the Ten Gods List.

Once he sent everyone off, Ling Xiao took out that jade drive again.

You XiaoMo quickly closed the door.

Regardless of what was Xiong Xiaos mentality, maybe because he thought they knew nothing of the Vermillion Blood Clan, he included those of the main family as well as the two side family members too.

The current head of the Vermillion Blood Clan had four sons, all of which were filled with ambition towards the seat as the head. Under each of them was one royal God of War and each God of War had many teams beneath them. The one called Yu WenNan who snatched Feng ChiYun away was actually called You Tian Nan, he was the underling of the third son.

Following this clue of You TianNan, Xiong Xiao found the third son of the Vermillion Blood Clan, however, Feng ChiYun was not with him.

The other three sons also knew of You TianNans actions, thus believing that Feng ChiYun was the only clue to successfully find You XiaoMo, they all wanted him in their hands and thus fought over it.

Later, when the old head found out, he took him away.

However, Xiong Xiao was able to find out that Feng ChiYun was not locked up in the main familys dungeon, since once one was locked up there, there was almost no chance of getting out.

The old head didnt imprison Feng ChiYuns activity, however he was only allowed to move around in the main house.

Thinking that they may not know where the main family was, Xiong Xiao also gave them a map.

Xiong Xiao also mentioned in the jade drive that in a few days the Vermillion Blood Clan would send someone over to celebrate his Xiao Shidis birthday. As for who he didnt know, but their status couldnt be too low.

It was well known that Xiong Xiaos shifu dotted heavily on their Xiao shidi and for being one of the superpowers of the Southern Continent, no matter how egocentric the Vermilion clan was, they had to give his shifu some face. Therefore, if the one attending wasnt the old head then it would be one of his sons.

What level was the old head as a practitioner? You XiaoMo asked. The Vermillion Blood Clan really proved to be a huge family that had lineage lasting since the ancient times for having such a rich foundation. To break in to the main family and save Feng ChiYun was not going to be easy.

Ling Xiao started to recall as he was reading the content of the jade drive, Supposedly he is at the same level as the Cang Alliances leader, you tell me how strong he is.

The Cang Alliances leader was a Sacred level practitioner who had gain his reputation ages ago, if the old head was at the same level as him, then he must be at the top of practitioners in the Tong Tian Continent. If they wanted to rescue Feng ChiYun from him, by the current state of things, the chances were close to none.

You XiaoMo started pacing around perturbed, With your level right now, you are probably not a match for the old head, right? If thats the case, we cant do it by force, but then how are we going to rescue Feng ChiYun?

Our only option now is to depend on our luck. Ling Xiao said.


Ling Xiao passed the jade drive that he finished reading to him and said, Xiong Xiao said in the drive that the old head may personally go and attend the celebration. If he was to leave the main house, then we could sneak in and find Feng ChiYun.

After You XiaoMo thought of something, his mouth twitched, Something as unreliable as luckif the one who attend is his son then wont we waste time by waiting?

Ling Xiao stood up and patted him on the shoulder, You have to believe the halo on top of your head.

You XiaoMo,

Dont say stuff like this constantly, it gives me the false impression that you are more like a modern person than me.

What he didnt know was that the halo Ling Xiao was talking about was the luck that everyone had. The more prosperous the luck, the better chance you have of everything going according to plan.

You XiaoMos luck was the strongest out of everyone Ling Xiao has seen. It was simply that he didnt describe it as luck but rather halo that made You XiaoMo confused.

Ah, right, how high is your level right now?

As You XiaoMo remembered it, Ling Xiao had said that he was at the pinnacle of the Divine level. However, since then it had been a few months, unless he had broken through the barrier between the Divine and Sacred level, he wouldnt be comfortable with this Southern Continent Road trip.

Because no matter how strong someone was, they couldnt beat a group.

About this Ling Xiao laid on the bed and replied in a lazy tone.

You XiaoMo climbed up the bed and asked with sparkling eyes, What?

Ling Xiao lowered his eyelids and from You XiaoMos perspective, his eyes looked very deep, as if it was a vortex. You XiaoMo stared at his eyes and from it shined something akin to a smile, but what came out of his mouth was maddening.

If you straddle me Ill tell you.


You XiaoMo calmly stared at him for a while. His gaze shifted from his face down to his flat stomach and with one swift motion he sat on it with his butt, forcefully.

Ling Xiao let out a small grunting noise and just as You XiaoMo was feeling pleased with himself, he was suddenly pulled own by the collar. Their lips smacked against each other, it was so painful that You XiaoMo felt tears coming and a taste of blood in his mouth.

Just as he was about to complain, Ling Xiao pressed the back of his head in and firmly, but also tightly, covered his mouth. The iron taste of blood spread across their mouths, mixing like blood and water.

T/n: Blood and milk mixed well together () is a pun to the chengyu Water and milk mixed well together () because Momo was tasting blood in his mouth XD. The chengyu means in complete harmony

Ling Xiaos other hand was touching all of his sensitive spots on his waist. Instantly the once stiff posture relaxed, and all of his weight fell onto Ling Xiao.

Feeling that his hand was about to touch somewhere it wasnt supposed to, You XiaoMo quickly grabbed the hand that was toying with him. In a embarrassment-turned-anger voice said, Are you going to tell me or not?

Ling Xiao, with a twist of his hand, very maliciously, grabbed his little bird through his clothes. It was soft and squishy, with one squeeze it slowly began to harden and he could feel its temperature slowly awakening too.

You XiaoMos face became as red as a monkeys butt.

Take off your pants, if you let me do it once Ill tell you. Ling Xiao said with a devilish laugh.

You XiaoMo had already discovered that his thing was already awakened and it was pressing against his butt. That firmness and temperature wasnt any less than his own. What do you do when the arrow was already on the bowstring? You release it!

Ling Xiao laid down on the bottom, unwilling to move, and thus You XiaoMo had to do it himself. He slowly took off his pants and with his upper body neatly in tack, the thing between his legs were covered by the shirt, only revealing the two pale white thighs and a round butt. Visually it was very alluring and forbidden.

Straddling as a position was slightly embarrassing, especially when the guy below kept looking at him with a straightforward and bare gaze at his lower parts.

You XiaoMo pulled down Ling Xiaos pants and the high-spirited massive thing quickly jumped out, almost hitting his face, scaring him a little. After rubbing it a few times, when it couldnt be any harder, he moved one leg across him and aimed to sit straight down. Suddenly Ling Xiao held his butt.

Um, arent you going to lube up?

Dont worry, Im naturally talented.


Although it wasnt the first time that Ling Xiao choked on his words, this time was definitely the worst. Probably because his face, after being so thin for so long, just became thick.

Reminder note: reread chapter 430 *cough* ( ). Suck on your word, LX.

When it first entered, it truly did hurt slightly, there was no lubrication or foreplay, thus that place was dry and unsmooth. But, maybe it was like he said, he was naturally talented because he quickly started feeling it too.

After they finished their thrusting exercise, You XiaoMo laid on top of Ling Xiao panting heavily. It was the first time he realized that being the initiator would be so hard. He had no ounce of strength left in his body and his sticky lower body was still connected to Ling Xiaos.

Now youre happy right? You XiaoMos soft and fluffy voice rose.

With a feeling of fulfillment, Ling Xiao relaxed his eyes and said, If we do it a few more times I would be even more satisfied.

You XiaoMo, then you dont need to be satisfied.

Ling Xiaos chest started shaking from laughter.

You XiaoMo flipped his body over, getting himself off of Ling Xiao and with it the big ding-dong, that was inside of him, slid out too. Laying on his side, he ignored him.

Ling Xiao turned to the side to look at him, My current level is at Sacred one star and the reason that I didnt level-up in the Central City was because the transition between the two stages will cause a huge commotion. My current level needs to be a secret from others, so I had to be careful.

You XiaoMo lifted his head, although he didnt know why some people couldnt know, it likely had to do with the time ten thousand years ago, before he left the Tong Tian Continent.

There is a huge chasm between the Sacred and Divine level, thus even if we were to be found out by the Vermillion Blood Clan, we could escape. However, our identity must not be discovered. The old head of the Vermillion clan should be a high star leveled Sacred practitioner and thus if we dont want to live a life of exile then we must disguise ourselves, especially you. Ling Xiao said.

What about me?

Ling Xiao continued, Although Cat Qius disguise is still one of a kind, but with his current level its still not enough. Once he meets a Sacred leveled practitioner, it would instantly be seen through.

Then what are we going to do?

Ling Xiao said thoughtfully, One is to raise the level of CatQiu, however, with the current situation that may be impossible. Then the only option left is to learn a Beast Transfiguration technique from the Beast Transfiguration room that can turn Cat Qiu into something like a human skin mask. That way, even if he knew there was a disguise, he wouldnt know your true face.

With that You XiaoMo immediately got up and pulled up his pants and got off the bed. Then what are we waiting for, lets go to the Beast Transfiguration room now.

Just as Ling Xiao was about to stop him, he jolted out of the room.