The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 457

Chapter 457
Chapter 457: Prank

Translated by Rachel of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The human skin mask type of Beast Transfiguration technique was a mid level Beast Transfiguration technique. It was on the sixtieth floor of the Beast Transfiguration room, but to find the one he wanted among the numerous Beast Transfiguration techniques available was no easy feat. However, he didnt have time to waste.

Seeing people running over here in the middle of the night, the guard who was guarding the Beast Transfiguration room couldnt help but do a double take. Upon closer inspection he realised it was You XiaoMo, who was the subject of peoples conversations these few days. The guard then involuntarily looked behind You XiaoMo. Not finding Ling Xiao there, he promptly retracted his gaze without a trace.

After paying one point, You XiaoMo rushed into the Beast Transfiguration room.

Although it was already late into the night, there was still quite a lot of people in the Beast Transfiguration room. Following his arrival, only one or two people who hadnt gone into meditation spared him a glance.

You XiaoMo casually let his eyes sweep over the rooms interior. In the night, the stone wall of the Beast Transfiguration room gave off a light greyish glow that couldnt be seen during the day.

After finding a relatively empty spot, You a XiaoMo started to meditate.

The stone wall were like the ocean and trying to find the droplet of water he wanted was like finding a needle in a haystack. Thats why at this moment it all depended on his luck and perseverance.

He only had one days time. The soul power that emanated from You XiaoMo spread out like a huge piece of gauze, covering the vast ocean that was the stone wall in a frenzy. It sifted out Beast Transfiguration techniques continuously at a high frequency and despite it being a crude method, it was the most effective.

Although he couldnt examine the other Beast Transfiguration techniques in detail, at the moment You XiaoMo just took in whatever seemed good to him.

However since his actions were overly large-scale, inconveniencing others was inevitable. After all, the stone wall was just one whole body and others soul power were also in there.

Unable to focus, some could only withdraw their soul power and look at You XiaoMo in displeasure. They might be upset but they didnt dare to say anything. Anyone who wasnt blind enough could tell that You XiaoMos power level was way above theirs.

The good thing was, this action of You XiaoMos didnt last for long.

Not long after, he consecutively found a few Beast Transfiguration techniques that were not bad.

The mask type Beast Transfiguration techniques were something that many people used when they were outside. Some people didnt want others to see their own faces, some needed a disguise to flee for their lives. As a result, this type of Beast Transfiguration technique was relatively more abundant.

You XiaoMo discarded a few and eventually kept one technique that had a moderately high level of difficulty. As he was pressed for time, he started to cultivate on the spot.

In the silent Beast Transfiguration room, his mumbling couldnt be unheard no matter what.

Everyone present looked towards him in shock once again. He was actually cultivating in the Beast Transfiguration room? One must know that the time spent in here was very precious. Basically no one would do what he was doing here. They all just thought him stupid and shook their heads, not bothering to pay him any more attention.

What they didnt know was that not only was You XiaoMo cultivating, he still had another part of his mind with him. This was the advantage of multitasking.

Outside the Beast Transfiguration room, the sky had turned from light to dusk, and then dusk seeped into the night.

Numerous batches of people had already entered and left the Beast Transfiguration room but there werent many who went there in the middle of the night like You XiaoMo. When the night had finally set in, only he was teleported out.

With a spring in his step, he ran to find Ling Xiao. Ling Xiao was already asleep on the bed in his room and he suddenly remembered that he had left Ling Xiao all alone for a whole day just to learn Beast Transfiguration techniques.

You XiaoMo carefully crept over to Ling Xiao and observed his face. Although it was handsome, it was a pity as it was fake. He hadnt seen Ling Xiaos real face in a long time and he suddenly missed it a little bit. You XiaoMo definitely wouldnt admit that he had a thing for pretty faces.

Just as he was dazing out, Ling Xiao suddenly opened his eyes. A pair of pitch black eyes as dark as the night sky met his own, the sudden exchange scaring him to the point of almost falling off the bed.

Embarrassed, You XiaoMo greeted him.

Im back.

Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes but didnt speak.

Ling Xiaos silence suddenly made You XiaoMo uncomfortable all over. He crawled his way to the inner side of the bed and said, I have already found a suitable Beast Transfiguration technique and I learnt it in there along the way Err, Ill show you now.

CatQius illusions were completely different from Beast Transfiguration techniques. CatQius illusions could only trick other peoples eyes but the Beast Transfiguration technique allowed a demon beast to transform into a substantial thing, such as what You XiaoMo was going to do next.

As CatQius illusions were lifted, he himself turned into an extremely thin white mask. He became like a facial mask without the eyes, nose and mouth. As long as this mask was placed on the face it could transform into any face the person wished. Even the skin color would change with the face.

As a prank, You XiaoMo mischievously transformed his face to become Ling Xiaos face.

Looking at the familiar face, the corner of Ling Xiaos lips slowly curled upwards.

Is it fun?

You XiaoMo snickered. He wondered if Ling Xiao could kiss him when looking at his own face. The thought just flashed across his mind before the back of his head was forcefully pressed, narrowing the distance between them to zero. His nimble tongue slipped into his mouth and swept over every nook and cranny domineeringly, giving him a suffocating feeling.

Was he trying to tell him that no matter what hed become, he would kiss him without hesitation?

Then what about an old mans face?

His rational mind was telling him he definitely shouldnt do that, or else he might experience death before he was even due.

My dearest little MoMo, you can try that. Im looking forward to it. Ling Xiaos detestably evil voice quickly progressed to sound like a twisted psychopaths to You XiaoMos ears. The level of danger had reached unprecedentedly high levels.

You XiaoMo suddenly felt that he was indeed courting his own death!

Both of Ling Xiaos hands felt their way under his shirt and began their assault on him.

Since youre so in the mood right now, lets do something meaningful together tonight.

You XiaoMo instantly became like jelly.

There were so many meaningful things to do in this world, it mustnt only be the shoving and thrusting exercise on the bed.

Early next morning, Cheng XiangRong came over to visit You XiaoMo but he was blocked at the door by Ling Xiao. Hearing that You XiaoMo couldnt get up from bed, the naive Cheng XiangRong thought he was sick and immediately became concerned.

Dont bother yourself over it. Hes just too tired. Ling Xiaos body blocked half of the door.

Cheng XiangRong scratched his head, Then, can I go in and see him?


In the end, Yan Hui couldnt take it anymore and pulled him away. He knew Cheng XiangRong must have been too honest and naive and as a result, his brain just didnt get the message. You XiaoMo clearly overexerted himself during their exercise, thats why he was tired. He must have a death wish if he was to go in now.

When afternoon came You XiaoMos body had recovered and returned to his usual lively self. After discussing with Ling Xiao, they decided to leave Central City that day.

When they learned that they were leaving, even Tian Xin, who had been avoiding You XiaoMo recently, showed up. He had only returned for a few days and he was leaving again. Tian Xin thought You XiaoMo was leaving because of her and she couldnt help thinking that her affections were reciprocated.

You XiaoMo didnt hide anything and told them directly that they were preparing to attend a birthday banquet.

Could it be the birthday banquet of the Cang Alliance leaders most beloved disciple? What a coincidence, my family teacher told me about it a few days ago and Ill be attending when the time comes. Oh yes, JiuYe-xiong will most likely be there too but we may arrive later. Qiao WuXing said.

You XiaoMo raised his eyebrows in surprise.

I want to go too. TianXin immediately raised her voice of speak. She had never even heard of it.

Qiao WuXing shrugged as if it was no big deal.

If Master agrees to bring you along, then I have no problem with that.

Tian Xin gritted her teeth. Oh please, that was asking for the impossible.

After exchanging a few words, You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao left. However, instead of immediately using the dimension talisman to leave Central City, they headed over to the trading districts as they had decided to buy more dimension talismans just in case.

Ling Xiao might be a Sacred level powerhouse but he didnt have the materials to make the dimension talisman on hand. It wasnt easy to find the materials for the dimension talismans either, so they could only see if the trading districts had any to sell.

The most famous part of Zhong Tian was its trading districts. Large and small trading districts added up to more than a few hundred of them and almost every trading district had a lot of popularity. As a result, the trading districts had become the first stop that many powerhouses go to in search of treasures when they come to Zhong Tian.

About half an hour later, the both of them stood at the beginning of a rather wide street and looked at the bustling crowds on the street. Along the street were vendors with their own stalls, they were practitioners or mages who were trying to get rid of what they didnt need by exchanging them for something they wanted.

Following where the street led, they walked inside. There was an array of products, many of which You XiaoMo hadnt seen before anywhere else but they were too low grade and he didnt need them now. The most he did was spare them a look before before moving on to the next stall.

Before coming, You XiaoMo had already enquired about the materials needed for the dimensional talisman. They needed something known as the black jade, which was completely black in color with tiny crystals glimmering from within it. It looked tough but it was an extremely brittle type of jade.

However after they searched one round, they couldnt find a place that sold the dimensional talisman or the black jade.

No wonder only sacred level powerhouses could make them. Such precious items were not found in Zhong Tians trading districts.

You XiaoMo sighed disappointedly.

Are you looking to buy the black jade used to make the dimensional talisman? An old voice drifted into his ears with a hint of caution and probing that was hardly detectable.

You XiaoMo turned his head and found an old, wrinkly-faced vendor.