The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 461

Chapter 461: Meeting Again
Chapter 461: Meeting Again

Translated by Rachel of a Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Not long after You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao left ZhongTian, ShuangYu hotels internal powers underwent a huge change. Fattys dad was quickly kicked out of the management team, reducing the team of originally five people to four.

Internally, ShuangYu hotel wasnt as peaceful and calm as everyone thought. On the surface, it was supposed to be five people managing the hotel together but due to disagreements, the management team was divided into two groups. On Wu Chengs side, there was only his father and his fathers buddy who had been on very good terms with him since way back. As for the other three managers, they stood together.

The situation was extremely unfavourable for Wu Chengs side.

This was because every time there was an important matter and they had disagreements in their views, the five of them would have to take a vote. Wu Chengs side would always end up with two votes only.

In order to change the situation, they had to get rid of one person from the other group and install one of their own.

As a result, they targeted Fattys father because he was the weakest and the future generations from his side tended to be worse than the previous ones. For example, Fatty, who only knew how to do things that made himself a burden for his father. There was no better choice than getting rid of him.

Hence Wu Cheng made use of You XiaoMo as a fuse and worked together afterwards to take Manager Zhang down. However, they werent able to install one of their own men as the fifth person into the management team. Neither was the other group successful. This was because that DaRen had decided that he would personally attend future meetings. He himself, was the so-called fifth person.
t/n: Daren: title of respect toward superiors

While it was different from how he had planned, the outcome of the current situation was already very ideal.

And this was all thanks to You XiaoMo. Same for that time with the Eagle Guild.

The Eagle Guild had always been a scourge to ShuangYu Hotel and especially so for that DaRen. Old Eagle was always riding on his head, which resulted in quite a fair bit of his anger building up. Thats why when he learned that Old Eagle was chased out of Central City, no one could be happier than him.

They didnt know what that DaRen thought about it, but when he learned that Manager Zhangs faction had offended You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao, his decision indeed came faster than before.

You XiaoMo had no knowledge about any of this because he and Ling Xiao had already returned to the Southern Continent.

As there was a limit to the distance travelled for the low grade dimensional talisman, they couldnt reach their location directly and had no other choice but to accept being transported to a random location of Southern Continent.

Bei Yang City, what is this place?

You XiaoMo looked up at the top of the city gate and saw the name of a city. The scale of it could only be considered as moderate, but the city walls were extremely high and there were a lot of people entering and leaving the city gate. The security was also tighter than what was usual for other cities, it was as if this Bei Yang City was an important checkpoint.

Ask and you will know. Ling Xiao said casually before taking the lead by walking first.

There were many people in Bei Yang City, all sorts of them, so the two easily got the information they wanted.

Indeed, Bei Yang City was an important natural fortress. One must pass through the city to reach the Southern Continents most prosperous areas, so coming to the city had become a must for many merchants.

However, this time the influx of people was greater than the usual.

This was because it would soon be the birthday of the disciple of the Cang Alliances leader. Even though there were only a few people invited, many still flocked there to take a look. If they were lucky enough to meet all the rumoured powerhouses, it would be worth it.

The two of them werent in a rush to reach their destination after entering the city. The purpose of their trip to the Southern Continent this time was to gather information regarding Feng ChiYun. Since Bei Yang City was a natural fortress, it certainly must be well-informed about such news.

Speaking of which, do you guys know whats so special about the Cang Alliance leaders most beloved disciple? I dont think Ive heard anything extraordinary about him.

The restaurant was a hotchpotch of crooks and honest folk and in it many people were having lively discussions on the upcoming birthday banquet. Speaking about the banquet, everyone had the same question in mind.

I heard that the Cang Alliance has hidden that person very well. Almost no one has seen him.

He cannot not show up for his own birthday, can he?

You may not know about this, but I was fortunate enough to witness it five years ago. That person did appear, but he wore a black cloak and a hat on his head. He was wrapped up from head to toe, its impossible to tell how he looks but it seems like he has a weak body.

Im really curious!

You XiaoMo perked his ears up and listened but after so long no one had even mentioned a thing about the Vermillion Blood Clan. Did they just finish talking or did they have nothing to talk about?

Hey big brother, I heard theres a lot of people attending the banquet and theyre all significant figures. Is it true? You XiaoMo couldnt help but ask the person at the next table.

The man wasnt surprised.

Of course, just look at the Cang Alliance leaders status. The people that are invited are either powerhouses on the Tong Tian list or major forces from all around. Some even take pride in being invited by the Cang Alliance.

Then which forces are attending? You XiaoMo continued to probe further.

Theres so many. The two big guilds from Zhong Tian, the Guma tribe and a few others from DongZhou, the Four Ancient Beast Clans and some powerful demon beasts from XiJing, the Vermillion Blood Clan and two side branches from the Southern Continent etcetera.

The mans companion who was sitting beside him interjected, Oh yeah, there was supposed to be an Eagles Guild, but ever since Old Eagle lost and fled, everyones been guessing if hell show up at the banquet.

Then who do you think the major forces will send to attend the banquet?

The man thought for a while before saying, Its hard to tell. Take the Vermillion Blood Clan for example. Theyre extremely powerful and influential and they have a lot of talented individuals in the family. Its hard to say who theyll send, but if nothing unexpected happens it should be among the four sons of the old family head.

Why so certain? This wasnt the answer You XiaoMo wanted.

This sort of thing is easy to guess. No matter how much the Cang Alliance leader loves his disciple, that cannot make up for the difference in their status and power. If it was the Cang Alliance leader celebrating his birthday, then the old family head from the Vermillion Blood Clan would most likely attend in person.

From what he had said, their hopes of the situation turning out how they wished were slim.

You XiaoMo looked at Ling Xiao helplessly.

Ling Xiao tapped his chin and thought.

At this moment, two people wearing cloaks walked through the door. From their tall and broad physiques it was most probably two men. The two of them scanned around the lobby after they entered the restaurant before settling on the direction You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao were at and walked over.

The way the two of them dressed was too attention-grabbing. A handful of people had their sights on them and their eyes followed as they moved, until they stood in front of You XiaoMos table.

You XiaoMo looked up in surprise. Just as he was about to open his mouth to speak, he caught a glimpse of strands of silver hair peeking out from under the hood of one of the men. When he thought of silver hair he thought of that person.

At this moment, the other person took a step forward and slightly lowered his hat, revealing a familiar face.

We finally found you guys. He smiled and greeted them.

That person was really Zhan YuXuan. Then the other one must be Yin Ge, but wasnt Yin Ge locked up by his father? Why would he be here?

Seeing as they were acting so cautiously, You XiaoMo had the shop manager open up a room for them and they headed upstairs together.

Once they entered the room, Zhan YuXuan took off his cloak whereas Yin Ge only had his head of silver hair out, cloak still on him with no intention of taking it off.

You XiaoMo poured two glasses of water for the two of them.

Zhan YuXuan gave his thanks before downing the cup of water in one shot. They ran to so many places today they hadnt even had a sip of water till now.

Yin Ge didnt drink. His usual cold eyes fell on Ling Xiao and there seemed to be a hint of surprise and shock in them.

How did you recognise us? You XiaoMo didnt notice Yin Ges gaze. He finally couldnt stop himself from asking the question that perplexed him. They had clearly changed how they look, no matter how familiar they were they shouldnt be able to tell at first glance.

Its the name. Furthermore you guys are a duo, it wont be hard for someone who is familiar with you two to guess correctly. As for the appearance, someone has already spread Ling Xiaos portrait around from your battle with the Eagle Guild. Zhan YuXuan smiled.

So he was just Ling Xiaos accessory?

Ha ha, very funny, You XiaoMo thought. Why not spread his portrait too? Although he looked plainer, he could at least show his face, even though that wasnt even his real face.

After that, Zhan YuXuan briefly talked about what had happened. Basically they were fugitives now and because Yin Ges father was a Sacred level powerhouse with a lot of influence in Tong Tian Continent, they were afraid of being found. That was why they were so cautious and always trying to hide the whole way, especially Yin Ge as his silver hair was too noticeable.

They had already been waiting within Bei Yang City since five days ago.

Zhan YuXuan had guessed that they would most likely pass by Bei Yang City so they decided to wait for seven or eight days. If they hadnt seen You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao by then, they would directly head to the birthday banquet that the Cang Alliance had organised.

As to why they were so certain, it was because Ling Xiao had already made it onto the Ten Gods List and the powerhouses from the Ten Gods List would have received an invitation from the Cang Alliance.

Following that, You XiaoMo told them about the news of XiongXiao and their plan.

After listening to their plan, the both of them looked back at You XiaoMo in shock. Having guts alone wasnt enough to break into the Vermillion Blood Clans base camp.

If we really are going to the Vermillion Blood Clans main house, I have an idea that can make the old family head change his mind and attend the banquet personally. Yin Ge spoke up and broke his silence.

The three of them immediately focused their eyes on him.

You may not know this since you just arrived on Tong Tian Continent, but the Southern Continents situation is somewhat grim. It may look peaceful on the surface, but in reality its a turbulent time. Yin Ge slowly explained.