The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 463

Chapter 463: Differential Treatment
Chapter 463: Differential Treatment

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

As the Southern Continent erupted in commotion about the new mysterious Sacred level powerhouse, You XiaoMo and the other three were already on their way to the Vermilion Blood familys main branch.

Yin Ges father was a Sacred level powerhouse, so his father had created quite a few Dimensional talismans. When Yin Ge escaped, he had taken a few. You XiaoMo had been wondering if they should have Ling Xiao try and create a few beforehand; he had never expected Yin Ge to be the child of a Sacred level practitioner.

With the use of Dimensional talismans, it didnt take them long to get to the city the Vermillion Blood family was in, Vermilion Blood City.

Though the YinYang Valley and YuXian City were two powerful supporting branches of the Vermilion Blood family, they werent based near the main branch. There was quite some distance between them.

Vermilion Blood City wasnt the most prosperous or the largest city of the Southern Continent, but it was the most well-defended and secure city. Everyone who came in and out of the city was subjected to strict interrogation and they had to follow the Vermilion Blood familys rules after entering.

Due to these troublesome rules, very few practitioners and mages were willing to come to Vermilion Blood City. After all, most people werent masochists.

With all their questioning, well have to plan out what we should say first.

You XiaoMo stood behind a large tree outside of the city and was rather speechless at seeing each person being interrogated for nearly fifteen minutes. This behavior was like interrogating a criminal. No wonder this city had trouble becoming prosperous.

The Vermilion Blood Family was such a powerful group, but they acted like they suffered from paranoia, as if anyone could come and cause irreparable damage to them. They didnt have the bearing of a powerful clan at all.

Zhan YuXuan seemed to notice his doubt, I hear that the Vermilion Blood Family wasnt always this way. Its only recently that theyve increased security.

You XiaoMo immediately fell silent.

Now, with what reason are we going to enter the city?

Generally, there are two choices: one, as merchants; two, as tourists. The former is better as a cover for us.

But merchants need products to sell, right? Where are we going to find that?

Then we can only go for the second.

You XiaoMo glanced at Yin Ge, who had a cloak draped over him. But wont we draw too much attention if we go in together? And Yin Ges silver hair is far too eye-catching. Well have to find a way to deal with that. How about we go in separately?

His suggestion received a chuckle from Zhan YuXuan immediately.

Thats a good idea. Yin Ge was the first to agree.

Splitting up was the safest cause of action, but their reasons for coming to the city couldnt be the same, or else they might catch unwanted attention. So, Zhan YuXuan suggested, they each come up with their own.

You XiaoMo felt like he was trying to get back at him.

But soon enough, Zhan YuXuan wasnt able to laugh any longer, because

You XiaoMo, looking tender and cute, but complaining nonstop in his head, blinked innocently at the guard with his big, dark eyes.

Since Ling Xiao was famous now, they switched back to their original appearances to avoid arousing the suspicion of the Vermilion Blood Family. Either way, apart from You TianNan and Mu Shen, no one else knew their true appearance. Sometimes he was a little worried that they might end up unable to recognize themselves, with all this changing appearance.

The guards face was stony, not letting his guard down just because the other looked harmless. However, after checking that this persons cultivation level wasnt high, his serious expression relaxed a little and easily accepted You XiaoMos reason of tourism, letting him into the city. The entire process didnt even take five minutes.

When it came to Zhan YuXuan

Whats your name? Where did you come from? What do you want to do in the city? Why are you here alone The guard was stoic, reading out the lines he had said thousands of times before.

Zhan YuXuan:

By the time Zhan YuXuan came over, it had been half an hour.

You XiaoMo stood somewhere the guard couldnt see and laughed at the others misfortune. The other glared at him inelegantly. Yin Ge had a bit of trouble. It was a good thing that he had considered how to deal with his silver hair before coming here. Though he had been interrogated by the guard for quite a while as well, he was eventually let through without trouble.

When it came to Ling Xiao

Im here to find my lover.

Sorry, but could you explain the situation? The guard asked, unfazed. He had been a gatekeeper for many years for the city, and had heard all sorts of weird reasons.

He was annoyed with me just now and went inside without me.

Whats his name?

Ling XiaoHa.

The guard checked on his records and found that there really was such a person, and one he had a deep impression of, too, because he was a sweet looking young man. But he couldnt just take Ling Xiaos words at face value because the other mightve eavesdropped on them before and heard of the young mans name.

Thus, the guard had someone bring You XiaoMo over.

The confused You XiaoMo was brought in front of them.

The guard pointed at Ling Xiao and said, He said you were his lover. If so, why did you split up to enter the city?

Ling Xiao raised an eyebrow imperceptibly. This guard was smarter than he looked.

You XiaoMo poked his fingertips together and said in annoyance, He refused to carry me into the city, I dont want to make up with him.

The guard nodded. Alright, you can go inside.

It wasnt until the city gates were no longer in sight that You XiaoMo suddenly grabbed Ling Xiaos arm and bit him, hard, almost making the other bleed. Ling Xiao withdrew his hand. What the hell?

You XiaoMo wiped his mouth and said with a huff, Im annoyed with you! This guy didnt tell him beforehand, so he could only improvise. He wasnt an actor!

Though Vermilion Blood City might not be particularly prosperous, there were quite a lot of people living there. No matter how careful the Vermilion Blood Family were, they couldnt keep tabs on every single person. You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao entered one tavern while Yin Ge and Zhan YuXuan went into the hotel opposite them.

Before sunset, they didnt regroup, each heading to their own targets to get information. When darkness fell over Vermilion Blood City, Yin Ge and Zhan YuXuan snuck into their tavern to regroup with them and share the information they had each collected. The Vermilion Blood Family was heavily guarded. If it wasnt for the fact that Yin Ge and Zhan YuXuans cultivation level had increased by quite a bit, they would have a hard time not being found out. In the end, they still managed to obtain the information needed.

In the past two days, Vermilion Bloods security wasnt this heavy. The reason why it had become this way seemed to have to do with a decision the family head had made. However, very few people dared to discuss this, so they didnt have a solid answer.

It must be that hes planning on acting personally, You XiaoMo said excitedly.

Exactly. Two days ago was when news of a Sacred level powerhouse spread from BeiYang City. That old family head probably cant sit still anymore. Zhan YuXuan nodded.

Ling Xiao said contemplatively, We have to find out when, exactly, he plans on leaving.

There was only five days until the celebration. If that old family head cared so much for the news of a Sacred level powerhouse, then he probably wouldnt leave on the very last day. Since they also had an invitation, they couldnt just not attend. So, if time allowed it, they had to appear at the celebration after saving Feng ChiYun.

But how will we know? You XiaoMo wondered in disappointment. Vermilion Blood Familys disciples seem to have been warned to keep their mouths shut.

They had thought there would be a few loose tongues, but they were met with sealed lips all around.

Ill go and check.

It was Ling Xiao who spoke. He was powerful, so apart from that old family head, no one would be able to catch him. He was truly the best choice. You XiaoMo, afraid he might drag the other down, didnt go with. He stayed in his room alone. Yin Ge and Zhan YuXuan couldnt stay for too long and also went back.

After sending the two off, You XiaoMo went into his dimension.

After SheQiu and the others had left, only the Metal Swallowing Beast and the two evolved Golden Winged Insects were left in the dimension. They both shone with gold and had some sort of metal in their name, but the Golden Winged Insects were much smaller than the Metal Swallowing Beast.
T/n: Both beasts have Jin() in their species name, and Jin can means either Metal or Gold

The two Golden Winged Insects seemed to have a much more matured spiritual awareness than before and liked to land on other people. If one didnt look closely, theyd never notice them on Metal Swallowing Beasts back.

They probably got along well because none of them could assume a human form.

Sensing its masters arrival, the Metal Swallowing Beast suddenly stood.

The Golden Winged Insects on its back were unprepared and tumbled off into the grass. Then, they quickly flew out, wings beating furiously, and headed for You XiaoMo before Metal Swallowing Beast could react.

You XiaoMo, who had been laughing at this scene, froze. He felt that he really needed to get used to these two flying cockroaches.

The two Golden Winged Insects eventually landed on his head, chirping at the slower Metal Swallowing Beast.

Metal Swallowing Beast seemed to feel as if it had been taunted, baring its fangs and running to You XiaoMo before climbing onto his shoulders like on a climbing wall before getting onto his head. He flicked the two Golden Winged Insects off with a paw and sat on You XiaoMos head, laughing in triumph.

The Golden Winged Insects flew about, chirping non stop in anger.

They had been getting along so well not long ago, yet now they had suddenly become enemies.