The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 471

Chapter 471: Battle Of Seating
Chapter 471: Battle of Seating
Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Zuo Yan was a well built man, his features ruggedly handsome, very masculine. Though he looked young, he wasnt part of the youths anymore. Tens of thousands of years ago, he had become a disciple of the Head of the Cang Alliance. Nowadays, he held power over many decisions in the Cang Alliance.

You ZhenTian was courteous to Zuo Yan. Though he held the bearing of an elder, his tone made it clear that he didnt look down on the younger generation.

You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao looked at each other and went off to find Feng ChiYun in sync. If You ZhenTian really brought him, he shouldnt be too hard to find. However, they didnt see any hint of Feng ChiYun when looking around.

As they were wondering about this, Yin Ge suddenly walked over. Ive found him.

You XiaoMo was shocked and asked, Where?

Hes among the Vermillion Blood Clan, at the back, second to last.

You XiaoMo looked at the second to last and found that the Feng ChiYun Yin Ge was talking about was a emotionless young man, his eyes lifeless. The face didnt belong to Feng ChiYun either. Er how can you be certain that hes Feng ChiYun?

Yin Ge said, I can tell.

Alright, you win!

You ZhenTian probably did something to him. Maybe some sort of seal. It seems that You ZhenTian is a very careful person, Ling Xiao said with a frown.

Then what do we do now?

Lets see what chances were given.

Really, this was just called improvising, You XiaoMo complained to himself. Afterwards, the Black Tortoise Clan came at the last minute as Ling Xiao had said they would. Their habit of being slow really never changed. However, with their arrival, the celebration finally began.

The long tables were removed and exchanged for many tables of food. The red table cover had beautiful and delicate patterns stitched on. Though not many people were invited, many had tagged along. The Cang Alliance had prepared for such an occurrence and had tables added after confirming the number of guests.

Just as he was about to ask why the main character of the celebration hadnt appeared, there was a sudden commotion. Then he heard someone yell, The Head of the Cang Alliance is coming!

Everyone immediately looked towards the main hall. The Head of the Cang Alliance, someone who, along with You ZhenTian, was known as one of the Two Greats of the Southern Continent. You XiaoMo had thought he would be a white haired old man, but instead he was a masculine young man with a well-built physique. No wonder his first disciple was Zuo Yan. They probably had more to speak about?

He imagined the two sitting together talking about who had a better figure and did a spittake. Such a thunder striking image, it was best not to think of.

Ling Xiao looked at him with disgust. Even though youre a glutton, it doesnt mean you should be so gross.

You XiaoMo:

This time, hed rather Ling Xiao not figure out what he was thinking, so hed let that glutton comment go.

You XiaoMo quietly wiped a face of blood, continuing to watch the main characters of the evening.

The Head of the Cang Alliances surname was Fu, his first name being CangQiong, a very powerful name. His strength rivalled You ZhenTian. A powerful figure like him should be attended to by a crowd, but instead he lowered himself, supporting an unsteadily walking young man. His two-meter statue made the young man seem exceptionally fragile.
t/n: CangQiong( ): The blue dom of heaven

You XiaoMo couldnt help but widen his eyes. The young man rumored to hold Fu CangQiongs favor had wrapped himself up tight, as expected. It was a shame that they couldnt see his face.

Whats the name of this Xiao shidi? You XiaoMo asked curiously. Speaking of he still didnt know the others name. The invitation hadnt said, only mentioning that it was Fu CangQiongs favored disciple. However, they were in attendance of the celebration so it was rather embarrassing for them to not know the main characters event.

Dont know, Ling Xiao answered, very straightforwardly.

You XiaoMo looked to Yin Ge and Zhan YuXuan. The two shook their heads as one and You XiaoMo couldnt help but sweat a little. They were probably the worst guests in history. It seems like they had to find a chance to secretly ask someone about it.

Fu CangQiong helped his disciple to the edge of the stairs and announced, Thank you, everyone, for coming to the birthday banquet of my beloved pupil. I hope that everyone has fun. Please, sit.

He didnt say much before he was done, but everyone was used to it. When it came to his favored disciple, he usually wouldnt say much.

There was a method to the seating.

The closer you were to the main table, the more important you were. Usually, people were very responsible and polite about this.

For example, You ZhenTian held a position equal to that of Fu CangQiongs, so they sat at the same table. However, that table could only fit ten people.

You XiaoMo, Ling Xiao and company didnt immediately find a place to sit down. Most of those in attendance were young talents. In regards to their experience, they were nowhere near worthy of sitting with You ZhenTian and the others. The only ones worthy were powerhouses of the Ten God Rankings, because they were right below Sacred level.

However, not all those on the Ten God Rankings were in attendance.

After Ling Xiao kicked two people off, only nine were left, but not everyone could arrive in time. Some were in secluded cultivation, some were too far away and some might even be in the Middle Realms, so only three had come, with two of them from the old rankings.

One was from the GuMa Tribe of DongZhou. However, this person kept a rather low profile. The other was from the Mage Guild. As a mage, being able to get onto the rankings was more than impressive.

You XiaoMo didnt know either of them, but their identities were clear because they had sat down at the main table.

Speaking of, Ling Xiao was a member of the Ten Gods. With his position, he could sit at the main table, but

You XiaoMo, seeing that only one place was left at the main table, wanted to push him into going over so that others wouldnt look down on him. That was when something unexpected occurred.

You ZhenTian suddenly started laughing and led his grandson, the second grandson You XiaoMo had been curious about before, to the main table, loudly introducing him to Fu CangQoing and then telling You QingYun to sit in the remaining seat.

With that, everyones expressions twisted.

With You QingTians position in the TongTian Continent, he wasnt worthy of sitting at the main table. This wasnt about being You ZhenTians grandson, but an acknowledgment from the powerhouses of the continent.

You ZhenTians actions didnt just show how much he valued You QingTian, but also made trouble for Ling Xiao in front of everyone, implying that he had no right to sit there. It seemed that this old family head held a grudge for what Ling Xiao did at June Mountains to the Vermillion Blood Clan.

They had been wondering why You ZhenTian had never come looking for trouble regarding You AnTais defeat. He still had this ace up the sleeve.

Just as the crowd was prepared to watch the drama unfold, You QingTian vacated the seat voluntarily, respectfully placing his hands together and bowing as he said, Grandfather, I just saw a few friends over there. Its better if I dont trouble my seniors sitting here.

How is your presence a trouble? I believe that you all dont mind, do you? You ZhenTians expression was as dark as a deep well. Not only did he not go along with what his grandson said, but dragged the others at the table down as he spoke.

They were all stoic, but inside, they were cursing up a storm.

As expected of an old fox like You ZhenTian, he had to pull them into his and Ling Mos spat. If they agreed, then didnt that mean that they thought that Ling Mo, who had already kicked two people off the rankings, wasnt worthy of sitting with them?

They werent as stupid as to go and offend people without provocation. Ling Mo didnt have anything against them either.

I mind. That was when a cold and clear, but emotionless voice, cut through the silence.

The crowd was stunned before realizing that it was the star of the celebration who had spoken, the young man who hadnt said anything yet.

You ZhenTians face darkened at this.

The young man seemed completely unaware of the pressure that was coming down on him, and said, You dont think think of the difference between my masters position and your grandson? Are you trying to insult my master by making him sit with a junior?

With these words, even if it hadnt been You ZhenTians intention in the first place, it was now.

You ZhenTian gave the young man a long look before looking to Fu CangQiong. Alliance Head Fu, your disciple is quite brave, to say something like that to his senior.

The corner of Fu CangQiongs lips curled as he spoke with a smile. Please excuse him, Family Head You, my young disciple here has always had a habit of speaking too fast, too bluntly, and too honestly. If he says anything, dont take it to heart. Hes still a kid.

You ZhenTians face twitched imperceptibly. These words were clearly implying that his disciple was right. Dont take it to heart? Hmph, Fu CangQiong, youve planned this, havent you?

The old family head didnt know that the Alliance Head Fu, hearing his favored disciple defend him and call him my master was absolutely delighted, even though he knew that it might just be because the other was in a mood. It had been a long time since he had heard his beloved disciple say so much in one go.

As they were facing off, the topic of their conversation, Ling Xiao had already found a random table and sat with his companions. After all, something like reputation couldnt be eaten.

Seeing his uncaring attitude, they knew that Ling Xiao didnt care about a mere seat. With that, it seemed like You ZhenTian, the head of his family, was just petty. However, no one dared voice their thoughts.