The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 473

Chapter 473: Three Words
Chapter 473: Three Words
Translated by Rachel of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

As one of the powerhouses on the Ten Gods Ranking, Sir Ling Mo, you must have prepared a very special gift for Wei Bai. Otherwise, you wouldnt have waited till the end. This old man is very curious. Sir Ling Mo, how about you take it out and let us have a look?

As if the fire wasnt burning hot enough, the old man stroked his beard and continued to fan the flames.

With that, everyones attention concentrated on Ling Xiao. They were also curious about what kind of gift he was going to take out.

Of course, there was also no shortage of people who were gloating.

Any person with a discerning eye could tell that the Vermillion Blood Clan was deliberately picking on Ling Xiao.

He might be very powerful, but strength alone wasnt everything. Furthermore, with the Golden Silk Armor already gifted, if the grade of his present was too low he was sure to lose face. Although there were some things that were more precious than the Golden Silk Armor, there definitely wouldnt be many people who would be willing to take them out.

This was definitely a trap set up for Ling Xiao. Regardless of whether he fell for it or not, the Vermillion Blood Clan would have achieved their goal of making him embarrass himself.

Under everyones gaze, Ling Xiao finally stood up.

There wasnt a slightest change in expression on the mans handsome face. It was so calm that people began to find it strange. With Ling Xiaos eyes that seemed to have purple flames dancing in them focused on him, that elder felt a chill out of nowhere.

At this moment, the man smiled.

You must have seen my gift to know that my gift is indeed very special. I originally intended to pass it to Wei Bai after the banquet, but since you are so eager to see it, thats fine too.

Having his own words used against him, the old man wore a slightly displeased look on his face. He forced out a smile and said, Sir you must be joking, how can this old man have seen it? Im just curious about about the special gift that Sir has spoken of, thats all.

The man then revealed a mysterious smile.

The old man had a feeling of being seen through and his presence instantly diminished.

Suddenly, You ZhenTian snorted coldly and put down the half empty cup that he drank from.

The old man broke out in cold sweat.

As the man walked in front of Wei Bai, he felt a few intense stares on him.

Wei Bai, can I have a word with you in private? My present is very special and it cannot be seen by others, please forgive me. The man opened his mouth to speak.

Wei Bai hesitated for a moment.

Fu CangQiong touched his head and smiled dotingly, Go ahead, youre probably curious about it too. Or do you want your master to help you there?

No need! Wei Bai suddenly said coldly.

After he spoke, Wei Bai stood up but because he got up too fast, his body swayed unsteadily.

Just as Fu CangQiong was about to support him, Wei Bai steadied himself by supporting himself with the edge of the table.

The man watched as Wei Bai started to pant after only taking a few steps. There was a hint of a smile in his eyes but he had no intention of helping him, despite having everyones eyes following them.

Is it alright here? Wei Bai stopped and turned to look at the man.

The man nodded and his lips moved, My gift only has a few words

As Ling Xiaos word was passed on directly to Wei Bai, no one knew what he said. All they saw was Wei Bais body suddenly shook vigorously and he soon became agitated, grabbing the man by his collar.

Who are you? He asked in a trembling voice.

This was the first time Fu CangQiong had seen his disciple giving such a strong response. He quickly walked over and wrapped him in his arms. Wei Bai seemed to have used up all his strength as he leaned on him with his full weight. Seeing as he had calmed down, Fu CangQiong asked, What happened?

Wei Bai looked at the man and replied, Nothing, Im very satisfied with his present. I hope you can stay back after the banquet ends, are you alright with that?

Sure. The man gave a faint smile that seemed to say that he had expected that to happen and went back to his seat.

Although no one knew what exactly happened, it was the first time Wei Bai had expressed his like for his present. Furthermore, he even invited the other party to stay. This point alone was enough to make them burn with curiosity.

In contrast, the Vermillion Blood Clan who had presented him with the Golden Silk Armor couldnt even compare with one sentence that he said. It was very obvious which party was the one losing face. The Vermillion Blood Clan tried to give him a hard time but ended up embarrassing themselves instead. That feeling must be terrible. Just look on You ZhenTians face, it had already turned dark!

When Ling Xiao returned, You XiaoMo hurriedly asked him, What did you say to him?

The other people around immediately pricked their ears up to listen. Even those from the next table seemed to be prepared to eavesdrop.

You guess. Ling Xiao said plainly.

You XiaoMo didnt get exasperated this time. He composed himself and thought for a while.

Is it two words or three words?

Three words. Ling Xiao said.

You XiaoMo immediately responded with an enlightened expression.

The people at the next table instantly deflated. Whats with the enlightened expression, he could at least have said it out! How would we know which three words are they if you dont say them!

Of course, You XiaoMo wouldnt say it out loud. If he did, You ZhenTian would definitely notice it. Although he didnt know if You ZhenTian knew that name, the risk was too high.

Opposite them, Lin HaoWu snorted lightly.

Deliberately making things mysterious!

But no one cared about him.

At the other table, Yin Ge took his seat beside Feng ChiYun as soon as he sat down. It was a very rude thing to do to just change seats as one wished at a banquet. A disciple of the Vermillion Blood Clan, who had originally intended to sit beside Feng ChiYun, had no choice but to pick another seat.

Yin Ge lowered his eyes as he saw Feng ChiYuns stiff, puppet-like expression up close, suppressing the raging emotions that burst forth at that instant.

Why is this friends face so stiff and why does he not talk? Zhan YuXuan, who was separated from them by one person, glanced at Feng ChiYun and asked with a smile.

A disciple from the Vermillion Blood Clan looked at him arrogantly and said coldly, My shidi doesnt like to talk to strangers. You dont have to concern yourselves over him.

An opening was hard to come by and Zhan YuXuan wasnt ready to let this topic end just yet, so he continued, I dont mean any ill will but I feel that since hes already attending Wei Bais birthday banquet, he should be happy. If he keeps up that stiff expression on his face, people who dont know him may think hes here to

He didnt continue but it was enough for the other party to piece things together.

As expected, the youth immediately became nervous.

Dont speak such nonsense. The Cang Alliance isnt so petty, my shidi was born like this.

Zhan YuXuan rubbed his chin and smiled, Im not saying nonsense, take a look for yourself. Your shidis expression is rigid and his eyes are dull and lacking in spirit. If I were to say so myself, if Wei Bai saw your shidi like this, Im afraid he wouldnt be pleased. I heard that Wei Bai has an eccentric temper. Furthermore, who wouldnt wish that everyone is happy at their own birthday banquet?

The youth panicked at his words.

As if that blow wasnt strong enough, Zhan YuXuan continued, I also heard that Wei Bai will come over later. Even if he doesnt come to our table, it could be the table beside ours and if he accidentally saw hehe

The naive disciple of the Vermillion Blood Clan turned pale at his words. His mind was filled with horrific scenes of what would happen after the family head discovered that he had caused a huge trouble.

Then what do I do? The youth pleaded.

The only solution is that you take your shidi and leave first before they find out. Zhan YuXuan said.

But, the elder instructed me, I cant let him uh, shidi to just leave their line of sight. The youth hesitated.

You can leave for a short while and sneak back in just before the banquet ends. That elder of yours is busy speaking to other people, he shouldnt notice.

This The youth gritted his teeth, he was still undecided and hesitant.

Zhan YuXuan immediately urged him on, Look, Wei Bais shixiong has come over. If he sees him and tells Wei Bai

The youth raised his head to look and as expected, XiongXiao was walking in their direction. He didnt dare to hesitate any longer.

Ill take my shidi outside to hide for a while. Please cover me, thanks.

At the moment, everyones attention was still on the main table and You XiaoMos table so almost no one noticed the situation at their table. In addition, with Zhan YuXuan covering up for him, the youth easily left the banquet area with Feng ChiYun.

Zhan YuXuan looked in the direction the two of them left and he picked up the wine cup to hide triumphant smile at the corner of his lips. As their statuses werent prominent enough, it wouldnt raise any suspicion even if people at the same table heard their conversation.

Yin Ge might be anxious and didnt want to wait anymore but for the plan to proceed smoothly, he could only suppress that impulse.

The banquet had proceeded smoothly. Many people had used the excuse of toasting to get to the main table but WeiBai couldnt drink wine, so Fu CangQiong drank the wine for him.

Although WeiBai didnt have any expression on his face, the crowd could tell that he was constantly looking in Ling Xiaos direction.

You XiaoMo didnt notice it. The dim sum that he previously ate had already been digested. The Cang Alliances food was not bad, so unlike the others who ate just enough, he ate till his mouth was covered in oil and he almost abandoned his chopsticks to grab the food with his hands.

As a result, he had the whole table of people staring at him.

Jiu Ye shifted towards the side. He didnt know this person.

When the banquet reached its second half, a third of the dishes on the table had already ended up in his stomach. However, there were also some that had their appetites whetted under his influence.

For instance, the Qiao brothers.
t/n: A bit fun fact about the Four Ancient Beast Clan:
Ji Feng of the Demon Phoenix Clan, the surname Ji() pronounce the same as Ji() in chicken.
Lin HaoWu of QiLin Clan, his surname Lin( ) is the Lin from QiLin.
=> you can totally which fam they are from just by the surname XD