The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 48

Chapter 48
Magic water dimension.

"My my my ....... rosy face, what has it got to do with that?"

You XiaoMo stammers, the sudden attack on his cheeks almost scares him.

Ling Xiao straightens up. Looking at his frightened expression, he still doesn't feel that he did anything inappropriate. After looking him up and down, he says: "Which mage after four days of seclusion won't come out looking on the point of death? Unless it's a high level mage. Which mage of your level would come out with a face that is glowing with health?"

You XiaoMo immediately rubs his cheek reflexively. He really didn't pay attention to this point. He usually doesn't practice together with his brothers. So there is no way for him to compare. That's why he doesn't know whether his condition is normal or abnormal.

Now, after Ling Xiao brings up this point, he finally understands. Although he strives to be as low key as possible everyday, his actions are so high profile that it can't be any higher. Based on his ability to refine over a hundred magic pills a day, that alone is enough to show that something is up with him. You XiaoMo finally understands why Kong Wen would suddenly accept him as his disciple.

"Confession begets leniency, resistance begets tyranny. Choose one."

Ling Xiao simply tosses him a choice.

A war between heaven and man is being waged in You XiaoMo's mind. Hearing these words, his expression immediately becomes conflicted. Is there really a choice? Although You XiaoMo doesn't know how tyrannical Ling Xiao can be, he doesn't want to find out, not even a little bit. So he can only fess up and ask for leniency.

After making his decision, You XiaoMo takes out the three bottles filled with lake water from his magic bag. There were originally five but he had used up two of them, so he is left with three. They are filled to the brim and undiluted so there is abundant spiritual energy.

"This is water that can restore the soul force as well as physical strength. During the four days of seclusion, I relied on this ....... "

You XiaoMo pushes the three bottles of water in front of Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao opens one of the bottles. A whiff of concentrated spiritual energy immediately assails his nostrils, "What kind of water is this?"

You XiaoMo hangs his head, "I don't know myself. I only know that drinking this, the dried up soul force will be restored to abundance. Physical strength will also be restored. Very convenient and very effective. So when I refine magic pills, I will drink some of it."

"This water, where did you get it?"

Ling Xiao asks flatly. He can feel that the magic water in the bottles contain a very high amount of spiritual energy. As if the spiritual energy has been condensed to an extreme degree such that it condenses from gaseous form into liquid form. If this is the case, the secret hidden in You XiaoMo's body is no ordinary secret.

You XiaoMo looks at him with a complicated expression. He finally curls up his lips sadly and grasps his hand.

Just when Ling Xiao is surprised at his action, he suddenly feels a spatial distortion. It's only an instant, and he discovers that he and You XiaoMo are now in another dimension. Strong scent of green grass. Blue sky and white clouds. A rather large lake in the distance. The lake water is a milky white yet crystal clear. It's just that under the blue sky, it appears dark blue like jade.

Other than that, there is a large patch of flourishing and luxuriant magic herbs next to the lake. From level one to level three. The level three magic herbs probably need a few more days to reach maturity. But the level two and level one are already mature. A competing riot of colors swaying away.

You XiaoMo steals a glance at Ling Xiao. Surprisingly there is not even a little sign of astonishment.

Ling Xiao seems to notice his little action. A light smile blooms on his expressionless face. He says warmly, "What are you looking at ne?"

"Nothing, I'm not looking at anything!" You XiaoMo quickly shakes his head. Smiling so warmly, he knows that something is coming. It's better for him to not say anything at this point.

Ling Xiao walks towards the field of magic herbs and simply sits down on the chair that You XiaoMo usually takes a rest on. Arranging his clothes, he calmly says: "You XiaoMo, do you want to explain this yourself or do you want me to ask you one by one?"

You XiaoMo's heart immediately goes *ge deng*. Hearing his princely tone, it's obvious that his anger has not yet dissipated.