The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 484

Chapter 484: Sex Robber
Chapter 484: Sex Robber
Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

You XiaoMo didnt have a habit of buying magic bags, so the reason he had so many was from the trades he had done before. He could have never imagined a day where he would need so many magic bags.

Seeing the anticipation the villagers had towards the magic bags, You XiaoMo decided, in the end, to personally go to Xing Luo City. It only took two hours for a round trip, so he could come back in the same day.

Bidding his farewell to the elderly couple, You XiaoMo went on his way.

Seeing his diligence, the elderly couple decided to help him persuade some of the more stubborn villagers.

After leaving Hu Village, You XiaoMo made CatQiu conjure a different face and, after making sure there was no flaws, he headed full speed to Xing Luo City.

He was fifteen minutes quicker than he predicted but, by the time he reached the outskirts, he was slightly out of breath.

XingLuo City was like a monstrous beast, one of entry points to Vermillion Blood City.

Being one of the biggest cities in the Southern Continent, its prosperity was unimaginable. It was a good thing that there were a lot of entrances by the gate or else just lining up would have taken half an hour.

After paying the tolls, it didnt take much for You XiaoMo to find a store that sold magic bags. By the looks of it, it was for fabrics. If he hadnt asked around, he would have believed that only magic herb shops sold them.

In the fabric store, most the customers were females, only a few were males who accompanied their partners.

All of the females were chattering away at which fabric looked the best and the workers there were extremely busy.

You XiaoMo realized that no one was paying attention to him, so he went to the front desk to find the shopkeeper. It was probably the first time he had seen someone buying over a hundred magic bags and couldnt help but took a few glances.

Customer, how big of a capacity do you want of your magic bags? We have here two hundred, four hundred, and six hundred square meter sizes.

You XiaoMo answered thoughtfully, Just give me two hundred, two hundred square meters sized magic bags. The villagers didnt have much furniture, two hundred was more than enough.

The manager instantly started to calculate, One is five spirit gems so two hundred is a thousand.

For shops like them that primarily sold fabrics, a hundred spirit gems would be the highest they made in a single transaction, it was very rare for one to go over a thousand.

Thus, the manager gifted You XiaoMo a four hundred square meter sized magic bag.

You XiaoMo paid without hesitation, took the magic bags and left.

Not knowingly, his leniency with money was observed at full length by those outside and when he left, immediately two people followed.

Coincidently the shopkeeper by the front desk also saw this, but he didnt get anyone to warn You XiaoMo since, at moments like this, one could only fend for themselves.

Just a few meters after, You XiaoMo realized that he was being followed.

He almost thought his identity had been found out, but then quickly realized that the people following him were pretty weak. If his real identity had been found out, they wouldnt have sent just weaklings over.

You XiaoMo didnt worry about it any further and quickened his pace to leave.

Although the two following him werent very strong, theyre speed wasnt bad. Actually, they didnt fall behind and instead closely tailed him to the gates.

Without a trace, You XiaoMo took a look at them and discovered that it was two guys, one tall and one short who followed him. Clearly, he had a face of someone easily bullied.

Once he left the city, You XiaoMo slowed down.

Obviously the two caught up and the tall one, with a face of a creep said, This is a robbery, take off your clothes.

You XiaoMo was dumbfounded, Why do I need to take off my clothes for a robbery?

The tall one spit out, Thats because we are here for money and sex.

You XiaoMo was disgusted from inside out, tightly holding his fist. Fuck, did he look like a woman? To rob for both money and sex, were their minds kicked by a donkey? Couldnt they tell that he was a man?

Say it again, what are you here to rob?

The tall one had an expression of youre annoying.

The short one suddenly pulled him.

Just as the tall one was about to ask, a black shadow reached in front of them faster and with it came a kick from the bottom up, ruthlessly hitting his chin. The tall one made a free fall exercise move and crack, his spine seemed to have broken.

The short one was so scared his legs started to shake. Seeing that You XiaoMo was walking towards him, he immediately fell on top of his comrade and played dead!

You XiaoMo was highly amused at this guys reaction and finally vented out his anger. Brushing off the dust, he turned to leave. By the time he reached Hu village, a lot of villagers had already dug up the magic herbs and were waiting for him by the elderly couples place. Seeing that he was back, none of them could contain their glee, they were actually worried that You XiaoMo wasnt going to come back.

Most families in the Hu village only had one acre of field, with only a dozen or so with two or more. For those, they took longer as digging up the magic herbs took a lot of time.

Also, only those magic herb fields had level four to five magic herbs because they couldnt harvest it themselves, they were specially left to the QingFeng Sect members.

Taking it all to consideration, You XiaoMo told them to count how many stalks they had, otherwise it would take days before they were all harvested.

That was clearly easier and some villagers who were in a rush almost jumped in joy at the opportunity.

By the time the sun was about to set, two hundred or so families in the Hu village, except Weng Gong, all sold their magic herbs and fields. All of them went back happily, by the looks of things, it wouldnt take two days before they all moved.

In the afternoon, the elderly couple even came to say that a lot of villagers were merrily discussing which village to move to. Now that they had money, even if they didnt work for a few years they wouldnt starve.

As he thought of this, a heavy weight was dropped off his shoulders.

All that was left was that stubborn Wen Gong. How could he persuade him? He really had no idea on how to deal with such a stubborn old man.

In his previous life, You XiaoMo had a grandfather that was very doting, and his friends cared deeply about him too. He never had a chance to meet an old man as stubborn.

Just as he was thinking this, the old farmer knocked and came in, Young gentleman, I want talk to you about Weng Gong, it might offer you some help.

You XiaoMo raised his brows in question, could it be that his past had some sort of story behind it?

Actually, there was.

Initially Weng Gongs family was a wealthy family in Hu village, with lots of grandchildren. He was considered the luckiest old man in the village, that was before Qing Feng Sect came to this road. His two sons were displeased by QingFeng Sects oppressive behavior and caused their whole family to be brutally murdered. WengGong was in his old age and wasnt there at the time so he escaped.

Ever since then, WengGongs attitude became weirder and weirder. He vowed to always guard the Hu village and personally see to QingFeng Sects end.

WengGong was already a hundred years old, for an ordinary human that was very old. Supposedly, it was because when he was younger, he had accidently consumed a magic herb and luckily a mysterious powerhouse saved him. Since then, his body had always stayed healthy.

Hearing that, You XiaoMo realized that to make WengGong leave was going to be harder than ascending heaven.

However, he changed his mind. If WengGong wanted to stay, then he could stay, since the Beast Tide wasnt going to come anytime soon.

After You XiaoMo organized his thoughts, on the second day, he went to cave behind the hillside and dug at the rest of the magic herbs. By the time he returned, one third of the villages had left.

On the third day, another group left.

On the fourth day, the elderly couple left too, leaving their room for You XiaoMo.

On the fifth day, after the last group of people left, the Hu village had finally become empty with only You XiaoMo and WengGong left.

WengGong was very old and had no survival abilities left, so the villagers all left him some food. His cellar became jam packed with food, more than enough for a few years.

You XiaoMo had seen the food and questioned the ability of the old man to chew them. Thinking about it, he left WengGong some spirit fruits.

In his dimension was a lot of food, all of which he accumulated when he couldnt finish them. All of them were mostly vegetarian, and, hence, perfect for Weng Gong.

At first WengGong didnt accept it. He could accept the villagers gifts but You XiaoMo was someone completely unrelated, he couldnt take, without reason, a strangers charity.

All You XiaoMo said was this, eating these will make you live longer.

After that, WengGong willingly ate it. Spirit fruits could nurture the body, increase ones life span and after eating one, you didnt have to eat again for a whole day. When WengGong realized this, he didnt reject it anymore.

The old man treasured his life greatly, he must live till the day QingFeng Sect met its retribution.

There was once when You XiaoMo forgot to give him spirit fruits and although the old man didnt ask about it, he would wander around his house periodically. Since the village was full of empty houses, the old man simply moved to a house near him and passed by his house every day.

You XiaoMo had nothing to say, he didnt want the old man to find out the caves secret, so he used a magic bag and gave him some spirit fruits.

After using five days, he finally dug up all of the magic herbs in the cave. He also inquired WengGong about the Beast Tide, hearing that it was an annual event and till the next Beast Tide there was still a month, the village at least would be save till then.

You XiaoMo wanted to leave after he finished digging but he couldnt leave WengGong alone.

Just as he was having difficulty, QingFeng Sects members arrived.