The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 489

Chapter 489: Man In Black
Chapter 489: Man In Black
Translated by Rachel of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

It was said that the Golden Winged Insects could devour anything, including Restrictions. And so, before You XiaoMos eyes, the two Golden Winged Insects easily bit a hole in the strong and sturdy Restrictions.

Without even waiting for You XiaoMo to recover from the shock, Xiao Ping and Xiao Pong crept in without alarming anyone on the inside.

This was the first time You XiaoMo realised that they had other uses apart from eating.

Two hours later, Xiao Ping and Xiao Pong flew back. Not long after, the middle aged man and Tang He came out and returned to their own rooms one after another.

Through the mind link he shared with his contract beasts, You XiaoMo was able to learn about their conversation. What he didnt expect was that there was a part of it that was related to him.

Although they didnt go into the details of the situation during their conversation, You XiaoMo was already able to guess the gist of it.

Regarding Jiang Lius disappearance, he was indeed taken by people from Yin Yang Valley, but not because they saw his talent and wanted him. They took him because he surrendered and and pledged allegiance to them. Otherwise, how would Yin Yang Valley even know about a small fry like Jiang Liu.

As to how Jiang Liu got Yin Yang Valley interested in him, it probably had something to do with You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo pieced the previous events together and easily guessed that Jiang Liu had betrayed him in exchange for a position in Yin Yang Valley. Only a fellow villager like him who left Peach Blossom Village together with You XiaoMo would be so clear on his matters.

This time, they were indeed here to participate in the Vermillion Blood Clans trials.

They were the first batch to arrive. There were a few other batches after them but they would be arriving later because Yu Xian City had met with a disaster a few days ago.

Apart from that, there was another event going on that had also received a fair amount of attention.

That event was the Vermillion Blood Clans trials to recruit talented individuals. This grand event was a competition that was held once every ten years. The minimum criteria for registering for the competition was that the person whos registering must at least be an Emperor level. Although the criteria was extremely strict, there were as many as several hundred people signing up for it in previous years. Furthermore, they would only take in five people at the end of it.

You XiaoMo was not interested in that but he felt that Ling Xiao was likely to come here after hearing about this news because it was sufficiently lively here, so it would also be sensational enough too.

At this moment, You XiaoMo still didnt know that he already had two groups of people investigating him.

One of the groups was the Qing Feng Sect.

The Qing Feng Sect was one of the three major forces of Xing Luo City. In their sect, they had one Divine level powerhouse called Chen Zhen, who was also their sect leader. That was the reason why few dared to go against the Qing Feng Sect.

However, since Wang Ge and the other four peoples ranks in the Qing Feng Sect werent high, the Qing Feng Sect didnt pay much attention to it. They just sent Gao MaYuan, Wang Ges superior who was sent to Hu Village ten years ago and caused harm to Weng Gongs whole family, to investigate the matter.

Wang Ge, formerly known as Wang An, was Wang QianYus younger Brother. Wang QianYu was Gao MaYuans concubine. She was very pretty and she was Gao MaYuans favorite.

When she learned that her only brother was murdered, Wang QianYu wept. Wanting to cheer her up, Gao MaYuan promised to find the killer and dismember him by using five horses to pull him apart to avenge his brother-in-law.

In order to make good on his promise to his woman, Gao MaYuan immediately sent people to investigate Hu Village when he received the news.

Although the villagers of Hu Village had already moved away, clues could still be found if one looked closely enough. A few hundred people couldnt just disappear like that. Someone must have seen them when they moved.

In just two days, they really found something.

When the villagers were about to leave Hu Village, You XiaoMo once warned them not flaunt their wealth. Otherwise, they might bring harm on themselves. So when Gao MaYuans men came to search, the villagers had already hid their wealth well in storage bags, leaving only a few crystal coins on themselves.

As for information regarding You XiaoMo, Gao MaYuans men couldnt get a single word about him when they asked around.

It wasnt because the villagers were unwilling to speak, but because they didnt know You XiaoMos name. You XiaoMo considered this point at that time, so he purposely didnt tell them his name. As a result, the villagers only knew it was a youth with fair and clear skin.

The youth bought their magic herbs and fields and then got them to leave Hu Village.

Gao MaYuan suspected there were some secrets in Hu Village when he heard that so he sent his men to search. In the end, they found nothing and the clue led to a dead end.

The other group of people investigating him consisted of that young master and that baldy underling.

They were from Yu Xian City. The reason why they arrived at Hu Village a few days late and consequently missed him was because of Ling Xiao. In order to get famous, Ling Xiao went to Yu Xian City and caused a big ruckus.

Although the villagers of Hu Village didnt know about You XiaoMo, that batch of magic herbs was too important, even if they hadnt matured yet. After investigating, they finally heard from the villagers that after they moved out of Hu Village, there was another person that stayed behind in Hu Village together with You XiaoMo.

That person was Weng Gong. As to where he was, the villagers had no clue. However, someone was bound to recognise such an old man like him.

Following the clues, they finally found the village Weng Gong was residing in.

The village was surrounded by mountains from all around, isolating it from the rest of the world. Its population was smaller than Hu Village and it was indeed a good place for the elderly to live out the rest of their remaining lives. Before You XiaoMo left, he even specially built a simple house for Weng Gong. That was why he left a deep impression on the villagers there.

When the man and his underlings came over to find him, Weng Gong happened to be on the top of a mountain looking in Xing Luo Citys direction. This was something he had to do everyday.

Early in the morning each day, Weng Gong would wait at the mountain top for four hours, looking forward to seeing You XiaoMo on the road once again and telling him the good news that his revenge had been taken. It was this belief that had kept the lonely man going.

The man and his group walked up to the mountain top. Weng Gong happened to have his back towards them.

When he heard the footsteps, Weng Gong thought it was just the villagers. He only realised that it was a group of strangers he hadnt seen before when he turned his head around. Who are you people?

You are Weng Gong? The man scanned him up and down.

Who are you people? Weng Gong repeated his question.

The man took a step forward, his towering figure giving people a sense of oppression. Weng Gong was already old and he was only an ordinary person too, so he instantly crumpled to the ground.

The man looked at him condescendingly as if he was looking at an ant and said, Im asking you, what is the name of the youth who brought you to this village? What does he look like? Where has he gone and what is his objective? Answer my questions honestly.

Weng Gong gave him a look but didnt say a word.

A hint of ruthlessness flashed across the mans eyes. How dare a mere mortal like you go against me? Ill give you one last chance. Are you talking or not?

Weng Gong looked at him contemptuously. Words like this, he had heard Gao MaYuan say them before. This time was the same as that time. They all set themselves high above the masses, but this time he had nothing that he cared about anymore.

I wont tell you people, even if you kill me I wont tell.

The man laughed, Did you think Ill let you die a quick death? If youre not willing to tell, I have my own ways to make you speak.

Weng Gongs mouth moved.

Baldy suddenly rushed forward and grabbed Weng Gongs chin. He used so much force that it forced Weng Gong to open his mouth. You want to bite your tongue and end your life? He spat out viciously.

Young master, how do we deal with him?

Take him away first.

The man took the lead to walk down the mountain after he was done talking. Baldy escorted Weng Gong and followed after, but when they reached a cliff, Weng Gong suddenly had an outburst of strength and pushed Baldy aside. Baldy didnt expect that old man to still have the strength to resist, so he got pushed away because of a moments carelessness.

Weng Gong jumped off the cliff.

Baldy was furious. When he was finally able to react to what had happened, he realised that he was basically slapped in the face by an ordinary person. He immediately followed Weng Gong and jumped off. He was a practitioner so the height of the cliff didnt matter to him at all, but it wasnt the same for an ordinary human. An ordinary person would definitely die if he fell off from the cliff.

Just as Baldy was about to grab the falling Weng Gong, a black shadow came out from somewhere and cut in between the two of them, taking Weng Gong away first.

Whos that? Baldy shouted angrily.

The black shadow and Weng Gong landed on the mountain top opposite him.

When the black shadow turned around and allowed everyone to see his face clearly, the mans expression quickly changed. He turned and ran in the opposite direction without a second word.

However, he was still too slow. The black shadow snapped his fingers and smirked at the mans back, Since youre already here, dont leave, Yu Xian Citys young master.

Red flames shot up from their feet and they were instantly set on fire. Pained screams rang through the entire mountain, amplified by a few dozen times. Startled birds flapped their wings frantically and took to the sky.

The mans burned and twisted face could somewhat be seen in the flames, staring at the black shadow in fear. He never expected him to show up here.

Soon after, a few burned corpses fell from the sky and into the valley and disappeared.

That was how Yu Xian Citys young master died.

Weng Gong looked at the man who saved him in shock. Who that young master was, he didnt know, but he had heard about Yu Xian City and their name had long resounded in his ears. This man actually killed the people from Yu Xian City.

If he didnt look at the mans face and just looked at his figure, Weng Gong would have thought that he was a cool and handsome man. However, he had a face that had been ravaged by time. His face also gave people the feeling that it didnt go well with the rest of his body, but at the same time Weng Gong couldnt tell which part was the problem.