The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 511

Chapter 511: Extremely Fortunate
Chapter 511: Extremely fortunate
Translated by Rara of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

(Ra: My brain has turned into leftover porridge.)

At noon, the sunshine lazily shone through the window, the room was lit and bright.

Ling Xiao was nestled on the bed, he was affected by the sunshine, every cell of his seemed to emit a faint drowsy and sluggish aura, he only barely opened his eyes when he heard You XiaoMo.

So you are saying that the owner of this jade drive, called Dan Qing, was from the ancient times and could refine a sixth grade rainbow pill?

You XiaoMo nodded positively, Likely so. When I was in the Time Wall, the mage I saw talking about the path of magic pills refining was him. He was also a level twelve mage, and his soul level seems to be a rainbowed sixth grade.

Ling Xiao supported his head with his hand, No wonder the Restriction barrier was abnormally powerful, turns out he was a mage from the ancient times. If so then this jade drive must have existed for over millions and millions of years. And alsomy wife!

Ling Xiao suddenly called him.

You XiaoMo returned back at him with question mark.

Ling Xiao sat up from the bed, he stared at him with a straight face, My wife, you are extremely fortunate!

What do you mean?

Ling Xiao laughed out loud, Do you know what the two words ancient times represent?

You XiaoMo frowned and pondered, and his final answer How the hell would he know!?

Ling Xiao didnt expect any answer from him, he lazily slumped back onto the bed, I have told you before, almost all the ancient items that have been passed down are rare, like soul and skill training manuals

Not true ah. You XiaoMo interrupted his sentence, Arent there lots of soul and skill training manuals in TongTian contient?

They were made by the later generations. The genuine ancient skill and soul training techniques have almost disappeared into the flow of time. And the most important thing to mages, the magic pill recipes and magic herbs, their circumstances are way more severe. In the ancient books there is a record about magic herbs having existed in the ancient time. The legend said the magic herbs seemed to be everywhere in the past, mages didnt even have to run around looking for them, and the price was never as high like current ones.

You XiaoMo wiped his drool, All of that goodness, why didnt I transmigrate into the ancient times?

As soon as his sentence came out, the temperature of the room dropped down one hundred degrees.

You XiaoMo shivered, he looked up and saw Ling Xiaos threatening squint, those cold and horrifying eyes were staring back at him. Knowing that he had made an improper remark, he laughed dryly while added, But I dont want to be in the ancient times if you arent there.

Ling Xiao snorted, Although the ancient magic pill recipes werent as ubiquitous like magic herbs, the amount was definitely a hundred times more than the present. The guy called Dan Qing, if he really was a mage from the ancient time, then most of the recipes inside the jade drive are definitely lost recipes.

You XiaoMo took out the jade drive, he walked in front of Ling Xiao and tried to curry his favor, I dont know many words inside there, can you help me translate it?

Ling Xiao looked at him with a smile yet not a smile.

You XiaoMo felt numb to his scalp, he had a bad feeling.

Ling Xiao picked up the jade drive, I can help you with the translation without problem, but it seems that you havent given me any magic pills for quite some time

You XiaoMo twitched his lips, I clearly gave you some just the day before.

That day after they came back from the ZhongTing trade fair, Ling Xiao saw him take out almost ten magic pills from his bag all at once, so he took them all away. Currently, he had none left. In addition to that, only two days had passed.

One day without eating them feels like three autumns have passed ah, I have waited for two years already. Ling Xiao seemed to notice what he was thinking, he gave him a bright and dazzling smile.

Fine, I will refine some for you.

How many are you going to use to shoo me away?

A dozen?

Add one zero in the back.

You can go steal them.

In the end, not until You XiaoMo promised to give him his first rainbow pill did Ling Xiao stop fooling around and helped him translate the recipes and record them down into another jade drive.

You XiaoMo counted, he discovered that the jade drive contained a very completed set of magic pill recipes from level one to level twelve. Most of them were recipes he had never heard of before, this was simply a pot-pourri of recipes. Besides, he also found a recipe that gave him a very pleasant surprise, and it was the Samsara pill recipe for his second-shixiong Wei Bai.

He finally understood why Cang Alliance still couldnt find the Samsara pill recipe for so long despite their capability, because it turned out the Samsara pill was an ancient recipe.

Ling Xiao, do you want to tell Fu CangQiong about how the Samsara pill we have found? You XiaoMo asked in excitement.

Its not the time yet. Ling Xiao said.

Why? You XiaoMo asked, as he couldnt figure out the reason.

Ling Xiao discovered that his little lover seemed to never use his brain whenever he was in front of him. Everytime he had questions, his first sentence was always why, and it became a tendency to depend on him more and more. However, this was a good thing.

Where did this recipe come from?

You XiaoMo opened his mouth to reply but he stopped immediately. He understood, if he just took it out directly, Fu CangQiong would definitely feel something was strange, so what he should do was to find a right moment to tell.

Then Ill wait until I have gathered all the required magic herbs and tell him after, how about it?

Ling Xiao replied, What Fu CangQiong wants is the recipe. About the herbs, using his ability, he should already have them well prepared.

If its true then why did he want me to help find the magic herbs? You XiaoMo had the feeling of being deceived.

Idiot, can you guarantee you will successfully refine the Samsara pill using only one batch of magic herbs?

I cant.

The next day, You XiaoMo asked someone to call Qiao WuXing down because Jiu Ye happened to be in the Meditation Room, and only those students that stayed from the 70th floor and above could go up there.

When Qiao WuXing came, You XiaoMo told him his decision, he wanted to challenge the special rule. Qiao WuXing gave him some time to prepare mentally, he said that he could arrange the match in the afternoon. After that, he left right away to inform his master.

You XiaoMo thought it would happen tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, he didnt expect it would be that fast.

Hearing his mumble, Ling Xiao smiled, In the eyes of those two old geezers, they must have seen through your current level, a peak middle grade level ten, to put it in another way, you are only one step away from advancing to high grade. And judging from your advancing speed, they cant predict if you might breakthrough tomorrow.

Which means they wont be able to find out whether I have more spiritual water, correct?

Correct. If you were a high grade level ten, you wouldnt need the spiritual water to increase your magic pill grade. And since the teachers wont refine a first grade rainbow pill as it will be unfair to you, they can only take advantage of your current level as a middle grade level ten to make a move.

Wow, what a sinister plan.

Qiao WuXings work was really fast, perhaps because his master was impatient. It took him less than three hours to walk out and came back. He told him the challenge would begin at one in the afternoon. Since there was already a designated location for the challenge, he would come back early in the afternoon to pick him up.

You XiaoMo accepted this with his whole heart. Having it in the afternoon was a bit rushed for him, so it was impossible to eat a magic pill to breakthrough, even if he tried to seize every moment.

Half an hour before one, Qiao WuXing came to pick him up, following him was Tian Xin and the other three.

In short, they heard that You XiaoMo wanted to challenge the special rule, so each one of them wanted to watch for fun, since XiaoYao Institution didnt have any rules about forbidding spectators.

You XiaoMo straightforwardly dragged Ling Xiao along.

You XiaoHa, I didnt expect you would have the audacity to challenge the special rule. Tian Xin was being carefree like usual, As far as I know, since the day the Giganticus was established, there are no more than a hundred people that won the challenge. Better yet, only less than ten people manage to win on the first try.

Less than ten also means that there are still some that have succeeded, which means I still have a chance. You XiaoMo replied with no hard feelings.

Dont think just because you are more powerful than WuXing-ge that you are capable of winning. Do you know that all the previous successful challengers all possessed a higher level than you. Tian Xin intentionally taunted him.

You can go and wait.

Ill wait for you to get embarrassed.

The venue where the special rule challenge was held on the 70th floor of the Giganticus. By the time they arrived, people had already gathered at the venue.

When they walked in, You XiaoMo felt countless stares fall on him, observing, investigating, curious, etc Each one of them were strangers whose faces didnt seem familiar, but he could feel their strengths were very strong.

They are the powerhouses from the 80th floor and above. They were interested by the rumor they heard about someone wanting to challenge the special rule, so they came over to see. Qiao WuXing explained to him next to his ear.

You XiaoMo went speechless, no wonder their strengths were so powerful, so they came down from the upper floors. The XiaoYao Institution really lived up to its name, this place was full of Crouching Tigers, Hidden Dragons!

It wasnt the time for the match yet, so the teacher hadnt arrived.

Jiu Ye and the others also came, You XiaoMo even saw An Qiao whom he hadnt seen for quite some time. The only difference was that An Qiao didnt look at him with resentment, he only looked at them with a calm manner and then lowered his head.

Tian Xin noticed his line of sight, she smiled deviously, Did you know, An Qiaos master has come back. His master is a rational person, when he heard An Qiao made plenty of enemies thanks to his personality, his master immediately gave him a lecture. Now he is obedient like a grandson.

Tian Xin, watch your mouth, if he heard you he will spit on you again. Qiao WuXing turned around and criticized.

Tian Xin stuck her tongue out, I got it!

After You XiaoMo took a seat, the gazes that fell on him still had not disappeared, and some even began to whisper with each other.

A few minutes later, the teacher and the referee finally arrived.