The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 52

Chapter 52
Grand plan.

The appearance and disappearance of demons caused a sensation in Long Xiao continent. After that incident, You XiaoMo remained inside Earth Peak, so he doesn't know much about what is happening outside. But he hears some disciples discussing the matter.

It is said that TianXin sect linked up with other sects to pressure QingCheng sect to account for what happened. After all, Luo Shan is indeed the nephew of the Grand Master of QingCheng sect. Furthermore, his transformation happened in front of many people. While the transformation took place, his facial features did not change much so that negates the rumor that it was an impostor of Luo Shan.

The Grand Master of QingCheng sect, Luo ChengYuan also never considered that his own nephew could actually be a demon. But after a thorough investigation, a shocking secret is uncovered.

Luo ChengYuan's younger brother, Luo ChengYun is Luo Shan's father. When he was young, he often left QingCheng sect to train and gather experience. The Luo ChengYun at that time could be considered a dashing and elegant handsome prince. His admirers could almost encircle twice of QingCheng sect's territory. It's just that Luo ChengYun didn't think much of them.

But not even six months after leaving QingCheng sect to train, he encountered Luo Shan's mother. Luo Shan's mother is a half-demon. The so-called half-demons are offsprings between demons and martial artists.

Because they still have human blood lineage, these type of people are usually called half-demons. The biggest difference between them and pure-blood demons is that half-demons look exactly like humans. Completely devoid of any demon outer characteristics.

Because of this, although demons detest humans, in order to accomplish their grand plan, they will capture some humans to mate with low level demons. The offsprings are gathered and trained and when they reach a certain age, they will be sent to infiltrate the humans.

Luo Shan's mother is just one of those spies dispatched to lie low among humans. Because Luo Shan's mother is very beautiful and also because her intellect is very high, she quickly attracted the attention of Luo ChengYun.

Not long after, the both of them became caught up in the river of love, unable to extricate themselves. Soon they conceived Luo Shan. When the two of them got married, they did not notify Luo ChengYuan. Because of all sorts of complicated reasons, Luo ChengYuan only knows that his younger brother got married and that they have a plump and strong son called Luo Shan.

After getting married, Luo ChengYun planned to bring his wife and son back to QingCheng sect. It's on the way back that Luo ChengYun discovered his wife's true nature. The reason she got close to him was to infiltrate the inner core of QingCheng sect. In a fit of rage, Luo ChengYun and his wife fought to the death and both of them died that very night, leaving behind the son.

But according to eyewitnesses, the couple was a victim of a surprise attack, all of them died in the end. As for Luo Shan, he disappeared since that night. Some people said that he died. Others claim that he was picked up by passerbys. In short, the opinions are widely varied.

The reality was, the newborn Luo Shan did not die, and he also wasn't stolen away. He was taken away by the associate of Luo ChengYun's wife because Luo Shan was even more suited to being a spy than his mother. Because he only has one quarter of the demon blood lineage, the probability of him transforming into a demon is not high, so the probability of him being found out is also not high.

This was the plan that the demons had. So they brought Luo Shan back and trained him since young, planning to send him back to recognize his clan when he is older. So when Luo Shan turned ten, he was sent back to QingCheng sect.

The Grand Master Luo ChengYuan had always felt guilty towards his younger brother's family. If he had sent people to greet them at that time, they wouldn't have fallen victim to villains and suffered early deaths. So, when Luo Shan returned, Luo ChengYuan felt ashamed and remorse so he was always relatively indulgent for many things. This is one of the reasons why Luo Shan grew up to be so arrogant and considers everyone beneath him. Of course this is also related to Luo Shan's role as a demon spy. The ten year old Luo Shan already considers himself as a demon, with humans as the enemy.

QingCheng sect was unable to keep this matter under wraps. It very quickly leaked out and caused a huge uproar.

While everyone was sobbing and sighing over this, they also started to become more vigilant. If not for this exposure of Luo Shan as a demon, they would still be clueless of this demon rand plan. Actually sending those half-demons to lie low among humans. If a battle between the two sides were to happen in the future, wouldn't the other side easily stab them in the back? Thinking like this, all the big sects erupt in a frenzy trying to dig out half-demons.

It is said that this continued on for almost three months leading to the discovery of several half-demons that were then thrown out.

The Northern Skeleton Mountain Range.

After getting this news, the number one commander of the demons flies into a rage right on the spot. He kills the messenger but that doesn't reduce his rage. A violent and sinister killing energy sweeps through the main hall while the frightened underlings don't dare to utter a sound. The banquet that had been in full swing with song and dance falls deadly silent in an instant. The women demons that were dancing erotically are reduced to small shivering lumps.

"Tell me! What is going on? Why is it that our spies in all the main sects are being rooted out?"

The demon commander orders darkly, his furious glare falls on the other messenger. His killing aura threatens to erupt and tear the latter into pieces.

That demon who just witnessed the death of his comrade, had long ago become weak-kneed from fright. Dripping with cold sweat, he doesn't dare to waste even a second when he hears those words. He repeats everything he heard about the matter in a cautious tone as if he is terrified that he would leave out a word.

After listening to the whole thing, the demon commander slowly closes his eyes. When he opens them up again, the furious rage is even more intense than before. At the same time he says icily: "What you're saying, is that the spies we sent out fifteen years ago were kicked out by TianXin sect?"

"Ye ....... Yes! That person seems to an outstanding person from the warrior division of TianXin sect, a leader of the younger generation, called Lin Xiao."

"Lin Xiao?"

The demon commander spit out these words coldly.

"How did he find out Luo Shan's identity? Even if he is outstanding, he can't have discovered the identity of Luo Shan who only has a quarter of demon blood."

"This, no one understand this."

At that time, he was also doubtful. But further investigation also revealed nothing.

At this moment, the young demon standing next to the command commander who is also the second in line, steps up. He clasps his hand and bows respectfully saying: "Commander, in my lowly opinion, this Lin Xiao must have obtained some ingenious method to discover demons. If not, he wouldn't have discovered Luo Shan's identity after meeting him only once. If he had already figured it out earlier, TianXin sect would have taken some action long ago and not waited until now."

"You are right. Looks like we can't let this Lin Xiao be. Do we still have spies in TianXin sect?"

The demon commander is obviously not brainless. It seems he immediately agrees with his underling's way of thinking.

The young demon says: "We do. But only one. Furthermore, that person's status in TianXin sect is not low. If we are to rashly show our hand, it may expose his identity. If this happens, I'm afraid it would be very difficult to send another person to get inside."

The demon commander waves it off not paying it any heed saying: "We can ignore the matter of being exposed for now. If he really possesses this ingenious method, that person would be exposed sooner or later. It's better to dispose of him to avoid an endless stream of troubles in the future."

"Commander has decreed, so your servant will arrange it."

The young demon no longer objects.

At this time, Ling Xiao still doesn't know that he is now considered a nail in the eye by the demons, with them unified in thinking up a way to dispose of him. If he knew, he would most probably find it very amusing and eagerly await the arrival of that person. But if it was the former Lin Xiao, he would most probably be very uneasy. After all, if that spy's status is not low in TianXin sect, with Lin Xiao's ability, he probably won't be able to put up a fight.

Just when the demons are putting forth schemes and plans, TianXin sect's warrior division is welcoming their grand annual friendly competition.

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