The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 53

Chapter 53
Pleasant surprise.

For the following short period of time, You XiaoMo uses the excuse of his leg injury to gradually cut down the number of times he goes to the Hall of Enchanted Herbs to collect magic herbs. This dawdling dragged on for almost a month. His 'leg injury' finally heals. During this time, he took one thousand and two hundred magic herbs. It appears as if he only refined four hundred magic pills. In reality, he was busy gathering the mature magic herbs in his dimension.

Ever since he found out that the magic water can accelerate the growth of magic herbs, You XiaoMo has been thinking of how to use the magic water to cultivate magic herbs. After a few experiments, You XiaoMo gradually figures out a few points.

Firstly, the level one magic herbs. Level one magic herbs grow much more quickly than level two magic herbs. If you don't water them with magic water, it will take a few months to grow. If you use magic water, it won't even take half a day for the magic herb will change from a seed to a fully mature magic herb. The effect is very impressive. But because it is so impressive, You XiaoMo feels that is somewhat wasteful.

Although the lake takes up one fifth of the dimension, it is unknown if it will get replenished. What would happen if he uses it all? With this in mind, You XiaoMo tries to dilute the magic water with ordinary water. He finds out that although the effect of the diluted magic water is not as strong as undiluted magic water, it still has an accelerating effect. It's only the rate is a little reduced in accordance to the degree of dilution. With this, he can adjust the rate of growth of the magic herbs.

After figuring this out, he simply stays in his dimension carrying out tests. He also requests Ling Xiao to go down the mountain to help him buy fifty big wooden barrels because he already used up this month's two trip quota. Also, frequently going down the mountain would attract attention.

Ling Xiao knows that during this time he has been busy planting magic herbs. Although he doesn't say he would do it, he buys the fifty wooden barrels for him that very day. You XiaoMo never expected that he would be so fast. He only asked for them not four hours before and Ling Xiao already brings the wooden barrels over. Feeling moved, he almost promises him ten or more magic pills right then and there. Luckily he is able to stop his mouth in time.

Ling Xiao also doesn't ask for compensation. Seeing that he is busy, he simply leaves.

When You XiaoMo gets busy, he easily forgets those next to him. So he doesn't realize when Ling Xiao left. On top of that, his bubbling spirits causes him to not take any notice. After moving the water filled barrels into his dimension, he starts to dilute the magic water.

He prepares two different dilutions of magic water according to the needs of the three types of magic herbs. One is for watering level one magic herbs. Because they grow too fast, You XiaoMo isn't able to come in everyday to take care of them, so to avoid being wasteful, he dilutes the magic water 1:100. This way, the magic herbs will take five days to grow. However, watering magic herbs cannot be stopped, basically they need to watered once a day.

The second one if for watering level two magic herbs. Because level two magic herbs take a longer time to grow when compared to level one magic herbs, the dilution factor is lower. But You XiaoMo doesn't want to spend time harvesting magic herbs, so he adjusts their growth rate to one month.

As for level three magic herbs, since he can't use them now, You XiaoMo plans to observe them for now.

So You XiaoMo puts diluted magic water in fifteen of the fifty wooden barrels. The rest are filled with ordinary water just in case.

After finishing this, You XiaoMo gathers up the mature magic herbs and places them on racks. Luckily he had the foresight to buy over ten racks. He puts the ready magic herbs on top of them. When the time comes, he just needs to take them from these racks.

But while he is picking magic herbs, he makes a big discovery. He discovers that whether it is the stalks or the leaves, they are all filled with spiritual energy. The high concentration clearly shows that they are top quality magic herbs.

After this surprising discovery, he goes to check on the level two and level three magic herbs. While he was experimenting, these two levels of magic herbs also matured one after the other. At this time, the magic herbs in the field is already the second batch. These two levels of magic herbs are also top quality, on a completely different level than the ones in the magic herb gardens of Earth peak.

You XiaoMo immediately thinks that this situation is related to the magic water. Since the magic water is a result of super concentrated spiritual energy, condensed into liquid form, wouldn't that mean that magic herbs watered with the magic water will all be first class? Although there are some doubts, You XiaoMo is almost certain of this. This is because he had already checked when he was harvesting the magic herbs. Each and every one is undoubtedly top quality.

This makes You XiaoMo's spirits rise as if having been injected with chicken blood. This many top quality magic herbs, if they were to be refined into magic pills, wouldn't they all be top quality magic pills?

Having gone down the mountain twice, he already enquired about the prices of magic pills. Top grade magic pills, no matter the level, once they appear, they will be snatched clean. So for higher level top grade magic pills, they will usually be sold at auction. As for low level magic pills, if the quantity is big, they can also be sold at auction.

Although very excited, You XiaoMo doesn't immediately use these magic herbs to refine magic pills. Because he has to take care of magic herbs, because he has to refine pills for Ling Xiao, and because he has to deal with the occasional visits from Elder brother, he is busier than most other people.

Only after he finishes all these things, and after his 'leg injury' has healed, does You XiaoMo leave the room. Before he can notify Ling Xiao, Elder brother Fang ChenLe coincidentally comes over. Saying that Master wants to see them to discuss some matter, they both head over together.

Although he is Kong Wen's disciple, You XiaoMo has only met Kong Wen a few times. Most of the time it is Elder brother than comes to see him. But this time there is an added good news. Apparently, that Second brother that You XiaoMo has yet to meet, Fu ZiLin has returned.

Fu ZiLin returning means that he has found that magic herb. You XiaoMo is very curious about this little genius of a Second brother.

It is said that there is not much of an age difference between him and Elder brother. The two of them entered TianXin sect at the same time. However, Kong Wen did not take them as disciples at TianXin sect. When Kong Wen was outside, he chanced upon them, and discovered that their innate talent was not bad, so he simply accepted them as disciples before bringing them back.

After that, the two of them did not fail to live up to Kong Wen's expectations. Only in two and half years, the both of them became level three mages one after the other. It must be said that usually people take two to three years just to progress from level two to level three.

For example, Zhao DaZhou, he is about the same age as them but he is only a level two mage. Although he will soon rise to level three, he has already spent almost five years at this level. Furthermore, he grew up in Earth peak. However, one of the reasons is also his poor understanding.

On top of that, the transition between level three to level four is more difficult. Fang ChenLe and Fu ZiLin also spent a few years before managing to breakthrough. It's only that their two characters are poles apart. Elder brother is nice and warm. Second brother is poker faced, only showing emotions when facing his childhood friend Elder brother. As for his relationship with others, one can well imagine.

The meeting place is at Earth peak's Assembly Hall. When two of them arrive, most of the people have already arrived.

You XiaoMo had originally thought it would just be a meeting between brothers. He didn't think there would be other people. One of them is Zhao DaZhou's father, Zhao Zhen. Looking at this array of people, he must be a blockhead if he still thinks this is just an informal gathering between master and pupils.

You XiaoMo takes a sweeping look over the place, but he doesn't find that Second brother although the others are already here.

Seeing them enter, Kong Wen signals for them to go over. Who would have guessed that the first thing he asks is about that one month of seclusion. That is his secret! How can he say anything?

try to go South by driving the chariot North - have nothing in common
bamboo horse - childhood friend