The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 531

Chapter 531: Amazing Maoqiu
Chapter 531: Amazing MaoQiu

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

This place was such a ripoff!

You XiaoMo definitely had spirit gems on him; as a transcendent level mage, he wouldnt be poor. Never mind twenty-one thousand spirit gems, twenty million wasnt even a problem for him. However, he refused to be scammed like this.

Wheres your boss!? You XiaoMos expression chilled, saying demandingly.

The mans expression finally shifted away from that false kindness, revealing a sliver of mockery. Even if I do get the boss, Ill tell you honestly, it was her who told us to do this. Its better that you watch yourselves.

That bitch!

You XiaoMo really didnt understand. When had they ever offended this woman? It was the first time they had ever met; it wasnt possible that they wouldve met before now.

You dare take that tone? Your boss doesnt think that she can scam people as she wants just because shes the boss of a tavern, does she? The corner of MaoQius lips quirked up, her alluring eyes sharpening, making her vulpine beauty even more attractive.

The man was stunned for a moment, mind drifting before he returned to the present and hollered, So what if thats true? This is our territory, so what we say goes. If you dont pay, dont even think of walking out of Ziran City.

Ling Xiao blew on the hot tea in his cup and took a sip, looking at the server coldly. Then try us. Lets see if we can walk out of Ziran City or not.

The server was just a mid-level demon beast. Ling Xiao released just a sliver of his aura and the other couldnt take it anymore, legs giving out under him as he collapsed.

You sure are daring to speak like that!

It was then that the door to the elegant room was opened from the outside, and a white figure walked in. It was the boss of the tavern. Who knows how long she had been standing there?

The boss demeanor was no longer as clean and noble as it was before, but with a confidence and pride like a goddess of victory, standing high up above everyone else.

Ling Xiao looked at her coldly. His lips quirked into a curve. No matter how daring I am, its nothing on your scam of a shop. Just one meal costs twenty-one thousand spirit gems. Arent you afraid itll affect your business if people hear about this?

The owner chuckled softly, her orchid fingers playing with the dark locks of hair near her ear. She looked at Ling Xiao with a curl of interest on her lips, and her dignified demeanor suddenly became very suggestive. Though she couldnt compare to a natural fox like MaoQiu, the sudden charm made people unable to remove their gaze. For example, their server had his eyes practically glued to her.

So long as I deny it, then, gentleman, do you think theyll believe me or outsiders like you? The owner smiled confidently.

This was implying that she was dead set on scamming them.

No matter how dumb You XiaoMo was, he would still be able to tell what was going on here. This tavern owner who looked pure and dignified was actually very coquettish, and had her eyes on Ling Xiao. That was why she was making things difficult for them. You XiaoMo couldnt help but glare at Ling Xiao. He was too handsome for his own good!

Tavern owner, I suggest you get rid of that repulsive expression youre wearing, or else youll regret it. MaoQiu said this with a smile. It was very rare that she would be so nice to such an annoying person and issue to them such a warning. She really was too nice.

Regret? The owner looked like she had heard something unbelievable, suddenly beginning laugh uproariously, her laughter grating. Their server also began to laugh.

The owner stopped laughing abruptly, looking at MaoQiu with a chilling gaze. Thats the first time someone has ever said something like that to me. How interesting. That word doesnt exist in my dictionary; the people who will be regretting their actions are you, not me.

Just wait; you dont know who youve messed with. The sucker up server, with the owner to back him up, often acted bigger than he was, arrogant and unafraid.

Alright then. Well just wait for you to make us regret. Then, I guess we dont need to pay anymore, You XiaoMo said as he began to walk out. This was the first time he had ever dined and dashed, and it was an unpleasant experience.

Dont even think of leaving!

Four brutes swarmed inside, blocking the exit.

Against these small fries, You XiaoMo could knock them all off their asses with a single kick. Right now, he was in a bad mood, and naturally wouldnt show any mercy.

You XiaoMo raised a foot and took aim at the first brute that charged towards them, kicking out. The other didnt even have a chance to dodge, his body flying backwards into the three behind him. The group was immediately bowled over, screams resounding along with the cracking of bones. He had dealt with all four in one kick.

The owners expression chilled, but she didnt panic. You cant escape. Hei Xiong is arriving soon. He wont let you go so easily.

Whos Hei Xiong? You XiaoMo raised an eyebrow. Seemed like this person was someone big.

The server who had went to cower behind the owners back peeked his head out, saying in a prideful tone, Hei Xiong is the master of Ziran City. Hes the strongest in the entirety of Ziran City and hes the owners backer. None of you will be able to escape.

The owner straightened her back, her lips curling up slightly.

Though Hei Xiong was ugly, he was truly strong, and Hei Xiong liked her. Since she enjoyed running taverns, Hei Xiong helped her open this one.

She didnt need to send anyone for Hei Xiong to have received the news of what just occurred. He was almost definitely on his way now.

Ling Xiao stood after finishing his tea. His form was tall and slender, seeming to shock the two. The owners eyes seemed to brighten.

Gentleman, you know that it doesnt have to come to this. So long as you agree to my terms, I can promise, I wont let Hei Xiong harm your companions. The owners eyes were practically glued to Ling Xiao, her arousal clear as day in her expression. She had never ever seen a man so handsome. Compared to him, Hei Xiong was like cow shit on the street.

You XiaoMo realized a truth of the world.

Going from being sexual to abstinence was very difficult, but the opposite was all too easy. You really couldnt judge a book by its cover. He regretted choosing this tavern.

Dont even think about it! You XiaoMo couldnt help but yell. She already had this Hei Xiong yet she still was trying to find other men. Even if she wasnt being sated, she couldnt hit on his man. There were many others in Ziran city!.

The owners expression twisted, glaring at him with almond shaped eyes. He hasnt even said anything, what are you cutting in for? Fuck off.

You XiaoMo was enraged. Hes my partner, why cant I cut in? You fuck off, whats your fucking problem!?

The owner was surprised.

She had thought that vulpine woman was the one with the man. She hadnt thought it was the young man. As for homosexuality, it wasnt uncommon in Ziran City, so there was nothing to be too shocked about.

Master, please calm down! MaoQiu comforted him, This sort of trash thats good at being a slut isnt worth getting angry at. Dont damage your health by getting angry at her.

With that, the entire room went silent.

You XiaoMo stared. This was MaoQiu? His impression of MaoQiu was a very composed beauty. Today was the first time he had heard her curse. He really was learning something new every day.

MaoQiu didnt seem to have any thoughts about it and continued. Master, if youre still wound up about this, Ill teach her a lesson for you. Lets see if she still dares covet the Boss beauty.

You XiaoMos jaw dropped.

MaoQiu assumed that meant he agreed, looking towards the owner with malicious intent.

The owner had long since gotten so angry that her entire face had twisted. You bitch! I dare you to say that again! Ill rip up your mouth! A feigned purity and dignity always crumbled quickly. Where was her elegant beauty now?

However, it wasnt hard to guess how her personality had developed into this.

Demon cats had to rely on powerhouses to survive, but since they were all very good looking, baring alluring beauty no matter male or female, there were always plenty of elites fighting over them. Like the owner.

The owner was the number one beauty of the demon cat clan. Originally, three elites were fighting over her, all from Ziran City. In the end, Hei Xiong was the one who won, so everyone in Ziran City knew that a certain owner of a certain tavern was Hei Xiongs woman. Hei Xiong really treasured this woman, and gave her everything she asked for. Thus, no one dared get on her bad side.

With a very powerful mans backing, if the owner couldnt be so confident, then who could?

MaoQius figure flashed, instantly appearing in front of the cat demon, raising her hand and landing a harsh slap at the others beautiful face. The sound of the slap was very loud and clear, hard enough to send the owners head to the side.

The owner clutched her swollen face, eyes wide as saucers and looking at MaoQiu in disbelief. She was so enraged, her lips were shaking. You bitch, how dare you


She hadnt even finished speaking when MaoQiu slapped her across her other cheek before slapping her over ten times in succession, left and right, until her face was swollen like a bun.

The owner collapsed onto the ground, dizzy, clutching her swollen face with both hands. Her eyes practically spat fire as she glared at MaoQiu, her voice sharp and grating. You bitch

MaoQiu kicked her.

The owner wasnt able to dodge it, her forehead knocking against the floor and going red.

MaoQiu laughed lightly. If you say the word bitch again, Ill tear off your skin. Im missing a set of skin, anyways.

The owner was kneeling on the ground, panting. She had never suffered such humiliation, trembling in anger. Though she wanted to curse and let out her anger a little, she was afraid the other would really kill her. Her beautiful eyes glared daggers at MaoQiu.

What are you looking at? Do you want me to pluck your eyes out, too? MaoQiu raised an eyebrow.

The owner didnt dare look at her again.

You XiaoMo watched on in shock. This was a true goddess!

He had really learned something new today. So MaoQiu could be so cool, too! Against an arrogant woman like the owner, you could only face her with the same venom.

MaoQiu returned to them, smiling softly.

The server was already dumb with fright. Usually, when people heard Hei Xiongs name theyd be terrified. Yet these people actually dared to attack the owner. He didnt dare speak out of turn again either.

Lets go! Ling Xiao got up, patting the dust off his robes. He didnt even spare the owner a look. He mightve if she actually had a brain, but she didnt.

You XiaoMo nodded. He didnt want to waste his time on this dumbass woman. It was better if they just left Ziran City as soon as possible. He immediately had Ling Xiao wear his silver mask in case his face attracted anymore nutcases.

That was when the door was opened once again.

A heavy-built man with a rather ugly face walked in, easily blocking the door with his immense form. The man roared as he came in. Who dares bully Hei Xiongs little darling?

Ahhh Seeing her backer finally here, the owner didnt try to repress herself anymore, beginning to wail, her swollen face twisting.

My darling, who did this to you? Seeing the owner on the ground, Hei Xiongs expression twisted, immediately walking over and helping her up gently, like she might break, heart aching.

The owners face was terrifying, glaring poisonously at You XiaoMo and company. No matter how enraptured she had been with Ling Xiao, by now, there would be nothing but hate. She would never let go of this hatred.

Hei Xiong-ge, you have to kill them for me.

Hei Xiongs cold gaze swept over You XiaoMo and company landing on the all-too-handsome Ling Xiao. Killing intent flashed through his eyes and he said in a icy tone, Will you finish yourselves off, or do you want me to do it personally?