The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 533

Chapter 533: River Town
Chapter 533: River Town

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Hei Xiong, didnt Master say not to reveal his personal affairs, yet you just casually go and reveal it to a couple strangers. Do you know your crime?

The newcomers voice was hoarse and low as if he had been choked. His entire body was shrouded underneath his black cloak, leaving only a pair of gloomy eyes, and he was staring expressionlessly at the startled Hei Xiong.

Hei Xiong finally reacted and hastily cupped his hands. He said respectfully, So it turned out to be Mister Emissary. If Mister Emissary could impart his judgment, Hei Xiong does not know much, and those people also have no relation to Master.

The person in black snorted coldly. I trust that you wouldnt dare. Ive come this time to inform you that there is a secret assignment for you.

Please tell me, Mister Emissary.

Xing Qis mission failed, and ZiRan City is an unavoidable location on the way to Living Waters River Boundary. Therefore, from now on you must strictly guard the city gates, and you cannot let any of the people from the Tortoise Clan through, the person in black said darkly.

Hei Xiong hesitated for a second. But if we allow people to know that we are hunting the Tortoise Clans people, wont we offend the Psychic Black Turtles?

Although ZiRan City wasnt a part of the Psychic Black Turtles territory, it was situated in the north just like the Psychic Black Turtle. If they became angry because of this, he most likely would have no way to continue lording over ZiRan City.

Im not telling you to hunt the Tortoise Clans people in broad daylight. As long as you find the people who look like Mo Jing and deal with them secretly, that will suffice.

Hei Xiong understands. After finishing, Hei Xiong was just preparing to walk away when he suddenly saw that the person in black had no intention of leaving yet. He couldnt help but pause. Does Mister Shi Zhe have some other important matters?

The person in black said, Who was the man that defeated you not long ago?

Hei Xiong was extremely surprised that he would ask about this. He answered honestly, Hei Xiong did not recognize him, but he should be a level twelve expert.

The person in black glanced at his missing arm. Is your arm his doing?

Correct. If it werent for the fact that I removed my arm in time, Im afraid that right now it wouldnt just be my arm. Thinking of this, Hei Xiong couldnt help but laugh bitterly. The level twelve expert was indeed on another unreachable level from him, and their levels in strength differed just as much.

Tell me what happened at the time, the person in black said lowly. It was a little abnormal for a level twelve expert to appear for no reason. He thought of the man Xing Qi had talked about who had torn off his arm. They both lost a hand, so could it be that the two of them were connected somehow?

Hei Xiong didnt understand why he was so curious about this matter, but he still repeated exactly what had happened without leaving anything out.

A master of fire, a level twelve expert? A light bulb suddenly went off in the person in blacks head, and he suddenly raised his head. Could it be that man?

Which one? Hei Xiong hadnt imagined that he would actually associate him with somebody.

The person in black also hadnt thought that he would receive such great news today; it was truly the heavens helping him. Hearing Hei Xiongs uncertainty, he explained, Youve probably heard of this man before. If my guess is correct, he is most likely the number one rank on the Ten Divine Gods Ranking, Ling Mo, who defeated You AnTai and the old Eagle. Theres a lot of chaos going on outside right now, so even if you havent heard of him, if you ask around just a bit youll know.

Hei Xiong was startled. Of course hed heard of this person. But isnt he a peak seven-star level eleven expert? How did he change into a level twelve expert?

Im not sure, but I must quickly notify Master of this. Also, think of a way to send someone to go follow them. We have to know their whereabouts, and well make a final decision after I hear back from Master.

Hei Xiong could only swallow his arguments. Yes sir!

After the person in black left, Hei Xiong stood in his original position with an unreadable expression.

Telling him to send his men to go tail a level twelve expert? Wasnt it the same as telling him to send his men off to die? This kind of thing was nice to say, but the problem was that there was absolutely no way to implement it.

Hei Xiong thought for half a day before finally deciding to dispatch a few relatively weak men. If they died, then it wouldnt be too tragic.

At the same time, two hours had just passed.

You XiaoMos contracted beasts appeared outside the city gates punctually. A big crowd of people was still pretty eye-catching, and the guards outside of the city gates glanced over multiple times.

MaoQiu gave a lively retelling of what happened outside of the inn, including how she punished the proprietress and how she disfigured her.

There were some people who were disfigured who could use magic pills to recover, but there were also some that couldnt.

Although they were both women, this time MaoQiu had delivered a killing blow. There was no way for an ordinary magic pill to restore her looks, and this was something MaoQiu had calculated.

Hei Xiong was an intelligent person. The proprietress had caused him to make a fool out of himself in front of everyone, and she had also forced him to pay a large sum of Spirit Gems. Nobody would have feelings of affection after seeing the disfigured proprietress, so the downfall of the proprietress would most likely be extremely tragic. She would probably have to wait a long time to get a magic pill that could restore her looks.

Seeing MaoQius haughty smile, everyone shivered.

There was indeed some truth behind the saying I would rather offend an ordinary man than offend a woman.

At that moment, they didnt know that it was already becoming extremely rowdy outside, and that You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao were actually the center of attention.

After the Vermillion Blood Clan confirmed that Ling Xiao wasnt from the Qilin Clan, they decided to capture You XiaoMo and take him back. Therefore, they specially sent people to the XiaoYao Institution, but they then learned that they werent there and that nobody knew where the two of them had gone.

Although the matter was still unfinished, it had already spread around.

In order for the Vermillion Blood Clan to justify capturing You XiaoMo, they accused him of stealing. Furthermore, because his surname was You, this counted as the Vermillion Blood Clans family business, so outsiders had to withdraw.

You XiaoMo didnt know about any of this, and right now, he was already rushing towards Living Waters River Boundary.

The Living Waters River Boundary was a winding river. The river swept towards the north part of Xi Jing, and the river water surged and raged. Although it was called a river, it was as wide as the sea.

Besides the Psychic Black Turtles who lived inside the Living Waters River Boundary all year round, there was also all sorts of aquatic demon beasts which depended on the Psychic Black Turtles.

After You XiaoMo left ZiRan City, they traveled for an entire day before finally arriving on the afternoon of the second day at River Town, which was also a port town at the Living Waters River Boundary.

River Town wasnt very developed. There were ordinary humans and also small demon beasts who basically all kept out of each others affairs. They were separated to the east and west; the humans lived in the east, and the small demon beasts lived in the west. Furthermore, they were all creatures that lived in water.

In the middle of the east and west territories was Peace Street.

Peace Street was River Towns most rowdy area. No matter if it was a human or a demon beast, they could all do business on Peace Street. They werent allowed to cause trouble, or else their offence would be recorded, and they could even possibly be chased out of River Town.

The end of Peace Street just happened to be Living Waters River Boundarys port.

At one oclock in the afternoon, a crowd of strangers suddenly appeared at the port, attracting the attention of the ports residents. River Town was always a little wary of outsiders, and usually they wouldnt make conversation with outsiders on their own accord.

This crowd of strangers was You XiaoMo and the rest.

You XiaoMo looked at the ships in the port. They were all very simple and crude small boats, and even the ones that were slightly bigger could only fit three or four people. Furthermore, it was very likely that they would be washed away if they encountered a big wave.

It looks like we cant all go at once. You XiaoMo said awkwardly.

Then just let them stay at River Town. Ling Xiao walked alongside the ships in the port. Several dozen small boats were anchored in the port, and they were all about the same, big or small.

You XiaoMo thought a bit before he turned around and said to PiQiu and the rest, Then you guys can just stay at River Town. The two of us can go find the Psychic Black Turtles.

Master, I want to go with you two. PiQiu pouted and looked at him eagerly. Although his outer appearance had matured, his personality was still the same as before.

The corner of You XiaoMos mouth twitched. He had to get used to the adult PiQiu, and he soon said seriously, No, you guys also saw how the small boats can only fit two or three people. Also, even if you guys go, you wont be much use. More people will only be a hindrance. If you guys stay here, you can ask around River Town, and if you hear anything about the Psychic Black Turtle you can notify us.

PiQiu must be an obedient child! MaoQiu walked to PiQius side, smiling, and she patted his head.

PiQius shoulders shrunk and he looked at her, a little scared. He had just heard about MaoQius savage accomplishment, and he was a little afraid of her when she revealed a smile. I will be obedient.

Then you guys can head back first. You XiaoMo instantly drove them away, since having a crowd of people follow them made it easy to attract other peoples attention. It wasnt good to be too obvious either.

MaoQiu instantly dragged the unwilling PiQiu away, and the other people followed on their own.

River Town had an inn. It wasnt very big, but it was River Towns only inn. This was something they had known before they arrived, since Tian Dao had told You XiaoMo about River Town, saying that this was the place that the Psychic Black Turtle was most likely to appear.

After they left, You XiaoMo ran to Ling Xiaos side. It was indeed better when it was just the two of them, free and unrestrained, and the atmosphere became much fresher.

Which boat should we take out to sea?

We first have to ask someone. We still dont know if River Towns fishermen would be willing to lend us a boat. Ling Xiao had already noticed how the ports fishermen didnt want to have anything to do with them. It seemed that things wouldnt go as they wished, since their main objective wasnt actually a small boat but to ask the fishermen about the Psychic Black Turtles.