The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 539

Chapter 539: Jumping Into The Fire
Chapter 539: Jumping into the Fire
Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Looking at the empty space, XuanWei was shocked, but he soon reacted. However, no matter how fast he reacted, he wouldnt be able to beat Ling Xiao.

Old man, where are you looking? Ling Xiaos voice suddenly came from behind, sounding frail like a ghost, yet sinister in tone. Even in broad daylight, it was rather atmospheric.

XuanWeis hair stood up on end from shock. He wasnt afraid of ghosts, but the fact that Ling Xiao could appear silently behind him, how could he not be shocked?

Perhaps he had miscalculated the others strength.

That thought flashed through XuanWeis head, yet at the same time, he struck without hesitation, not even thinking as he sent an attack behind him. However, it missed.

A hand suddenly appeared on his shoulder and that sinister voice once again spoke into his ear. Heh, are you attacking the air?

Fear clung to XuanWeis heart, and he suddenly roared with rage, the soul power inside him gushing out like a flood, attacking the area all around him, not missing a single angle.

That was when an intruding power appeared inside of him.

Just as his face twisted into shock, the hand on his shoulder suddenly forced him down. Just as he fell lower, XuanWei saw the man send a palm strike down at him. His eyes widened. He wanted to use the power inside him, but it did not react.

You cant kill me! XuanWei yelled in fear. He had never thought he would die here.

Ling Xiao didnt care if he could or couldnt kill the other, his palm impacting the others chest directly. Unexpectedly, this attack didnt blast XuanWei into pieces.

Though he was still alive, XuanWei could feel the muscular system within his body breaking down bit by bit, and, in the blink of an eye, it was almost completely destroyed.

With his muscular system entirely destroyed, even if he did live, hed live as a crippled person, unless he could obtain a legendary Seventh grade rainbow pill. However, that all depended on if Ling Xiao would give him that chance at all.

XuanWei spat out blood, his expression sinking into complete despair.

He felt like even death would be better, but so long as a glimmer of hope remained, he didnt want to give up; he didnt want to die just like this.

A shimmer of desire for survival erupted in Xuan Weis gaze.

You cant kill me. I am a second generation elder of the Black Turtle Clan. Killing me would be equal to making an enemy of our entire clan. No matter how strong you are youre still nothing compared to the clan leader! XuanWei wanted to scare Ling Xiao using the Black Turtle Clan.

Even though he was traitor to the clan, only the clan could deal with him. Plus, he would rather fall into the hands of the Black Turtle Clan than die at Ling Xiaos hands. At the very least, he wouldnt be killed. The Black Turtle Clan was very lenient towards their fellow clanmates.

Ling Xiao stepped on his chest and began to laugh in delight at hearing his words. Who would find out if we killed you?

XuanWeis pupils shrank. Originally, they had been ever so careful in coming over here, afraid that the elders of the clan would find out. They even put in a lot of effort to cover themselves. Who wouldve thought that they were working to cover up their own death?

I originally intended to swap the little turtle for a drop of Black Turtle life blood. Yet you save us that trouble, sending yourself right to my door. Ling Xiao calmly spoke of his intentions. At first he hadnt thought of doing this, but that was mainly because he didnt realize that he was of the Black Turtle bloodline. After finding out, he had thought of this idea.

However, the blood essence of Psychic Black Turtles wasnt so easy to get.

If he wanted to activate those hidden bloodlines, then he needed very high grade blood. That sort of blood would be purer, and hed benefit more from activating these bloodlines. He hadnt realized this before and had used silver dragon blood to activate his dragon clan bloodline. It was just fortunate that it had succeeded in the end.

As for the blood essence of the Black Turtles, only three drops of blood could be condensed from a dead black turtle. That was a minuscule amount, and it was of great use to the Black Turtle Clan as well, thus, they wouldnt give it out so easily.

Ling Xiao didnt have a hundred percent certainty that he could condense even a single drop of blood from a black turtle. Now that two had come willingly with no one knowing of their journey, there was no reason to show mercy.

XuanWeis eyes widened. So you really had that baby turtle?

What was more inconceivable to him was that Mo Jing really did hand over the descendant of the Black Turtle Clan to two strangers. Wasnt he afraid that these two strangers would swallow the baby turtle alive?

Also, hearing the mans words, it sounded like he really wanted to get his hands on Black Turtle life blood.

Thinking of this, Xuan Wei suddenly remembered how the other had said something about sending yourself right to my door and stared at the other in shock. Did the other intend to refine him?

Seeing the fear in his eyes, Ling Xiaos smile grew with eager malice. Bloodlust, cruelty and killing intent was clear in his gaze, his voice a sinister drawl, If you understand, then it seems that youve accepted that death is your fate. Then, die!

No!!! XuanWeis eyes went as wide as they could go, and the last thing he saw was the man raising his hand, a purple flame appearing from the center of his palm and landing on his head without hesitation.


His head exploded like a watermelon, having been crushed by Ling Xiaos hand. The red brain matter that splashed against Ling Xiao was immediately evaporated from the flames.

XuanWeis body twitched before going still, his life seeping away.

Before XuanWeis body could return to its true form, Ling Xiao shoved him into the pocket dimension.

Inside the dimension, You JunQi was sighing as he sat by the lake. During this period of time, he had been troubled over how he was to get his son to accept him, since it seemed like his son didnt like him, always treating him like air.

You JunQi knew that he had done wrong in the past. Even if he had his problems, he shouldnt have abandoned his wife and son like that. He was a bastard, and it was quite reasonable that his son was unwilling to forgive him.

Ay You JunQis sigh was only half out when his gaze suddenly sharpened and he backed away several steps not a moment too late. With a plop, a heavy object landed right where he had just been sitting.

It was only after he took a closer look that he realized it was a headless corpse, but before he could react, the corpse returned to its original form. If it wasnt for the fact that he had retreated quickly, he mightve been crushed under it.

You JunQi stared at the original form of the headless corpse and couldnt help but suck in a breath. They really are far too bold

At the same time.

Ling Xiao, having swiftly dealt with XuanWei and erased the traces of their presence from the alleyway, went to find You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMos strength truly was slightly above XuanZe, but the shells of Black Turtles were the hardest material in all of TongTian Continent. In a real fight, he wouldnt be able to get rid of XuanZe that quickly.

Though Psychic Black Turtles lived on land, the seas were their forte as well. They could perform equally as well in the sea as they could on land. However it was different for humans. At sea, it was always a bit more troublesome.

You XiaoMo had never fought in the sea before. He had gone into the water once, but Ling Xiao had been there with him. Going down now wasnt something he felt all that comfortable with.

He didnt have a water-parting bead, so he had to use his soul power to part the water and create a bubble of air about half a meter in diameter.

After Xuan Ze took on his original form, his size grew to immense proportions and the sea level rose by a sudden two or three meters. The small port was probably flooded by now. As for other ports, they were at a higher sea level, so it probably wasnt as bad for them.

Plus, Xuan Ze didnt want to be discovered by Hai Chu, so he had gone several thousand meters away from Whale Island.

You XiaoMo was also very satisfied by the sight of nothing but sea stretching out for miles.

Though he wasnt familiar with the sea around here, it would be a waste not to use the fact that the other had assumed his immense true form.

Using the seawater as cover, You XiaoMo approached Xuan Zes true form. The shell was massive like a mountain and it took him quite a while to find the edge of the head of the shell. The shell was too hard to deal with, so he decided to aim for the head.

It really had to be said that You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao were connected.

Both were very interested in the heads of Black Turtles. The difference was that Ling Xiao had already crushed Xuan Weis head.

It didnt take You XiaoMo long to crawl onto Xuan Zes head.

Xuan Ze immediately noticed and started thrashing his head about, wanting to throw the other off. The sea also started to churn violently.

You XiaoMo was unable to stay steady on his feet, and retreated to the edge of the shell.

Xuan Ze immediately stopped thrashing his head and quickly swam forth, thrashing about in the vast ocean space.

You XiaoMo hurriedly grabbed onto the edge of the shell, stabilizing himself with one hand and bringing out his golden winged insects with the other. Golden Winged Insects were said to be able to devour anything. Though this might be a bit of an exaggeration, it was true that they could chew through any seal.

The Golden Winged Insects flew onto the shell and began to peck at it like woodpeckers.

Five seconds later, they flew back, teary-eyed