The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 543

Chapter 543: Brute Force
Chapter 543: Brute Force
Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

A heavy atmosphere had fallen over Hei Xiongs mansion ever since the order to close the city was issued.

Since the city had been closed, the citizens were all rather irritated, especially those who had pressing business outside the city walls. The primary target of their irritation was Hei Xiong, who had given the order.

Hei Xiong wasnt happy either. This thing clearly had nothing to do with him, yet he had to face the consequences. He was also getting more and more dissatisfied with Xing Qi and Gao Yin.

If you cant find them by tomorrow, Ill give the order to open up the city in the evening.

Hei Xiong had his underlings call for Xing Qi and Gao Yin, greeting them with this order. After being defeated by that man in front of so many people that time, his reputation had been ruined. Then with the added oil of the order to close the city, he might not be able to keep his position if the fire continued to burn.

Plus, ZiRan City was already overcrowded and he received daily reports of fights breaking out in different areas of the city.

Hei Xiong, dont forget that these orders came from above.

Xing Qi, one arm gone, immediately narrowed his eyes. He was unsurprised at Hei Xiong growing temper.

Hei Xiongs gaze landed on the remains of Xing Qis arm, sneering, If it wasnt for that ones order then I wouldnt have even cooperated with you in the first place. The city has already been closed for seven days and Ive done my part. Its your own faults that you cant find them. Face the consequences yourself. Im not humoring you any longer.

Hei Xiong and Xing Qi were different.

He had cut his own arm off back then, so after ingesting a Bone Growth Pill, he grew back a new one, but Xing Qis arm couldnt grow back, not unless he got a prosthetic.

After knowing that Xing Qis arm had been burned off, Hei Xiongs first thought was Ling Xiao, but he didnt say anything about it because he knew that even if he spoke out, the three of them combined wouldnt even be able to take that guy on.

After managing to escape relatively unscathed last time, he didnt want to get on Ling Xiaos bad side again.

Hei Xiong! Xing Qi suddenly stood, rage burning in his eyes as he glared at Hei Xiong.

Hei Xiong wasnt afraid of the two of them. They all worked for the same agenda; it wasnt like they would kill him. Plus, this had nothing to do with him anyways.

If you have the time to argue with me, why dont you try and figure out how to find your man before tomorrow evening instead? Hei Xiong left Xing Qis room, throwing those words behind him.

Fuck! Xing Qi slammed his palm again the table, shattering it.

Gao Yin scowled. It seems like Hei Xiong is being serious, but I feel like hes hiding something from us. It seems like hes afraid that Mo Jings comrades will come.

Xing Qis expression chilled. Could it be that Mo Jing leaked the news?

Its possible.

Then what do we do now? Just us two cant find a hidden Mo Jing. Will we really have to stand and watch the city gates open again?

Im afraid thats probably so. Xing Qi wore a dark, icy expression.

The next day, the news of the city being opened once more spread like wildfire. The dark atmosphere that had clouded over the city finally began to disperse and people stopped endlessly complaining. Those who had urgent business outside of the city quickly packed, prepared to leave the city as soon as possible.

People didnt care if the news was true or not and many people were restless, gathering at the city gates. It became so crowded in the nearby streets that it was impossible to move.

You XiaoMo could see an endless flow of people heading towards the gates from his open window. If this continued, that area would become overcrowded.

Should we wait until the gates are open to leave or should we just brute force our way through?

Mo Jing said contemplatively, If we wait for the gates to open, then Xing Qi and the other two will definitely go to guard the gates personally and act if they see anyone suspicious. Though with Fellow Lings strength theres no need for worry, we cant be certain that they wont have other helpers. That would be very troublesome if its the case.

There are actually a few good point about brute forcing our way through. The guards in the city arent all that strong and well be out of ZiRan City by the time Xing Qi and the others arrive.

You XiaoMo rubbed his chin, nodding. What a smart idea!

However, this was the first time he had heard of someone who refused to walk the easy path and chose to brute force their way through instead.

Ling Xiao rose, slowly walking towards the door and stopping in front of it. His handsome face twisted to reveal a malicious smile before he said in a mild tone, Well, theres no time like the present to brute force our way through!

In this time, where everyone was anxious to get through the city gates.

A time where people were crowded in anticipation. A time where no one would expect someone to brute force their way out rather than wait for a gate that was about to open.

You XiaoMo truly felt that their actions would definitely cause a huge impact and send everything into absolute turmoil. The gates would probably be squeezed open.

The burning sun rose to the middle of the sky. The blinding sunlight was like embers, raining down on the people crowded at the city gates, adding oil to the fires that burned in their hearts.

This was a place even more noisy than a market.

You XiaoMo finally realized that, though he had thought that marketplaces were the most dangerous weapon, there were worse things out there. One might not be able to imagine it, but that didnt mean it wasnt impossible.

ZiRan City had two gates, one in the south and one in the north.

Though the South gate was the city entrance, there were plenty of people who wanted to leave through the South gate, too, and, naturally, the North gate wouldnt have any less traffic, only more.

To assure the order and peace in the city, both gates had many guards, to keep watch. However, Xing Qi and company all thought that Mo Jing would want to leave through the North gate because it led to Living Waters River Boundary. Thus, there were more guards there.

This was convenient for them.

The guards had made a buffer with railings with a ten meter diameter around the South gate. In the buffer zone, if anyone entered apart from the guards, then, theyd immediately be arrested.

A few people hadnt believed this and purposefully walked inside. They ended up getting taken away by the guards and after that no one dared try again.

Just as everyone thought this, a white robed young man walked steadily into the buffer zone under everyones gazes.

Gazes converged on him like lasers, and the hottest ones came from the fifteen guards, their gazes baring a hint of killing intent, fixed on the young man.

Stop right there! Come closer and dont blame me for what I do! The head of the guards walked forwards, his spear raised and pointed at the young man emotionlessly as he gave his warning.

The young man seemed to not have heard, his footsteps not stopping.

Seeing this, the guard didnt bother wasting his breath and swung his spear, prepared to send an attack with a shout.

That was when the young man moved.

He suddenly dashed right in front of the guard as an aura more intense than the guards erupted from him. The guards face went pale at once.

Though he was the captain, he was only an five star Emperor level, strill far from Divine level.

It wasnt just him who was shocked. Those who were prepared to watch the young man get taken away by the guards were also shocked. This weak-looking young man was actually this strong? That was too unfair

The guard didnt dare face the young man alone, hurriedly calling out, Everyone, together ah

He didnt even finish his sentence when the young mans figure flashed in front of him and kicked him to the side. The other guards didnt even have the time to react.

By the time they did, a sliver of terrifying killing intent shot over from afar.

When the crowd looked over, they were immediately bathed in red light. An arrow with a red flame shining like the sun shot forwards with withering speed. It was in front of them in the blink of an eye and hit the gates in the next moment.

With a huge explosion, the arrow destroyed the gates entirely and those who were close were caught up in the blast. Some people were hit by the debris, jumping.

The young man that had kicked the guard had long since disappeared.

By the time the smoke cleared, the closed gates had become a huge hole about eleven or twelve meters wide. Even the city walls had been hit. The guards had the most injured and dead, lying amongst the rubble and moaning in pain.

The entire area seemed to go silent for a while.

Then, like a tightly wound string breaking, a thunderous roar rose from the crowd and they charged like crazy out of the city.

They all fought to get out of there first like swarming ants.

Some people even trampled over the bodies of the guards. The entire situation was even more chaotic than a marketplace, screaming, cursing, and wild laughter.

Though the gates were said to be opened in the evening, no one knew if it was true or not. If they could leave now, why wait?

Everyone seemed to have lost their minds, until a furious roar sounded from the skies, Mo Jing you bastard! Get out here!