The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 546

Chapter 546: The Black Spider
Chapter 546: The Black Spider
Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

God, what kind of joke are you playing?

You didnt give it to the one that was lacking IQ, yet you deliberately gild the lily of the one who was not lacking in IQ. In actual fact, Ling Xiao is your real son right!

As soon as Ling Xiao opened his eyes, he felt a stab of malice from his wife that was full of indescribable jealousy and envy. As a result, he calmly accepted it.

His cultivation had risen from three stars to five stars. This time, there was no difference in the rise of his cultivation from taking the Life Blood and stimulating the bloodline of the Dragon Clan. Although this increase was not enough to contend against You ZhenTian, it did not mean that the outcome of the battle would be certain.

How do you feel? Ling Xiao asked upon seeing You XiaoMo staring blankly at himself.

A little bit. You XiaoMo subconsciously returned. Only after his brain made a full circle did he realize that it was the opposite. He should be the one asking this sentence. How are you?

Ling Xiao stretched and laid down as he smiled cheerfully, I feel wonderful.

Both replies had three words, but the result each expressed was poles apart.

You XiaoMo was deeply envious.

They were preparing to return to Zhong Tian next. Before they left, You XiaoMo thought to himself, since it was his cheap dad who wanted to stick to him of his own will, wouldnt it be letting himself down if he did not make the best use of his dad?

Thus, he courteously invited You JunQi into his dimension to help him plant magic herbs. His dimension was originally given to him by You JunQi, so he was indifferent as to whether the secret inside would be revealed to him.

Although Mo Jing gave him many transcendent level magic herb seeds and seedlings, these also needed time to mature and the time needed for them to mature was relatively long. Therefore, it was necessary to seize the moment and plant it now so as to avoid being out of stock when it was needed.

You XiaoMo had also grabbed Ling Xiao and pulled him into the dimension to be a worker.

Planting magic herbs took a lot of time and it would be even faster with three people doing it together.

Before You JunQi could even appreciate the scenery in the dimension, his son used a leg to kick him into the magic herb field to remove weeds.

You XiaoMo no longer needed those low and mid level magic herbs as his cultivation base rose. He also had a large of stock of some high level magic herbs. Since he was only growing a few magic herbs at present, the large area he had cleared for the magic herb field was now full of weeds.

Of course, You XiaoMo could have used his control over the dimension to plant the magic herbs, but he would quickly become mentally exhausted and he had to be inside the dimension for him to do this. He was only able to take objects in and out from outside the dimension. Furthermore, if he did not enslave Ling Xiao from time to time, his mind would feel out-off-balance.

You JunQi was pulling weeds, You XiaoMo was planting magic herbs and Ling Xiao was in charge of watering at the end.

The one who had it the most miserable was You JunQi. He always felt that his work was the most laborious. Sure enough, this sentence of a father is not needed if theres a husband was right.

Son, how about we make a deal? You let me switch jobs with your man and water the plants for a change? You JunQi threw away the weeds that he had just plucked out, walked over to his son and squatted down with an expression of currying favor.

You XiaoMo lifted his eyelids and looked at him. Do you know how to water them? Do you know how much water a stalk of magic herb needs? Do you know that different kinds of magic herbs need to be watered with different amounts of water? I will agree to let you switch if you can answer any question.

Not far away, Ling Xiao was content with his lot and watering the magic herbs.

He reminisced of the things in the beginning. He had also lacked the slightest knowledge about magic herbs. You XiaoMo would always be harping about these matters beside his ear when he dragged Ling Xiao into his dimension afterwards. As time went on, Ling Xiao had to understand it even if he did not want to in the beginning.

His current job was actually an accumulation of his many experiences.

Then forget it. You JunQi embarrassedly rubbed his nose and walked away after hearing this. He could not even answer one of them. He now thought that his son still treated him the best. It turned out that pulling out weeds was such a relaxed job.

You XiaoMo rolled his eyes. He was not the least bit surprised by his answer. In actual fact, he had specially wrote down all these things in a small book which had been prepared for his Qiu team members. When they left for the Weeping Ghost Shore, he put the book away and only showed it to Ling Xiao once.

The work proceeded extremely smoothly after a superficial little episode.

One hour later, You XiaoMo looked at the seedlings and seeds planted in his magic herb field and smiled in satisfaction.

It was really different with three people doing things together. The speed of the work which usually took two or three hours to complete had increased by one to two times.

They set out for Zhong Tian after leaving the dimension.

They no longer needed to change their faces as their identities has been exposed and they had nothing to hide. On the contrary, others may not recognize them with them walking about openly.

Zhong Tian was just as lively as it used to be. Even a remote little town was still talking about Ling Xiao and You XiaoMos matters.

Using a low-level Dimensional talisman, You XiaoMo and the two were transported to a little town at the fringes of Zhong Tian called Ebony Plum Town. Ebony Plum Town was small, but it was along the only road towards Central City. Moreover, Ebony Plum Town also had a small scale Dimensional transport circle which would directly transport users to Central City.

It was because of this that there was an extremely large flow of people everyday despite Ebony Plum Town being a small town.

Since it was too extravagant to use teleportation talismans to travel from Ebony Plum Town to the Central City and the accuracy of the landing was low, the three decided to take a small scale Dimensional Transportation portal to the Central City after inquiring about the situation in Ebony Plum Town. The fees for the portal was low and it cost two thousand spirit gems per person.

You XiaoMo handed over six thousand spirit gems, then the three waited at the inn till it was time to depart.

One would usually need to wait for around two hours for their turn after registering as there were too many people taking the dimensional transportation portal everyday.

Its been so long since Ive been to such a bustling place. Ive nearly forgotten how to interact with others. You JunQi suddenly sighed in sorrow as he looked at the throng of people before his eyes.

Youre delusional. You XiaoMo said.

You JunQi was startled. He turned his head to look at You XiaoMo, Son, what did you just say?

You XiaoMo pondered, then he suddenly put on a stern expression, I didnt say anything and I didnt talk to you. You misheard it just now.

Impossible. You JunQi denied it with all his strength and solemnly stated, Daddy just heard you say youre delusional. Its impossible for daddy to have misheard.

The corners of You XiaoMos mouth twitched and he decided not to speak to him again.Ling Xiao stroked his head to console him, but somehow he felt that the smile on Ling Xiaos face was offensive to his eyes.

Just at this moment, a few whispers of conversation suddenly caught their attention.

Ive heard that the Vermillion Blood Clan has not found their so-called traitors. Its already been ten days, could those two have hidden away?

Its normal even if they hid, their opponent is the Vermillion Blood Clan. Who would dare to touch the brows of the Vermillion Blood Clan? If it was me, I would hide away and simply refuse to come out.

Thats true.

I say, this news is already so outdated. Why are you still talking about it?!

Hasnt it just been ten days? Could it be that theres some other exciting news again?

Of course! This is definitely an exclusive news. The speakers face was triumphant, as if he knew something important and the three words quickly ask me were written on his face.

The people around him did not disappoint and there were people immediately questioning him.

The man suddenly mysteriously whispered, Do you know of the Black Spider?

The Black Spider? You mean the new faction that emerged a thousand years ago? It is said that theres a Sacred Realm powerhouse overseeing them. They specialize in buying and selling all kinds of treasures obtained by improper means and they even dare to accept many unseemly things, but Ive heard that the price of the items is half of the market value.

You XiaoMo immediately understood the nature of this Black Spider upon hearing this. Putting it plainly, it was nearly the same as a black market, something that was unavoidable in any era.

The Black Spider was established a thousand years ago. The reason why their reputation was so notorious was because there was once a clans family heirloom that fell into the hands of the Black Spider. They publicly auctioned that heirloom and this resulted in the family head of that clan bringing a group of experts over to look for them. In the end, that group was beaten and injured and even the clan was nearly exterminated.

At that time, the person from the Black Spider that stepped in was a seven star Divine Realm expert. However, he only seemed to be nothing more than a subordinate. The person behind the scenes of the Black Spider definitely was a Sacred Realm practitioner for such a strong expert to be perfectly happy to obey someones order.

Based off your tone, dont tell me that the Black Spider is going to make a big move in the near future?

This is the exclusive news. I heard that the Black Spider stole a lot of earth-shaking treasures some time ago. It is rumored that they will organize an auction to invite many factions and experts in the TongTian Continent with strong financial resources, such as the Vermillion Blood Clan, the Mage Guild, the Cang Alliance and so on.

The things that the Black Spider usually auction are treasures, but Ive never heard of them daring to invite these forces so brazenly. Arent they afraid that included among these items are some treasures that these factions have lost?

They wouldnt have publicized it if they were afraid. But this is secondary, Ive heard that the Black Spider is going to invite the experts from the Ten Divine Gods Ranking. That Ling Xiao is also included and he would certainly encounter the Vermillion Blood Clan if he goes. There would be a good show to watch when that happens.

Hey, there wouldnt be a good show if he doesnt go.

Thats also true!

One could tell that the Black Spider was not an ordinary faction just by its name. The name of their behind-the-scenes backer definitely couldnt be mentioned, seeing that they dared to brazenly and wantonly invite all the major forces with their status as a black market.

However, there was a point that You XiaoMo was quite curious about.

The powerhouses on the Ten Divine Gods Ranking were all people whose whereabouts were indeterminate. How would the Black Spider deliver the invitations to them?

Just as he was thinking about it, his cheap old man suddenly opened his mouth, Ive heard of this faction called the Black Spider. I had contact with the people from the Black Spider before I was locked up by You ZhenTian. They are a group of powerhouses that put the law of the jungle into practice. Its best not to have too much contact with these type of people who have no morality to speak of.

Tell me more details. You XiaoMo urged.

You JunQi organized his thoughts, Lets put it this way, the majority of the rare treasures that they auction are ones that theyve stolen.

Ling Xiao raised an eyebrow. Like You XiaoMo, he had also never heard of this faction which had been established a thousand years ago so he was a little curious, Therefore, when the owner of the lost property comes knocking, they can use the excuse that someone sold it to them to cleanly shirk all responsibility?

You JunQi nodded, If the owner of the lost property does not believe that excuse, they will start a fight and usually leave them either dead or heavily wounded. So even though many factions know that their treasures drifted into the Black Spiders auction, they can only do all they can and use their wealth to buy it back. In some cases, they may not necessarily be able to buy it out if they encounter a contender.

It is indeed unreasonable. You XiaoMo shook his head. This sort of behavior was clearly that of a robber.

Ling Xiao lightly injected, Might is right!

You JunQi feared that his son would not be able to distinguish between good and bad people, so he lectured, Son, theres one point you should bear in mind. One should always be on guard. Theres no one you can unconditionally trust. Whether they are good or bad people, they are often devils that put on masks and may betray you at the pivotal moment.

You are right. You XiaoMo truly agreed with what he said, Even though you are my father I feel that I cant trust you unconditionally.

The smile on You JunQis face stiffened before it was about to disappear.

Was this called lifting a stone to smash your own feet?

The answer was yes.

You Jun quickly remedied, Son, you definitely can have unconditional trust in daddy, but you may not do so for others.

Does others include him? You XiaoMo pointed at Ling Xiao.

You JunQi immediately weighed in his mind. Was his daddy more important or his man important in his sons heart? He finally reached a conclusion that made him a little unhappy, yet he had to choice but to admit it. His son seemed to trust his man more than his own father, so his son would probably refuse to acknowledge him if he dared to say that others included Ling Xiao.

You JunQi was defeated, You can also trust in him unconditionally.

You XiaoMo nodded in satisfaction. He suddenly felt that his cheap dad was actually quite sensible.

As the only normal person among the three, Ling Xiao looked quite detached from the world as he calmly drank his tea. To put it bluntly, he was drawing a clear dividing line.

A black crow suddenly flew into the inn just as everyone was enthusiastically chatting. The black crow steadily landed on You XiaoMos table.

Ra: Daddy vs Husband Round 1: Daddy utterly defeated.

Tsk tsk, a married out daughter is like spilt water.

Addis: Poor momo has no balls according to his dad. Lol. I believe I said that before.