The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 55

Chapter 55
Warrior division's WuShuang Mountain.

As everyone knows, mages don't have combat ability. Although mages can refine magic pills, their innate talent is not suited to martial arts. Therefore, normal low and mid level mages need to find a strong and powerful backer. As for high level mages, they don't have to look for backers. The backers will come looking for them instead. This is because martial artists need the high level magic pills refined by high level mages.

Therefore, most mages will choose to join a sect. The sect can protect them. Furthermore, if they perform well, they don't even have go here and there themselves in search of magic herbs.

However, sects also have their own rules. For example, the last time Ling Xiao left on a mission, they also brought along three mid level mages. Firstly, it is a precautionary measure in case something happens along the way. Secondly, only mages will be able to pick magic herbs and tell them apart, especially when it comes to high level magic herbs.

High level magic herbs are different from low level magic herbs. The soul force is needed to pick them. Otherwise the roots could easily be damaged causing the quality to decrease. This would be like failing to build something because there is one basket of earth short.

Therefore when TianXin sect sends disciples out on a mission, they would also send a few mages. Also mages that return from successful missions are allowed to keep ten percent of the magic herbs they bring back for themselves.

But not everyone is chosen to go on a mission. Some people have not gone a mission with disciples from the warrior division even though they have joined the sect for ten years.

Therefore the annual grand friendly competition is a chance. A chance to interact with the warrior division and develop some relationships. If they can leave a good impression, even a low level mage may be chosen.

After getting this information, You XiaoMo feels that the way of the mage is a really hard road.

The next day, because the magic herbs in the dimension have matured, You XiaoMo spends almost the whole day in the dimension right up to the day they set off. Elder brother comes over early in the morning to call him. He lets him prepare the necessary things for the trip before heading over to the assembly point in front of the Hall of Enchanted Herbs.

This trip to the warrior division, other than the four of them, there are twenty other disciples from other circles. Even from far, You XiaoMo can hear their excited discussion of the grand friendly competition. They look very excited except for a few that seem to have gone over before.

The last to arrive is Uncle Zhao, coming just on time. He doesn't say anything unnecessary, just reminding everyone to stick to the rules and not talk nonsense when they enter the domain of the warrior division. After that, the whole group set out grandly.

"Little brother, even though this is the first time for you, you must not let out Master lose face oh. You are now representing our Earth peak."

You XiaoMo was minding his own business, eyes looking at nose, nose looking at heart, when he suddenly hears someone speaking. He raises his head and sees Big sister NanGong Ying's serious expression. It's a moment before he realizes that Big sister is speaking to him so he hastily says: "Yes, please be at ease Big sister. I will definitely mind my actions."

NanGong Ying actually freezes because she didn't expect him to be so earnest, making it hard for her to continue what she wanted to say.

Fang ChenLe who is walking in front suddenly turns around shaking his head, "Little brother, you don't have to be so nervous. Your Forth sister is just joking with you. Even though you are Master's disciple, you have only entered the sect for two months. If Earth peak has to depend on you to keep up appearances, wouldn't that mean that there is no one left in Earth peak!"

There is truth in those words. You XiaoMo also knows that Elder brother is not belittling him so he nods in agreement.

NanGong Ying also doesn't feel embarrassed after having the rug pulled from beneath her by her own Elder brother. She quickly gets into the same groove as them and soon teases You XiaoMo again. But he is no longer fooled since he now knows her character.

This Forth sister is actually very considerate. Afraid that he doesn't mix well with the others, she would frequently talk to him for the whole trip.

Even though the Mage and Warrior divisions are from the same sect, the groups are actually separated by a mountain. If one does not go by flying but rather by walking, it would take the time to burn half a joss stick to get there.

But for mages that frequently walk down the mountain, this is not far at all. After the time it takes to burn half a joss stick, they finally make it around the mountain. The warrior division is now in front of them.

Used to the grandeur of Earth peak, You XiaoMo had thought there wouldn't be another mountain that would take his breath away. Who knew that just separated by one mountain there would be an even grander mountain than Earth peak.

The entire WuShuang Mountain gives off a towering and majestic air. A line cuts across the lofty mountain. The top part is wrapped in billowing waves of clouds that can topple mountains and overturn seas. The magnificence is boundless. A feeling of insignificance emerges unconsciously in all of them who are standing at the foot of the mountain when looking up at the mountain. Even the disciples who have seen it before feel equally awed.

"Is this the the group of Uncle Zhao Zhen?" Someone from the Warrior division that had long been waiting respectfully for the arrival of this big group of disciples immediately walks over.

Uncle Zhao gives a faint nod, in the manner of a senior. That disciple doesn't dare to delay even a little, quickly inviting them in.

The disciples of the Warrior division are distributed over the five peaks of the mountain into five lineages. They are the East lineage, West lineage, South lineage, North lineage and Central lineage. The disciples taking part in this grand friendly competition are from these five lineages. As for the place of the competition, it will be held on the huge plateau halfway up WuShuang Mountain.

That plateau is called Sudden Lightning Plateau. According to legend, the founder of TianXin sect used divine power to open up this plateau. Also, every month there will be a day when lightning will strike the plateau, hence the name of Sudden Lightning Plateau.

Because the competition will only start tomorrow, Uncle Zhao lets them go around on their own for now, only restricting them to not wander far.