The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 553

Chapter 553: Engulfing Godfire
Chapter 553: Engulfing Godfire
Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations
This was also the Demon Phoenix Sacredfire, but very few people knew that even though they were of the same rank, there would still be a Demon Phoenix Godfire that was stronger or weaker.

Ji Rui knew this, so she thought that even though their cultivation was of the same rank, her Godfire would still be stronger than Ling Xiaos. It had nothing to do with their cultivation bases, but rather their bloodlines; one was a pureblood, while the other was a hybrid. Who was stronger and who was weaker should be clear at first glance.

But when she saw her own Godfire being engulfed by Ling Xiaos Godfire, she was completely stunned. Her Godfire wasnt scattered, but rather it was actually swallowed?

Only truly powerful Godfires that had the ability to engulf could swallow other Godfires. However, this kind of thing had never occurred before in the Demon Phoenix Clan. Their Godfire didnt have the ability to engulf, they were only separated into stronger and weaker categories.

A mouthful of blood suddenly welled up from Ji Ruis throat, and the coppery taste spread all throughout her mouth.

Having her Godfire engulfed hurt her vitality more than merely having it be defeated. Although the internal injuries werent that great, she didnt dare to keep facing Ling Xiao after knowing that the opposing side had Godfire with the ability to engulf others.

She had to deliver this piece of information to the elders of the Demon Phoenix Clan.

Clan members that had the engulfing Godfire were a treasure for the Demon Phoenix Clan, but if this treasure bore a grudge towards them, that was absolutely a huge catastrophe.

Were leaving! Ji Rui swallowed the blood in her mouth.

Just when Ji YunLang thought that Ji Rui was about to continue fighting, she gave the command to retreat instead. Her voice was also extremely panicked, and Ji YunLang froze for a moment. What situation was this?

Ji Wen and Ji Wu werent stupid. They could see that Elder Rui had received an internal injury.

There was no advantage for them to continue fighting in a situation like this.

Ji Wu didnt need to be told twice before grabbing Ji YunLang and running after Ji Rui, Ji Wen following close behind. The only one who didnt move was Ji Feng, his gaze following after them as if he had nothing to do with them.

A cold smile appeared on Ling Xiaos face.

He had no intentions whatsoever of just let them go like that. What was the point of letting go of cannon fodder that had sent themselves straight to his door? Moreover, since they were the opponents of that chicken, he would just have to take on the difficult task of helping him wipe out a few of them.

Clear killing intent locked onto them in an instant, and with a slight flick of his fingers, flames seemed to shoot out.

The four peoples expressions froze before Ji Rui quickly reacted. A Dimensional talisman appeared instantly in her right hand. This was a medium grade Dimensional talisman, and not only was the distance longer than a low grade Dimensional talisman, it could also transport more people. The most important part was that it was fairly safe and stable.

The force of the teleportation immediately spread outwards from the Dimensional talisman that she shattered into pieces, and it seemed that the force was about to surround them, excluding Ji Feng, who Ji Rui had forgotten completely.

But in the next second, a few flickers of flame suddenly burst upwards from their feet, and in a split second, the flames were tangled around their legs. It was followed by the smell of burning flesh and Ji YunLangs screaming.

Among the four of them, there was only Ji YunLang who had no ability to resist at all and was wrapped unwaveringly by the flame. Actually, it wasnt that he couldnt react in time. It was that nobody had noticed You XiaoMo, who was behind them sniping them. He and Ling Xiao had the same line of thought.

None of Little Chickens enemies could just easily go like that.

Therefore, when Ji YunLang was about to resist Ling Xiaos fire, You XiaoMo had quietly attacked him. Ji YunLangs movements had only paused for a second before he was caught by the flames.

It was as if the fire had its own consciousness. Just like the burned arm of XingQi, Ji YunLangs legs were melted right away, and they could foresee that he would turn into a legless cripple.

But that didnt mean that the others werent having trouble.

Ji Wen and Ji Wu had seen how Ji Ruis Godfire was engulfed by Ling Xiaos Godfire. Although they were afraid, they could only use their own Godfire to ward his off in order to save their lives. But in the end they were engulfed as well, and both of them received internal injuries too.

This scene only persisted for a few seconds before the force of teleportation warped them away.

Silence reigned in the inn from both the people inside the inn and outside watching.

The men looked at Ling Xiao with wonder, while the women looked at him with adoration. In this world, who didnt like experts? Powerful people would always be greatly welcomed.

Ling Xiao didnt look at Ji Feng. He looked towards the doorway instead and said calmly, You still havent come here.

The people watching from the door couldnt help but look at each other helplessly.

He couldnt be calling for them, right? Absolute nonsense!

At that moment, a person suddenly slipped out from the corner at the right of the door, telling them the answer. It was a youth wearing all white, pale and clean. After he ran into the inn, he threw himself at Ling Xiao, hugging his waist, revealing a dumb smile on his face.

How was it, arent I smart?

Ling Xiao flicked his forehead once. You took advantage of the opportunity very well, but you still cant quite be called smart yet.

You XiaoMo didnt approve of this. Nevertheless, he already believed that he was smart enough.

Sonny~ When You JunQi, who had excitedly watched the entire thing unfold from the second floor, saw his son come over, he instantly ran down. He threw himself at You XiaoMo with a naive expression on his face just like how hed seen You XiaoMo throw himself at Ling Xiao.

The instant You XiaoMo heard that familiar word, which were familiar to the point that his ears were almost bleeding, his first response was to hide unhesitatingly behind Ling Xiao.

You JunQi had already almost thrown himself at Ling Xiaos feet before he hastily backpedaled.

There was no way that kind of father kowtows to the son-in-law thing could happen to him, not even by accident.

You XiaoMo looked disappointed.

You JunQi pretended that he couldnt see the disappointment on his sons face, and he didnt try to understand why his son was disappointed either. In order to change the subject, he pointed directly at Ji Feng, who was still standing by the door, completely unworried about how he would escape. Sonny, this person is also from the Demon Phoenix Clan, how do you want to deal with him?

You XiaoMos impression of Ji Feng was still pretty good, and furthermore, he hadnt participated at all just then. In the end he had even been thrown aside by Ji Rui, this was too pitiful!

Ji Feng knew that it was his turn to come on stage now, and when he saw them all look over, he smiled leisurely. Brother Ling, Fellow You, could I borrow you two and have a chat?


He directly told You XiaoMo that what he wanted to discuss wasnt simple, but the one to answer him was Ling Xiao. They should at least consider it for a moment, yet Ling Xiao just answered before he could.

However, why was he only Fellow You, but Ling Xiao was Brother Ling?

The most unlucky one of them all was the innkeeper. Ninety percent of the chairs and tables in the lobby had been destroyed, and even the counter hadnt escaped misfortune. But seeing their expressions, he decided that it was better not to bring up his hidden bitterness.

You XiaoMo thought a bit before still giving him a few spirit gems. It could be considered Ling Xiaos portion for destroying the inn, as well as their other expenses, before leaving to find the Demon Phoenix Clan.

Two minutes later, the four of them gathered in Ling Xiaos room.

Three pairs of eyes locked onto Ji Feng.

Ji Feng unhurriedly took out a flaming red feather. This is a token of trust!

The three of them,

Ling Xiao was the first to recover. He raised his eyebrows and said, That chicken?

Yes. Ji Feng coughed. When that rascal Ji NingYu told him that Ling Xiao liked to call him that chicken, he hadnt believed him. Now that he personally heard it with his own ears, he finally believed him.

How did you know that Little Chicken is connected to us? When You XiaoMo heard Ling Xiao acknowledge it, he didnt bother denying it anymore. He believed that Ji Feng had come prepared.

Ji Feng said, I once saw that he wanted to send you guys some information. He only told me afterwards that you guys rescued him, and without you, he wouldnt be there.

The last phrase was a little strange when he heard it, as if they were Ji NingYus second parents. But after Ji Feng knew about Ji NingYus experience, he couldnt help but be grateful towards them as well. With his circumstances, if the two of them hadnt come to save him, Ji NingYu would have died sooner or later.

Therefore? You XiaoMo hadnt thought that the chicken would actually be so careless. Not only was his secret discovered, he had also told the secret to Ji Feng voluntarily. Eh, should he kill him to silence him?

Ji Feng was completely unaware, and he shot a deep look at You XiaoMo before saying hesitantly, He wanted me to tell you guys a few things. What he wanted to say is Im currently doing very well at the Demon Phoenix Clan. Even though some careless fellow will come over every day to provoke me, hes very stupid, even more stupid than so-and-so. As long as I go and complain tearfully to the elders, hes ruined, so you dont have to worry about me. Wait until I grow up and Ill go find you guys.

You XiaoMo flew into a rage after hearing this. What does he mean, even more stupid than so-and-so? Who is this so-and-so?

Why did he feel like it was alluding to him?

Ji Feng shook his head. I dont know who it is either. When I asked, he wouldnt tell me who it was, he only said that you would know after you heard.

Youre still a bastard! Since you purposefully went out of your way to call me stupid, just wait till youre back. Youre dead for sure.

Besides that, did he said anything else? You XiaoMo asked viciously.

Nothing else. Why did Ji Feng feel like his current mood was very bad? It couldnt be that for the sake of his life, it would be rude to keep thinking about it.

You XiaoMo seemed to be thinking, and he said, not admitting defeat, Then you can go back and tell him to wash his butt clean and wait for me to smack him.

Ji Feng,

You XiaoMo didnt know whether or not Ji NingYu delivered this message to Ji Feng, but it didnt change his desire to smack Ji NingYu.

After that brat left them, he actually changed to become like this. He was truly lacking in discipline, so no wonder Ling Xiao gave him the name Douche Ball, he was indeed a bastard!

As for Ji Fengs bearing, Ji Fengs status in the Demon Phoenix Clan wasnt actually all that low, but he had no right of succession, since he was of the fourth elders bloodline.

Generations of the fourth elders bloodline were all people who supported the Demon Phoenix Clans clan head. If they earned the clan heads trust, it was the same as earning an uncommon position in the Demon Phoenix Clan. But by the time it was Ji Fengs generation, the fourth elders bloodline had continuously been repressed, so they needed an opportunity. Ji NingYus appearance just happened to be their opportunity.

Ji NingYu was actually someone who could become an heir for the Demon Phoenix Clans clan head, and this was exactly the opportunity Ji Feng needed to earn the future clan heads trust. That was why he voluntarily chose to help Ji NingYu deliver information.

The events at the inn happened before a big crowd, and news of it basically swept threw half of TongTian Continent in an instant. Ling Xiao was the current hero of the day. The Demon Phoenix Clan was one of the Four Ancient Beast Clans, and sparks would definitely fly when two great powers collided.

Who wouldve thought that although sparks did indeed fly, the entire course of events took place during a short five minutes. The Level Twelve expert of the Demon Phoenix Clan, Ji Rui, fled in defeat extremely straightforwardly, just like a heavyweight bomb in still water.

The Vermillion Blood Clans scouts had originally thought that Ling Xiao and the Demon Phoenix Clan would fight until death, before they would swoop in afterwards. But even the Demon Phoenix Clans Ji Rui was defeated. This was something that had to be relayed back to the head of the family.

The news spread very quickly back to You ZhenTian.

You ZhenTian was experienced and knowledgeable, and when he heard what happened, he instantly connected it to the engulfing Godfire. This was the only reason that could explain why Ji Rui would be defeated.

My wife, theres been a turn of events. You ZhenTian paced back and forth.

Lady Yin said calmly, My husband, do not fret. Even if that person has the engulfing Godfire, the Demon Phoenix Godfire will not let him go either. As long as we fan the flames a little higher, there is no need to worry that nobody can face him.

You ZhenTian knew that what she was saying was reasonable. Then based on your judgment, how should we proceed?

I will personally take care of this myself. Lady Yins eyes were no longer indifferent. Instead it seemed as if they were deliberating over a storm of conspiracies.

But her plans hadnt even begun to be implemented yet when a sudden piece of news mercilessly smashed her plotting apart.

Two days after Ling Xiao and the Demon Phoenix Clan collided, the Cang Alliance released a statement directed largely at the Vermillion Blood Clan. The statement said that Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo were the Cang Alliances friends, and anyone who was their enemy was also the Cang Alliances enemy.

The Cang Alliance had always been a neutral party.

Before, even if two large powers started fighting, the Cang Alliance had never declared that it was supporting one side, and it had seemed as if they would always keep their keep out of other peoples business attitude.

This time, their magnificent feat truly gave everyone a scare.

There was nobody who believed that the Cang Alliance made this decision for no reason whatsoever. There was definitely some kind of trade that had occured between the two parties that outsiders didnt know about, this was the only explanation. Some people even suspected that it most likely had something to do with Fu CangQiongs little disciple. Back then, on his birthday banquet, didnt the two of them stay behind on their own?