The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 56

Chapter 56

Fang ChenLe knows that it is You XiaoMo's first time here so he plans to take him on a walk to look around. You XiaoMo doesn't refuse. After all he will be spending the next five days here so he should really familiarize himself beforehand. The only thing that surprises him is that Fu ZiLin doesn't appear.

Fang ChenLe sees him looking around and guesses what he is looking for, "Your Second brother is resting in his own room. He doesn't like places with a lot of people."

You XiaoMo nods. He can see that from Second brother's character.

"Elder brother, do you have a very good relationship with Second brother?"

The two of them walk shoulder to shoulder heading out when You XiaoMo suddenly asks.

"We have known each other since we were little. Does Little brother think we have a good relationship?"

Fang ChenLe smiles as he answers the question with a question.

You XiaoMo rubs his head awkwardly. He knows that his words were a little uncalled for but he was looking for a topic of conversation when that cold as ice Second brother just came to his mind.

Fang ChenLe says: "Actually don't look at Ah Lin's ice-cold exterior. He is really an outwardly cold but inwardly warm person. It's just that for various reasons he looks difficult to get along with. But if you spend some time with him, you will find that he is really different from what he looks like on the outside."

You XiaoMo hesitates before asking, "May I ask why?"

"It's fine. After all, it's not an unspeakable secret."

Fang ChenLe says with a sigh, "The reality is Ah Lin's dream is not to be an outstanding mage. Since young, his biggest dream was to soar in the air freely as a martial artist, but ......."

He doesn't have to continue. You XiaoMo can pretty much guess the rest of it.

For a man of ambition, the road of a mage is undoubtedly one of broken dreams.

Although mages are also very amazing, they can only refine magic pills. Unless they become high level mages, they have to attach themselves to someone with power.

Fang ChenLe looks ahead and suddenly reveals a contented smile, "But, although Ah Lin doesn't have the natural talent to be a martial artist, he is actually a genius when it comes to refining magic pills. If he didn't have to frequently make trips down the mountain to look for magic herbs, each time for over a month at that, he most probably would have surpassed me a long time ago."

"I didn't know that Second brother is so awesome."

You XiaoMo praises with sparkling eyes.

"Yes ah, Ah Lin is really very amazing. That's why even the Grand Master values him. Each time he wants to go down the mountain, he will send two high level people to protect him."

Fang ChenLe beams while he nods. In his opinion, as long as Ah Lin is happy, it doesn't matter what he does. Although he has no way of helping him to fulfill his dream, as his closest friend, he will always support him.

You XiaoMo inclines his head and looks at Fang ChenLe's smiling face. He suddenly feels that the Elder brother right now is a real Elder brother.

The two of them carry on walking and chatting. Engrossed in chatting, they only realize where they are when they have already walked out of the West side. The West side is where the Earth peak disciples are staying. The other areas are the East side, South side, and North side. The Flying peak disciples are at East side while the Heaven peak disciples are at the South side. As for the North side, it is reserved for distinguished foreign guests.

Fang ChenLe realizes that they have walked into the East side so he calmly decides to head back with You XiaoMo but right at that moment, a group of people walk up to them.

You XiaoMo takes a clearer look and suddenly gets the impulse to cut off his own two feet. Enemies on a narrow road ah, enemies on a narrow road. This is the third time he meets this princess Tang YunQi, and all within two months. He also purposely secludes himself and rarely goes out. This kind of frequency and they actually meet again. This type of coincidence can only be called 'ape shit'.

But in hindsight, since each of the three peaks sent people over, that Tang YunQi would definitely be on the list. And since the West side and the South side are also so close to each other, the probability of meeting is higher than he imagined.

Of course Tang YunQi also catches sight of him. Her face sinks and she suddenly walks towards them. After standing firmly in front of them, she smiles coldly and says: "You XiaoMo. I didn't expect to see you here. You really have some guts. Let me give you some advice. This is no longer Earth peak. You better be careful lest you meet with a big misfortune."

You XiaoMo mouth tightens slightly. He now knows that this princess won't let him off.

Fang ChenLe frowns slightly. He had heard rumors about Tang YunQi but he didn't expect her to be so arrogant.

"Junior sister Tang, you have no quarrel with Little brother XiaoMo. Why are you being so aggressive!"

Tang YunQi glares at him and laughs coldly saying: "No quarrel? If Big Brother Fang wants to pretend to not understand, there's nothing I can do about it. But let me advise you, this is between him and me. It's best that Big brother Fang doesn't interfere."

A flash of displeasure appears in Fang ChenLe's eyes. Just when he is about to speak, You XiaoMo suddenly pulls his hand.

"Elder brother, don't get angry with with her because of me."

You XiaoMo sees that Fang ChenLe is getting angry so he knows that he can't let this get any further. Even Elder brother, the one that everyone at Earth peak considers as good natured, can be angered by Tang YunQi. This clearly shows the knack she has to drive people crazy and forsake one's life.

"Little brother ....... "

Fang ChenLe feels that his little brother is really too passive. He doesn't know that You XiaoMo only feels that it is unnecessary to haggle over every ounce with this type of people. Because the more you argue, the other person's arrogance will only get worse.

Right then, a group of people walk in under the close-by arched stone gate. As if seeing the group of people gathered, those few people simply walk up to them. The one in front is surprisingly the one that You XiaoMo has not seen for a few days, Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao has a fondness for white. He is dressed as usual in a luxurious white robe. Elegant and dashing, he is the focal point wherever he goes.

Tang YunQi sees him and immediately her cold sneer is replaced with delight. She lifts up her lotus feet and runs towards him calling him happily: "Elder brother, why are you here? Are you here to see me?"

Ling Xiao gives her an indifferent glance then looks at You XiaoMo who is three meters away. Just when he is about to call him, his eyes fall on his hand that is still clutching Fang ChenLe. He suddenly narrows his eyes.

You XiaoMo can almost feel the hot scalding gaze that falls on his hand. He quickly withdraws his hand in fright.

ape shit (yuan2fen4 ) - homophone for fate (yuan2fen4 )
celebrate a festival - quarrel