The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 560

Chapter 560: In Opposition
Chapter 560: In Opposition
Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations
They couldnt help but turn their gaze towards the dimension ring on his finger.

The dimension ring and pocket dimension were on the same level of rarity, the difference was that the ring could only store non-living things, whereas the pocket could hold anything. It could hold living things, it had spiritual energy and one could plant stuff there.

Everyone looked on with curiosity.

However, strangely, when You ZhenTian saw the ring, he furrowed his brows. The ring reminded him of his little brother, the one he framed. When he was chosen to become the next successor of the Vermillion Blood Clan, the elders gave him a ring, the one in You XiaoMos hands.

It wasnt one of the authenticating objects for being the head. All he knew was that it was a token of encouragement from those old farts, supposedly it had a lot spirit gems.

You ZhenTian didnt know how many spirit gems were in that ring, but it probably wasnt much, most likely just those old farts private collection. You XiaoMo then proceeded to count out the rest of the fourteen million spirit gems out from the ring and then handed over his pre-prepared magic bags, which contained one point eight billion, to the auctioneer with a wide grin, showing off his bright white teeth.

All the spirit gems are here, not even missing one. As for the three magic bags, consider it a gift.

The auctioneer took a long pause before reacting.

As for those waiting for a good show, they were completely dumbfounded. Why was this proceeding in such an unexpected direction, could it be that he could actually afford it?

The auctioneer quickly grabbed the magic bags and opened them only to find it full of pure white spirit gems, it almost blinded him. He could swear that he had never seen so many spirit gems before!

Finally, the auctioneer, who kept an unpleasant expression, smiled.

The auction house was instantly filled with noise.

At the seating area of the Vermillion Blood Clan, Jiang Liu, who couldnt see, quickly pinched the arm of the one beside him and ask in distress, What happened?

That person licked his dry lips then answered, He paid, almost one point eight billion, so many spirit gems, I dont know how he managed to get so many.

Jiang Liu let go of his hand and he bit his lip so hard that it started to bleed.

There was quite a few who shared a similar feeling with him, they all wished for Ling Xiao and You XiaoMos dismay.

At this point, the auction, which had gone on for a day and a night, was finally over. No matter how reluctant they were, everyone had to leave.

As You XiaoMo packed everything and rose to leave with Ling Xiao, Ling Xiao suddenly grabbed his hand. Just as he was about to inquire, he saw the True Dragon Clan coming towards them from straight ahead.

The one who attended the auction as the True Dragon Clans representative was Long TaiBai and his great uncle, Long Ao. As You XiaoMo remembered, they had nothing to do with the True Dragon Clan.

Long Ao made his introduction and then went straight to the point, You fellow, I want to ask you a favor, I hope you can agree.

You XiaoMo scratched his head, embarrassed. It was the first time he had met such a respectful and sincere old man. So, maybe the Four Ancient Beast Clans were not as prideful and disrespectful as the people of the TongTian Continent believed.

Whats the request? The one who replied was Ling Xiao.

Long Ao said, Within that batch of magic herbs you bid for, was coincidently one we were looking for. I know its unreasonable, but that magic herb is very important to us, I hope you would be willing to part with it. We will buy it at doubled the market price.

Ling Xiao didnt respond, since he didnt know much about magic herbs.

You XiaoMo didnt agree instantly either, Which stalk are you looking for?

If he had more than two, giving one away to the True Dragon Clan was fine too.

Long Ao immediately replied with a name.

You XiaoMo recalled that he did see it at the auction, it was a matured mid-grade magic herb, pretty good quality too.

Unfortunately, that herb he only had the one he just got from the auction. Of course, its not that he didnt have it in his dimension, its just that it was still in the fields.

Seeing that he started to furrowed his brows, Long Ao knew it wasnt likely to happen and couldnt help but feel a bit disappointed.

Alright then. But just when he thought that, You XiaoMo suddenly agreed. He could always find magic herbs but one couldnt find a favor from the True Dragon Clan everywhere.

Immediately Long Ao beamed with joy, as he was already a frank person, he said happily, You fellow, thank you very much.

You XiaoMo shook his hand and smiled, No need to thank me. Also, you dont need to pay double the market price either, just the normal price is fine.

Although it was a simple exchange, he knew that the True Dragon Clan would remember this favor. It was a deal with no downsides.

Long Ao agreed after a few words of symbolic refusal.

They left the auction house after their transaction. The exit was the same as the entrance.

They went out with Fu CangQiong and Wei Bai. The Cang Alliance didnt bid for much here, but that wasnt surprising since they also held auctions. In terms of strength, the Black Spider wasnt as good as the Cang Alliance. But, Fu CangQiong did take one of the final items and that was a pill recipe. No one would reject more of those.

Just as they walked out of the underground auction, everyone keenly realized that the atmosphere outside was strange.

The ones who should have already left were all at the entrance, like You ZhenTian, the Qilin Clan and the Demon Phoenix Clan. Even though they werent standing together, one could tell it wasnt for something good.

You XiaoMo leaned towards Ling Xiao and whispered, Whats this about?

Ling Xiao replied calmly, About catching you.

You XiaoMo returned, Then its also about catching you.

Wei Bai didnt know whether to laugh or cry at their conversation. It was clear that the Vermillion Blood Clan was after them, but they still had the time to bicker? He didnt know what to say, but at least he finally knew why Shifu wanted him as a disciple. This kind of personality was right up his alley.

You ZhenTian, what are you trying to do here? Could it be that youre embarrassed about not getting what you wanted and that turned to anger, so you are here to steal it? Fu CangQiong said with a fake smile as he pulled his little disciple behind him. You ZhenTian pretty much blocked the whole exit.

You ZhenTian had his hands behind his back and kept an extremely serious, as well as stern, expression. He only took at look at Fu CangQiong when he talked, Fu CangQiong, this is the Vermillion Blood Clans family matters. It has nothing to do with you, so you better not intervene.

You XiaoMo was shaken. There wasnt even a procedure to accept his origins, when did he become family to You ZhenTian? Dont say something so terrifying!

To comfort him, Ling Xiao patted his shoulder and said, Dont be so surprised, some people are just so thick skinned. Youll get used to it.

You XiaoMo,

Actually, it had nothing to do with face, he was mostly thinking about the issue of seniority.

In the ancient times, the You Family had a distinction between the main family and the side family. Although the side family had a bit of the You Familys bloodline in them, strictly speaking, they were more servants of the main family.

You XiaoMo felt that even though his body was from the side family, he was still considered to be from the main family, otherwise he couldnt have inherited the dimension. With that in mind, then all of the Vermillion Blood Clan were his servants. Haha, this couldnt be more beautiful!

The more he thought of it, the more excited he was, to the point that he couldnt help but start laughing stupidly.

Then he was hit by Ling Xiao on the head.

You XiaoMo lifted his head to accuse him, but he suddenly realized that the atmosphere was somewhat strange. Why was everyone looking at him like a weirdo?

Why were you laughing like an idiot? Ling Xiao asked.

You XiaoMo opened his mouth but he felt that it wasnt the time to say it and thus, shook his head, Ill tell you later.

Ling Xiao didnt ask further.

On the other hand, You ZhenTian couldnt have had a darker expression. As he was talking about something serious, the other party was laughing along as if he didnt exist. Clearly, they were looking down on him.

It was then when a mocking voice appeared before You ZhenTian was about to blow up in anger.

You ZhenTian, do you still want face? Hows your mouth so stinky, even from this far I could smell your breath. Could it be you just drank sewage water?

You ZhenTian paused for a moment as he heard such a familiar voice, but in the next he was fuming with anger. With an aggravated expression, he stared at the direction where the voice was coming from, as he shouted, gritting his teeth, You JunQi! You dare appear!

You JunQi stopped hiding, he wasnt going to let anyone slander his son. He was also a Sacred Realm expert like You ZhenTian, he just didnt want to see him before, it wasnt that he was scared.

All the crowd saw was a man wearing white, slowly and methodically walking towards them. It was another member of the Vermillion Blood Clan but not many knew of You JunQi.

You JunQi was very lazy in his youth, then when he was fleeing, he went to other planes. It wasnt long after he returned that he was locked in the Forbidden zone, therefore, there was only a handful of people who knew that there was another Sacred Realm practitioner in the Vermillion Blood Clan.

However, You JunQi wasnt as strong as before.

Once You ZhenTian locked him in the Forbidden zone, his cultivation base was tampered with, so that it began dropping every year. Even though it was much better now, he could never return to his peak state.

You ZhenTian, I dont know where you got your confidence from to say such a thing. I didnt even fuss about you stealing away my position as the head before, but now youre coveting my sons stuff? I feel ashamed for you, being a head like this. Can you feel some embarrassment? You JunQi sighed.

He always knew that You ZhenTian was an asshole. In his eyes, brotherly feelings were just a facade, thus he could unabashedly hurt his little brother and nephew. But, he didnt think he was this amazing, turning the facts upside down, calling the black white without missing a beat. His expression was that of one where the child didnt live up to ones expectations.

However, the crowd didnt have time ponder over such things. They were all shocked by his statement about the position as the head. Only a few knew the truth of how You ZhenTian got his position. For many, hearing that it was stolen was quick a shock. They became even more interested in their relationship.

You ZhenTian let out cold snort, Dont blame someone else for your failures. Im saying this now, your son must come with me.

If you want to take my son, then you better pass me first. You JunQis eyes turned cold and the whole atmosphere around him turned swift and fierce. Drastically different from his usual laid backness.

With you? You ZhenTian said with disdain. Maybe others didnt know of You JunQis condition but he did. Maybe the old You JunQi could hold his own against him, but now? He could kill him with a finger.

Fu CangQiong walked forward, and was about to open his mouth when, on the other side, Ji He suddenly opened his eyes.

With a fierce expression, he said, Alliance head, since its their family matters, I think its better if you werent involved. If you must, then I wouldnt mind have having a chat with you.

Although Ji YunLang didnt say anything before, Ji He always held a grudge about Ji YunLangs legs being ruined. Of course he wasnt going to let Fu CangQiong help them.

It was precisely because he and You ZhenTian came to an agreement that they dared to stop them here. If they let You XiaoMo get away this time, then it would be hard to find them again.

Ji He, when did you start butting into other peoples business? Xuan Zheng suddenly walked forward, he and the baby turtles great-grandfather were of the same bloodline. He had already heard about You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao saving the baby turtles life. The baby turtles great-grandfather had told him to help them out when needed.

Ji He furrowed his brows, Xuan Zheng, this has nothing to do with you.

Xuan Zheng smiled, They are benefactors of the Black Turtle Clan. If our benefactors in trouble, we, the Black Turtle Clan cannot stand by and watch.

It looked as if You XiaoMos sides got the upper hand, but there was still the Qilin Clan eyeing with hostility.