The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 561

Chapter 561: Challenging A Higher Level
Chapter 561: Challenging a Higher Level
Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations
The major powers of TongTian Continent all gathered in Ebony Plum Town. It would definitely cause a stir if they were seen by others, since these were all influencers who could make TongTian Continent shake with one stomp of their foot.

You XiaoMo also hadnt imagined that so many influencers would be dragged out because of their business. If things truly did come to blows, they would definitely get out of hand.

What should we do next?

You XiaoMo tugged on Ling Xiaos clothes and whispered quietly to him.

A fight is unavoidable. Ling Xiaos voice slipped into his mind.

You XiaoMo didnt understand. Why?

They had Fu CangQiong and the Black Turtle Clan on their side, as well as his clingy dad. Although he wasnt as strong as before, for better or worse he was still a Sacred Realm expert. Altogether, they had four Sacred Realm experts; meanwhile, You ZhenTians side only had the Demon Phoenix Clan, since the Qilin Clan still hadnt made their position clear yet. Even if they did, it would be about even.

Ling Xiao said, Even though Ebony Plum Town is on the edge of Zhong Tian, it is still considered part of the Mage Guild and the Beast Transfiguration Guilds territory. Moreover, theres still the TongTian Palace above them, so the two large associations wont let them start fighting. The amount of damage that many Sacred Realm experts can create is something that you absolutely cant imagine.

Didnt you just say a fight is unavoidable? You XiaoMo was confused by what he said. It sounded like they wouldnt need to fight, but what he said before didnt match what he said after.

I meant that well be the ones fighting, not Fu CangQiong and the rest. Ling Xiao said patiently. He had never had too high expectations for You XiaoMos IQ.

While they were talking, the Qilin Clan had also picked a side.

Ling Xiaos grandfather Lin Tian announced that the Black Turtle Clan and Fu CangQiong shouldnt have gotten involved in someone elses personal grievances, or else they wouldnt have the demeanor of an expert.

But the Mage Guild and the Beast Transfiguration Guild also announced that they wouldnt let them make a move in this place.

It was exactly like how Ling Xiao had said. They were worried that if the others acted out, they would create enormous and unfixable damages to Zhong Tian. Plus, there were still a lot of people in Ebony Plum Town.

You JunQi quietly whispered to You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao, In a bit Ill stall You ZhenTian first, you two can seize the chance to escape.

You XiaoMo was dumbfounded. Then what about you?

Sonny, daddy knows you care a lot about me. Daddy is truly very happy, but for now, you two dont need to be concerned about daddy. You ZhenTian wont kill me. You JunQi winked at him.

You XiaoMo didnt go along with him this time, and he revealed a displeased expression. No! I cant leave you here by yourself. Even if he wont kill you, its hard to ensure that he wont do something else to you.

You JunQi stared blankly at him before a somewhat bashful expression suddenly appeared on his face. Sonny, how could you be so, so

The corners of You XiaoMos lips twitched fiercely, and goosebumps appeared all over him in an instant. He said, exasperated, What are you thinking? I meant that he would probably cripple your cultivation base or something like that, what did you think I said?

(Ra: daddy must have taken a liking on inc-*cough*-est)

You JunQi instantly withdrew the expression on his face and said seriously, Its nothing, nothing. Thats actually what I meant too.


You XiaoMo didnt even want to expose him anymore.

Have you guys chatted enough yet? Ling Xiao probably couldnt bear listening any longer, and so he finally spoke up in order to break off their dialogue. There was a hint of helplessness in his voice.

You XiaoMo said, Dad said that hell shield us so we can escape first.

It doesnt need to be that complicated. Ling Xiao quickly said, Even if your dad shields us, he cant fend them off for very long. Hell only land himself in danger. If youre worried about him, then you should tell him to follow Fu CangQiong, since You ZhenTian wont make a move against Fu CangQiong. Even if he wants to, the associations wont permit him to.

You XiaoMo nodded and suddenly reacted. Then what about us?

Ling Xiao didnt answer him. His lips moved very slightly, as if he had sent a message to someone. In the next second, You XiaoMos eyes blurred, and the scenery seemed to be rapidly falling backwards, but all he saw was shining white, followed by a furious roar that sounded like thunder in his ears.

What he heard was You ZhenTians voice.

Ling Xiao was too fast, and You XiaoMo finally managed to see clearly. Ebony Plum Town was already no longer visible, replaced by a wrathful figure. At first it was just a small black dot, but then it started getting closer and closer; even though he still couldnt tell who it was, he was certain that that person was You ZhenTian. He could confirm for sure now that his clingy dad was safe.

You XiaoMo finally understood why Ling Xiao was so positive that nothing would happen to his dad. The weight of his clingy dad compared to them was clearly not enough in You ZhenTians heart.

Can you warn me beforehand next time?
You XiaoMo was thrown over Ling Xiaos shoulder, and he asked him pleadingly as he watched You ZhenTian get closer and closer.

Okay! Ling Xiao replied extremely simply.

You XiaoMo looked at You ZhenTian, and the distance between them was only a couple thousand meters now. No matter what he did, he couldnt feel happy in his mind. This was just a desperate race, he didnt like it at all.

Hes about to catch up to us.

I know, do you want to go in my dimension? Ling Xiao didnt even turn his head as he spoke.

You XiaoMo hesitated for a beat. Can I not?


You XiaoMo was immediately unable to say what he was about to say next. He discovered that Ling Xiao always treated words like gold during key moments, and he wasnt even willing to give him an explanation. Then I wont bother you as you run for your life anymore.

Im very happy that you understand this point. However, I have to correct you on something. The people running for their lives right now are you and me, and finally, we dont need to run anymore. After finishing the last sentence, Ling Xiao stopped.

You XiaoMo lifted his head, and he couldnt see You ZhenTian anymore. Could Ling Xiao have thrown You ZhenTian off while they were chatting?

Ling Xiao set him down and turned his head so he looked to the front. Because he already caught up to us.

You XiaoMos mouth, which had fallen open, closed again.

You ZhenTian clasped his hands behind his back, expression extremely dark, but several flickers of flame seemed to be leaping in his eyes. His gaze shined as he stared at You XiaoMo, and Ling Xiao was directly ignored by him. To You ZhenTian, the two of them were already essentially trapped. All he wanted to know now was whether or not You XiaoMo had opened that item.

If you leave him here, Ill spare your life! You ZhenTians gaze only moved to Ling Xiao when he saw You XiaoMo hide behind him. His confidence from being a Sacred high-star expert made him completely underestimate Ling Xiaos combat strength.

Ling Xiao ignored him. This was his first time challenging a Sacred Realm expert. Although the pressure was indeed present, there was more of an eager happiness than anything else. He was prepared to use this chance to test the power of four different bloodlines. The reason he had run to this place was just because he didnt want too many people to witness it.

Step back. No matter what happens, dont come closer!

You XiaoMo was pushed several steps back by him. Be careful.

You ZhenTian saw through his intentions and sneered coldly. Over-confident! Since you want to die, this old man will help you out. After that, he struck out right away. He didnt want to give Ling Xiao any time to react, and his impatient moves made it seem as if he wanted to fight the battle to end it quickly.

You ZhenTian didnt have any famous weapons, but his fists and feet were even more powerful than a weapon. One of his fists alone contained the ability to shake the heavens and the earth, and wherever his fist went, the space around it became distorted.

This fist was just a test, but it also equaled seventy percent of You ZhenTians strength.

Ling Xiao didnt defend. Instead, two different-colored flames burst from his fist, and when their fists collided together, a huge wall of flame surged up immediately. The wall of flame swept up before slicing downwards towards You ZhenTians fist like a scythe.

This time, it didnt break through or push aside the opponents attack like it had before. The two attacks came to an endless deadlock, and the energy also continuously depleted. They managed to maintain it for about two minutes before the energy finally dispersed and a deep crater appeared in the ground.

You ZhenTian raised his thick eyebrows. Indeed, you have a few tricks up your sleeve.

However, he believed that in order for Ling Xiao to receive this fist of his, he must have used up at least ninety to one hundred percent of his strength. He wouldnt be so fortunate after this.

If I only had a few tricks, I wouldnt be able to defeat you. Ling Xiao answered.

You ZhenTian took it as him stubbornly refusing to admit defeat, and he said with a dark and ruthless expression, Since you have both the Demon Phoenix Clans and Qilin Clans bloodlines, Ill show mercy and leave you as an intact corpse. Ill let you experience my true strength!

You ZhenTian also wanted to take You XiaoMo away before Fu CangQiong and the rest caught up to avoid raising unexpected difficulties. If the news about the Inheritance Jewel was leaked out, he wouldnt just have to face Fu CangQiong and Xuan Zheng, but also the Demon Phoenix Clans, Qilin Clans, and the rest of the major powers experts.

He had just finished speaking when a shocking amount of spiritual energy suddenly exploded from You ZhenTians body, causing everything to shake as if a volcano had just erupted. This was the strength of a Sacred high-star expert. His spiritual energy was red, and it seemed as if there was a ferocious tiger roaring behind him in an extremely imposing and domineering manner.

Ling Xiaos expression became focused. He had heard of You ZhenTian ten thousand years ago, and he had a famous unique skill which just happened to be related to the ferocious tiger. Rumor had it that it had the ability to swallow the heavens and destroy the earth, and many experts had fallen before it.

He used this famous unique skill as soon as they started, and Ling Xiao had also guessed that he wanted to quickly end the battle. Since it was like this, he could only use that attack.